October 29

by Michael Granados

Are you ready to see the biggest change to online marketing since the creation of the internet? 

How about earning the HIGHEST commissions for life without paying anything ever again?

Welcome in to this Road to 3 review where I “Michael Granados” will be diving headfirst deep to pull back the curtains on this “Smart Funnel Flow” that can earn you low, Mid, and high ticket commissions faster as well as the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can finally earn what YOU want, work when YOU want to, and be able to be your own boss!

But before I get started, I’m going to ask you to put on your “GURU” cap for a fast second and listen to this...There are NO shortages of “Make Money Online Courses or Programs” and I know where your mind is at…

You’re thinking if this program is legit, right? I’ll cut right to the chase, Yes it is, However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s RIGHT for you! So as you read through this review please be very mindful and pay close attention to the details because that’s where you will get the “Juicy” secrets you’re not hearing about.

Ok, let’s get it started.

What Is Road To 3?

Road to 3 is this “All-in-one” Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Program where you will get a bundle of courses showing you how to get leads online, copywriting, blogging, vlogging and a lot more. PLUS, it has an “affiliate partner” aspect where you can promote these products to other people just like yourself wanting to get the marketing skills to do affiliate marketing and get paid low, mid, and high ticket sales, as well as recurring commissions.

I believe it’s a smart idea and the philosophy is to get massive value from the courses/content so that can be used to promote ANY product imaginable, but the many people who do join these types of courses/programs just end up promoting the program itself, and that can be chaotic.

So many people get stuck promoting the “dream” of making money online especially before they’re even living it themselves, so my advice to you is if you go with this program is to at least use it to build a niche like in health and wellness, dating and relationships, etc.

Let’s go deeper inside now.

Going Inside Road To 3

From top of the funnel to bottom here are the products you get:

#1 - 10 Day Challenge - Super Sized Commissions

This is the flagship product or as we call it “the frontend product” of the sales funnel, where you will learn:

  • How to get leads or sales or both within 10 days
  • Leads to high ticket and monthly recurring income
  • High Ticket Sales closed for you

#2 Affiliate Marketing Active Strategy Plan $2,500

One of the high ticket products in the funnel is the Affiliate Marketing Active Strategy Plan which is fully comprehensive on everything you need to know how to be successful with the affiliate marketing business model as well as:

  • How to create products
  • How to spot new product opportunities
  • How to dominate selling products

#3 Course Creation Active Strategy Plan ($2,500)

If you’d like to learn how to create and sell courses or if you know people who want to create courses you can promote the course to them and use it for yourself too.

This will teach you how to turn your passion or knowledge into an online digital course, and then you’re taught how to market and sell it as well.

You’re given the tools to:

  • Create and organize course lessons 
  • Add assignments for participants to do

You will also be shown how to effortlessly attract paying students!

#4 Coaching Active Strategy Plan ($2,500)

A lot of people want to learn how to start a coaching business, so with this product, you will have 12 months' worth of coaching so that anybody who buys this product will have all the worksheets and activities to coach clients for a FULL Year.

#5 Perfect Paid Traffic

This will be more of a “consultancy” type of course where you will be taken by the hand and literally shown how to run:

  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram ads

You’ll start with a detailed 1-1 discussion so you and your coach can work out what you want to achieve.

#6 Pro Membership

This is the Ultimate Training On-Demand resource, which is a value-packed subscription membership that is stacked full of training, education, and resources to get you going, get you earning, and get you growing your online business.

Topics included inside are:

  • Filthy Offers
  • How to make and edit marketing videos
  • Copywriting

As a member you will get access to:

  • The Pro Landing Page Builder
  • Tons of LIVE training
  • Get feedback from trainers
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Goal setting accountability

There are many more courses you get as a Founder like:

  • Intensive Marketing Training
  • Master Zoom For Your Marketing
  • Repurpose Content Like A Pro RRP
  • Laser Target Customer RRP
  • Hijack the Momentum Of Launches For Traffic And Sales RRP
  • We workshop lead funnels, ad designs, content marketing...you name it live
  • On-Demand Access to all pro training
  • On-Demand Access to all lab workshops
road to 3 pro

PLUS: More courses are being added weekly.

What You Can Expect As A Founder…

  • Funnel Workshop. The Road to 3 team builds funnels live, they also do some funnel hacking on funnels in the marketplace. Then they show you how to implement it.
  • Pro Access. Intensive Training on a level you may have not seen before.
  • Weekly Lives to Keep you on track. This is a great way to keep your mindset right by staying in touch with the weekly lives, this way you do not get lost!
  • Strong Support. The Road To 3 support is great and could be the secret ingredient to your success
  • BONUS courses. You get high-end courses, added regularly are free to the Pro members
  • Pro Page Builder. You can build stunning pages and lead funnels. This is a tru drag and drop editor with Unlimited pages, Unlimited domains, and Unlimited SSL/Https
road to 3 founder program

Commission Pay Out…

So if you were to promote these courses to other people, here’s what you can expect to earn:

road to 3 commissions

Road To 3 Reviews

At the time of me making this review, there are not many if at all reviews because it’s still in the early launching stage and you can get into the founder program early. In time I’ll add them if available.

How Much Does Road To 3 Cost?

As a founder, you can get access to all the pro membership features, courses, and all bonuses courses for just $199. This offer will not last and will go away Monday, November 29, 2021.

Who Is Road To 3 For?

This is a very beginner-friendly program designed for people who want to learn all levels of marketing and advertising as well as be held by the hand in a more interactive LIVE way so you can be held more accountable and have the momentum to keep pushing you forward in all marketing and affiliate marketing with your online business.

Here’s more:

  • Intermediates and experts who want to get a taste of another system and learn topics they hadn’t already known about.
  • People wanting to promote the courses themselves and earn commissions
  • Aspiring Affiliate Marketers
  • People who want everything all in one place
  • You want a funnel builder you don’t have to continuously pa monthly for
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And many more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People
  • Fast Money Seekers
  • No effort seeker

Pros And Cons


  • 10 days or less leads and sales for high ticket products so you can be profitable right away which means you'll want to stick around much longer
  • Affiliate Marketing Active Strategy Plan so you can get all the ways to find products that win, create products if you ever want and spot opportunities all the time for major success.
  • Great coaching and 1-1 strategy so you don't have to worry trying to figure everything out on your own.
  • Paid Traffic walk through with a coach so you can be shown how to get results much faster as opposed to just following a course and going at it alone.
  • Funnel building lessons live so you know EXACTLY what's happening in your funnel and business every step of the way.


  • Heavily geared to getting people to buy the program and then promote it back to others.


For sure there are alternatives and EVEN better ones, to be honest so let me show you what other programs are great to have a look at:

There are a TON more courses online but these are some of the very best and ones I’ve had personal experience with, and if you’re looking to start earning high ticket commissions as soon as possible, then I highly recommend checking out Legendary Marketer(link)...

They have the foundations and expertise of helping people like you and I make $1,000’s PER sale in less time without having to waste time on smaller commissions that you have to do in more volume. I made a special review of Legendary Marketer you can check out by clicking the following button to learn more:

The other courses are great too, and if you’re looking for a more “done-for-you” type of system, then check out the 12 Minute Affiliate because you get done-for-you material like:

  • Email copy
  • Funnels
  • Traffic
  • Etc.

The process and systems are already created for you, you just have to plug yourself in them. If you want to check it out, take a look at my personal review here:

What I Liked Most About Road To 3

I really do appreciate and like the “Founder” approach where you can get more access to all the courses you can’t get anywhere else. This way you get ALL the help you need when you feel like you’re stuck and the fact that each course is personalized for different subjects like:

With the element of coaching and walking you by the hand is even better. Also, the learning curve for running paid ads will be less because you’ll have coaching and experts to walk you through YOUR process without spending all this time watching and trying to implement a course teaching by yourself.

What I Liked Least

There are a few things, I didn’t like how some courses were not up to date outside the main affiliate marketing training material, and the fact that most people who join don’t use the skills to build in a different niche outside the “Make Money Online” industry…

And end up reselling the courses for commissions. If you look all around “high ticket affiliate marketing” and other programs, they are very good at showing you how to “resell” the course(s), so just be careful there.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite aspect of Road To 3? Did you have a least favorite part?

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to speed up the process of earning money online through affiliate marketing OR are someone with experience and want to “Level Up” your game…

You can expect great rewards to come through with Road To 3. Unlike many programs that have “fluff” and “theory”, Road To 3 is the opposite in the fact that you’re getting stellar help and 1-1 support in ways you couldn’t begin to imagine…

You’ll be shown how to run ads correctly without wasting a lot of time and energy, the courses will be organized and structured for you to grow and profit, and you’ll have many chances to earn with the affiliate program themselves if you choose to do it.

And if you feel like Road To 3 Is your route to go, then click here OR else you can check out my #1 Recommend High Ticket Affiliate Marketing program to Blast off your commissions much faster by clicking the button below.

Need help? Comment back on this post and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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