August 11

by Michael Granados

How would you like to learn how to sell mca loans without having to create your own and be able to make up to $180,000 and earn lifetime residual income?

If you’re not licking your lips right now OH BOY, you’re going to when you find out why getting into the Merchant Cash Advance business is the HUGEST and HOTTEST opportunity since the whole online CBD thing rolled out. Listen…

You don’t need any convincing why you should get into an MCA business but I will tell you this, You have the opportunity to do so much more than earn a High Ticket Commission PER person or be able to finally support yourself more financially, YOU get to help small businesses stimulate Your economy!

When the “Economy hits the fan”, these Small businesses (and owners) are what drive us out of a recession, what helps us as a whole pivot into more freedom and to be able to progress in hard times, wouldn’t you want to say you helped leave this everlasting impression?

DUH, right? Anyways, I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is “Michael Granados” and I’ve been a business loan broker expert (funding expert) for quite some time now with many successes and aside from ALL the types of Small Business Loans you can promote, I believe a Merchant Cash Advance is one of if not the best because people get fast (same day) funding, instant approvals, they can get them with bad credit and lower minimum requirements....But even better is something called "Revenue Based Funding" you'll want to hear about!

Let’s get into the “How” it all works now.

What Is An MCA?

First off, you have to understand your industry - You wouldn’t believe how many people I introduce into promoting MCA’s but have no clue what or how MCA’s work.

A Merchant cash advance is basically where the Merchant keeps a percentage of your credit card sales. For example…

The Merchant (small business owner) makes a $10,000 a month in credit card sales (credit card volume), and they need to get a $10,000 advance and say they need it now, like this week to pay for payroll, expand, grow, whatever it is.

So the Lenders wire them $10,000 with no major concern on their credit card. Now, they’re going to get a factor rate of that $10,000 which can range between 1.13 to 1.4, so you take $10,000 times 1.4 = $14,000….

Meaning the business owner will pay back $14,000 or 1.4 times of the factor rate. And then you add in the term, which you get an approximate to pay back for months as opposed to a set 10-month traditional thing and so they pay back 1,400 a month times 10 months = full $14,000.

Merchant cash advances work with approximates for the term of these 10 months as an example, but the way they will get paid back is by taking 14% of the total credit card processing volume until the total advance is paid back.

Why 14%? In this example, we know the small business owner will pay back approximately $1,400 per month and process about $10,000 per month in credit card volume so $1,400/$10,000 = 14%.

2 Goals For "Selling” Merchant Cash Advances Effectively


Most people go about promoting or the words most people use is "selling" merchant cash advances wrong, and the main reason is that you’re trying to “sell”, what do I mean?

A Merchant cash advance will sell itself, it’s these two things:

  • Either the merchant needs a cash advance OR
  • They don’t

You shouldn’t have to pressure or feel pressured yourself to “sell” or ‘close” people with a team of salespeople closing for you. It’s simple as these two goals:

  1. Find the low hanging fruit which are people who need an MCA now
  2. Get your name out there in front of your merchants and local business owners as someone who offers short-term working capital.

Number two is playing the LONG-GAME where you’re mining for people who may not need a cash advance now but will in the future, and when you get your name out there/company, they will come to you, they will consume your content and take your advice.

This is the concept of “Planting Seeds”. Create a Harvest by getting your foot in the door and putting the word out about what you offer DESPITE the merchant not needing funding right this second.

MCA Conversation Script

mca conversation script

Let’s imagine you’re speaking to a business owner in person, over a Direct Message (It goes down in the DM, yes, yes), over the phone, etc…

And you took the direct approach telling them “do you need a merchant cash advance?” What do you think will happen?

Most of the time you will get shut down from the beginning. Reason being is you haven’t built any rapport, connection and have consideration for their well-being first.

So you need to lead in with a simple “Hi (their name, if possible), it’s Michael here, how are you doing today?

See how that’s more caring and non-robotic? Now, you can get into addressing things like:

  • Can you tell me a little bit about what your business is about and how it’s been going for you this year?”
  • Then just naturally mention how you deal with merchant services like helping people get small business loans, you help with website development, etc.
  • Then lead into your merchant cash advance part of the conversation with something like this: We offer short term working capital with no personal guarantee, we usually get you the money within 1-2 business days because its bundled with your merchant services and we can advance you money based on your merchant services volume. Have you ever considered getting short-term working capital before?

With that last question you asked, you get a better idea of their business situation, and what the business owner is looking for. 

There’s more to it, and you can tweak the script depending on how much you’ve “Pre-framed” people before entering a conversation and so forth.

And as far as their being a "Merchant cash advance sales pitch", it goes back to not having to "sell" people, you should be finding people who are interested and once you have proper communication, you wouldn't have to use a sales pitch.

Merchant Cash Advance Training Manual

If you're looking for an MCA training manual then you can pick one up with a company called GoKapital here AND OR...

I know of a better alternative MCA training for "Revenue-Based Funding" that's somewhat similar to MCA's (but better in my opinion) with This Agent Resource center video walk throughs here.

How Much Can You Make?

mca make

Depends on the company, you can go from 3-10%+ on the funded loan amount. Some companies pay you for application fees completed as well.

Even if it sounds/looks small, just think about the amount of money people need funding for...It could be $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $500,000+.

If you were paid just the lowest at 3% of a $15,000 funded loan amount, you just made $450. Now let’s say you get 1 deal per day, over the course of a week that’s = $3,150! Now multiple that by 4 weeks in a month = $12,600!

For the year, that’s $151,200! Now I know you might not get a sale per day but the better you get at this the more predictable it gets. Now, what about a $500,000 funded loan at 3%?

That’s $15,000!

  • $105,000 per week
  • $420,000 per month
  • $5,040,000 per year

Now what about a $15,000 funded loan at 10%?

  • $1,500 per day
  • $10,500 per week
  • $42,000 per month
  • $504,000 per year

Did I mention the residual income earning potential per team member?

There are certain companies you can partner with where you can grow your own team (not entirely MLM/Network Marketing), and get paid a percentage of your referrals loan amount, isn’t that cool?

Not many programs give you this type of flexibility but I know of a program that does and If you’d like to see my #1 recommended Revenue-Based Funding (similar to a Merchant Cash Advance Loan) Broker Training, keep reading below...

MCA Alternative You'll Drool Over...

drool for

I'm not even kidding when I stated the headline right up above and here's why I say that...

There's a FAR greater Alternative Business Capital model than an MCA where instead of focusing on future debit and credit card sales, you don't deal with any of that, you can help your clients get straight funding without taking a percentage of their credit card sales, you give your clients fixed payments that don't change like an MCA, no interest rates/factor rates, and is WAY less expensive than an MCA...

I'm talking about 'Revenue-Based Funding". I mentioned that term just earlier but it's a "Hybrid" of an MCA and is actually the opposite because of all the reasons I just listed above. PLUS: Your clients will LOVE that they don't get charged a percentage of their credit card sales and get higher interest, as well many other factors.

Want to see my #1 Recommended Merchant Cash Advance Partner Program where you can earn up to $180,000 PER person? Click here to learn more

10+ Ways To Promote Merchant Cash Advances And Revenue-Based Funding ($1,000’s+ PER Day)

I just showed you the inside of MCA’s, how they work to one effective way of “selling” MCA’s which most of the time will come down to a conversation, but what if you wanted ALL the most effective ways to not just “sell” but “Promote” MCA’s and Revenue-Based Funding so you can get to the point of a sale?

It’s one thing to sell but it’s a whole other thing understand how to “get” people to your service(s), that’s where “Marketing” comes in. Without proper “marketing”, there are no sales. Without going into story mode, marketing is the backbone of sales…

You have PROPER marketing and you can get a FLOOD of people coming to you as opposed to you having to chase them all day (being the hunter). Wouldn’t you rather become the “hunted” rather than the hunter knocking down people’s doors, cold calling, cold emailing every day?

Sure these are great ways to promote MCA’s and get the word out which I advise using but as an introvert, I prefer to set up marketing systems that can almost automate the whole process for me…

Through lead generation, conversion mechanisms and getting people funded without spending all day on the phone/emails. Don’t get me wrong, I’m great at talking to people but It’s not about how many people I call in a day or how great I can communicate…

It’s about ENERGY. If I can put out a piece of marketing content out once and it brings me “traffic” (people) and I can repeat the process over and over again to ensure I get targeted people who want my services, wouldn’t that be worth it?

So I made this ENORMOUS document showing you how to promote not only MCA’s but a special and unparalleled MCA company you can join for absolutely free and earn up to $180,000 PER person!

I’ve attached my 10+ ways to promote MCA’s and Revenue Based Funding with this company and if you’d like to get your hands on it, click the button below to view the company and how to get my hands on this document...

Should You Sell MCA's?

Honestly, if you are a complete beginner I wouldn't focus on Promoting Merchant Cash Advances right away and here's why...

There is a HIGH TRUST and RISK Factor for many small businesses because of the:

  • High Factor/Interest Rates
  • Unpredictable Payments
  • High Overall Cost

While selling MCA's are very lucrative, if you're a beginner who knows nothing or has an "idea", it will be really difficult to get your future prospects to accept a funding because like I said, there is a high factor/interest rate and many of these small business owners will click decline...

Especially the ones who don't need the money right away. In that case, it makes building relationships with each individual even greater than any other type of small business loan/cash advance...

And you'll most definitely NEED to learn "How to follow up" with your future clients whether that's through automated email follow up sequences and or phone calls/text/sms.

I'm being very truthful with you and I hope you hear that out. So What do I recommend instead?

There are MANY other products like:

  • Customer Financing
  • Equipment Financing
  • Payment Processing
  • Commercial Real Estate Investor Lending
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Etc.

These are other great services you can offer as kind of like an "entrance point" and then you can use MCA's on the backend for the same client...

Or it can be the other way around but just know the high relationship factor you'll want to build. Also...

If you're going to offer working capital on the front end then I recommend doing "Revenue-Based Funding which is the opposite of MCA's and MUCH better for the reasons I already mentioned earlier about but very quickly it's better because of these reasons:

  • You give your clients fixed daily payments that don't change (way better than sporadic payments that are fluctuate like MCA's and can be monthly)
  • You don't need to take your clients Credit and Debit Card information to take a future percentage of their credit sales like MCA's do.
  • NO Interest rates so there's no high payback expense. With MCA's you'd have to add high interest rates. And it depends on the client's information but most of the time there are high interest rates in play.
  • And many more benefits

If you'd like to see the best MCA Alternative Partner Program that does Revenue Based Funding and how you can get paid up to $180,000 PER Person, click here to check it out. 

Explode Your Commissions With This Done-For-You System...

Look, I've been in the funding space for ALL services (Real Estate Investors included), and that includes debt relief, credit repair, business credit, accounting services, financial literacy, consulting with cash flow, profitability, EBITDA, and much more...

The one thing MOST people don't share with you is that it can Be SUPER Difficult to get a funding, not just in the MCA (or hybrid advance) space, and even when you have a pipeline of predictability and you have experience it can still be difficult, why?

You have the unpredictability of people - You're working against the grain the MAJORITY of the time with the type of clients you serve (unelss you pick a quality niche, but even then you still face an uphill battle), many of the people's characteristic traits get them in their own way...

They may be ignorant, stubborn, arrogant, cocky, egotistcal, etc. Not everyone, but you'll see it, and whether they are of quality or not, you still have ALL the logistics of getting someone funding...

  • Going through document reviews...
  • Clients getting declined somewhere in the underwriting...
  • They take forevery to send the documents...
  • They don't give you proper feedback or any...
  • And so MUCH MORE...

...It can be energy and time draining. I'm an entrepreneur (not just a business owner) who's built out other businesses - In the health, online business, digital marketing agency with lead generation and more...

To having been in the finance space as a major focus now for many years. So instead of focusing on just the clients who need funding and other services, I believe it's best to have something more predictability coming in every single month...

By that I mean "Residuals" so you don't have to start at $0 every single month - No matter what your pipeline looks like. And I don't mean the payment processing or healthshare services or line of credit (these can take longer and are not always a lot)...

Instead, I recommend building a "Team" of agents (like I have) and duplicating a system with one another, that'll be more reliable. There are residual products for starting and continuing a business and so much more...

I created a system called the "Viral Funding Funnel" where I give you all of my Done-For-You:

  • Videos...
  • Pages...
  • Templates...
  • Scripts...
  • Emails...
  • And so much more...

...You can still help your clients with funding (even your team of agents), and also share more products - those that give you residuals for building out a business and more...

You can check out my Viral Funding Funnel here:

Final Thoughts

What fascinated you most about what you learned today?

Now that you have a sense of direction on how to sell mca online there’s only thing left to do...take MASSIVE Action.

Most people I help get into the merchant cash advance field as well Revenue-Based Funding don't “Value” what’s in front of them enough, they say they “WANT” it, but my question is “how badly do YOU want it?”

This is a performance field, you’re not guaranteed a paycheck or a client every day, do you understand? None of that is negative, it’s actually best to get paid on your performance because it really brings the “independent” nature out of you, you get your brain to work in problem-solving much more, and you create a stronger shield.

My advice is to not just look at how much you can get paid but how much of an impact you can make to small businesses, what’s your “Why” for doing this (internally), and if you put the right mindset with the right strategies/tactics, you’ll be well on your way to leaving your 9-5 (if you still have one), and being your own boss.

If you’d like to get started for Free and earn up to $180,000, then I highly recommend checking out the best and my favorite Revenue-Based Loan Broker Training program by clicking the button below and if you'd like to see my Viral Funding Funnel that I created as an attachment that will help you promote the platform in the button below, see the Viral Funding Funnel here.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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