September 25

by Michael Granados

Are you interested in running your own digital marketing agency and getting away from working the 9-5 rate race and becoming your own boss?

How about the real question “Is Chance And Abdul A Scam Or did they really create a simple 2-step system they used to make 4 figures PER DAY from a laptop anywhere in the world?”

I’m going to cut right to the truth and give you the NO B.S answer, Chance And Abdul ARE SCAMMERS! They’re ONLY modern Millionaires because they’ve scammed people from giving them money, no returns, and no actual substance in their training….

And I “Michael Granados” will reveal to you the secrets going on behind the scenes and all the shocking truths nobody else is telling you, as well what is ACTUALLY the best way to live your own digital lifestyle from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world and make real money. How does that sound to you?

But before I get started, if you want my #1 recommended training click here. 

I've written many reviews on scammers like one here called Wesley Virgin you can see too and two...

Many people reading this post will NOT take action after I make the big revealing and many will just click away, go back to watching YouTube video after YouTube video, read blog post after blog post and eventually go through a program they pay for, and lose $1,000’s of dollars on because it was either a scam or it wasn’t the right fit.

So unless you want that to happen to you, make sure you pay close attention because this could be the post to spark a fire under you to get going!

Alright, let’s get started.

Chance And Abdul Overview

People's Names: Chance And Abdul

Occupation: Digital Agency Owners, "Wannabee Digital Entrepreneurs"

Best Product Known For: Modern Millionaires

Best for: No one, but here's who they target: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their digital agency.

chance and abdul facebook page

Summary: Chance and Abdul are two co-business owners of Modern Millionaires which is a training aimed to help you build a digital agency which is basically getting new clients for existing business owners in exchange for a commission. These two are ALL over YouTube ads sharing their business but it's all "hype"...

These two are scamming people of their money. Their trainings are dry and when people request a refund, they don't get their money back. If you want to save your time, money, and energy and partner up with someone who's going to ACTUALLY help you and NOT scam you, check out my #1 recommendation in the button below.

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: Heck No.

Who Are Chance And Abdul?

Chance and Abdul are two “digital marketers” who came together to use simple “Billboard” Ads to generate $158k/Month from just 19 local clients and they’ve opened up how you can do it too(which I will show you soon).

Abdul Samad is aa #1 International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Owner of Multiple 7-figure businesses, and has been mentioned in publications like Forbes(link) and Entrepreneur(Link). Get this…


  • Mindset
  • Sales and 
  • Business systems

Are known as the secret ingredient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, software providers, and entrepreneurs. Where does Abdul’s unique coaching style come from?

First-hand experience of actually having built 7-figure businesses from no money. Here’s the alarming part…

I saw this description on his “About Me” YouTube page and it gets cut off at the end:

chance and abdul youtube about me

Going Inside Chance And Abdul

Most digital Entrepreneurs have their own like “Portfolio” website but I didn’t see that with Chance and Abdul oddly, rather I saw this…

  • A Facebook Business Page
  • YouTube channel
  • Website for one of their courses

Sure, I listed a website above but it’s not their “Portfolio” website where we can personally get to know them better like The Pat Flynn’s, Jeff Lerner’s of the world, and many others, so I’ll start with their Facebook page and move down the line, sound good?

On their Facebook page you’ll see the following image:

chance and abdul facebook page

Immediately, you can see they have an “@” tag for their Instagram page where you can follow them both(Will show you later), If you scroll down you’ll see on the right their newsfeed posts:

chance and abdul facebook newsfeed

Their posts are engaging videos with comments(as you can see) and this might show the impression they are popular and well-known but don’t be fooled like the 95% of beginners do. Plus, if you notice their posting dates, they haven’t posted since March…

chance and abdul newsfeed post

Most relevant Entrepreneurs post consistently, but that’s not the shocking part, listen to this...

When you press around their profile like the “About me” page, you don’t get much of a description:

chance and abdul about me page

Rather a link you can press that takes you to a sales funnel building tool called Clickfunnels.

chance and abdul facebook

That’s my home page. The link reads “middleman” at the end so I’m thinking they were trying to bounce you to their “Modern Millionaires” page that’s this one:

modern millionaires home

This is Chance and Abdul’s first course called “Modern Millionaires” and show you what it’s all about:

modern millionaires home page

You get a short “about me section” where chance and Abdul tell you they both created multi-million dollar business from scratch by running simple ads online. Did you catch that?

“They both created multi-million dollar business”...shouldn’t it be businesses? Plural. This looks like a rookie created it and it just doesn’t look good but if you just glanced over it, you could miss it. Here’s where you get tricked…

You see the image on the right where Chance(left) and Abdul(right) are presenting to an audience, and this to the beginner and even experts say a couple of things:

  • We’re an authority in what we do
  • Social Proof

Your brain signals a response where you almost feel like you can trust them without even knowing more about them...yet(and we’re getting to the juiciest parts!)

So let’s click on the “Watch the free training” yellow button below and see what happens:

modern millionaires email

On this page, you’ll see the same video you’ve probably already seen on YouTube(which is why you’re likely here) of Chance showing you his backdrop of this awesome lifestyle he’s living and you could have and how to do it.

You’re asked to give them your email address for the chance to see how they make these MILLIONS of dollars(which is bs), and when you give them your email you’ll get the following page:

modern millionaires

You’ll be shown the “2 Steps to start your ad agency business in 2020...No marketing and sales degree or skills required! My butt cheeks!!

RED FLAG #1: Headlines are crucial for curiosity and to get the right people to read/watch the rest of your post/sales page, etc. but telling you that you don’t need any skills?

LIE! I’ve been a digital marketer with a full-time income working from home servicing clients(one of my streams of income) and this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, why?

You do need to develop skills. This is common bait to attract people who don’t know what digital marketing actually takes and then later tell you “oh yes, you need to learn:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Etc.

Which is Amazing don’t get me wrong, you should learn these but the way they say it is absurd!

Chance And Abdul On YouTube

chance and abdul youtube

Did you come here because you watched a Chance And Abdul video?

Whether you did or not here’s what’s relevant, you will see them active on their channel creating YouTube videos around content like:

  • Starting your digital agency
  • Interviewing people for testimonials
  • Interment fasting for business
  • How to be highly productive
  • How to fire your boss 
  • And much more

I mean their content isn’t bad, there’s A Lot of really good advice and value in what they say, how they teach you the things but I want you to see this is a mirage…

You know it’s there but is it REAL? And when you take the chance to see it’s not a mirage but their an actual fountain of water, you end up drinking it, right?

Then you know you have to keep moving to gather for food or else you can die, so you keep going, and going until you can’t anymore and you’re on your last breath!

This is what it feels like when you follow people like Chance And Abdul’s videos and content, you warm up, you drink the “Kool-aid” and then you shift to moving to the next steps in the journey(pass the water for food) and you eventually buy their product(s) and services.

At that point, it’s too late and you’re kicking yourself because the content sucks, they don’t help you and you can’t get a refund!

Yep, no refund! Just listen to what other people scammed by the two had to say:

Chance And Abdul Reviews

chance and abdul scam

Who Is Chance And Abdul For?

Quite simple, nobody! Well unless you are the type of person who makes an exception to getting scammed $100’s+ worth of your hard-earned money to be left high and dry, be my guest.

Hey, I won’t let that happen to you! I know you’re better than these two and you want to better your situation and find an actual way to make a stable long-term income, and it’s been my mission from day 1 and word one you saw today to make sure you see the day of light…

Where you can stop running into scammers, get “lame” ways to make money online like with surveys and stuff like that and actually get a real way to make A Lot of money with either a Digital Agency business like my #1 recommendation here or other opportunities like:

Pros And Cons


  • They have a fairly decent YouTube channel going for them where they share everything business related and how you can live the digital agency lifestyle through step-by-step content, pictures, diagrams, whiteboards and so much more!


  • They have scammed people $1,000’s of dollars and haven’t provided help and or a refund
  • They oversell their courses/products with headlines that appeal to a beginner making them feel like they don’t need to know anything and they can collect money without skills
  • They have weird profiles on different channels that are either unfinished or just grammatical errors which is a red flag

What I Liked Most About Chance And Abdul

I thought about saying nothing but even everyone has a good side to them, right? Well, Chance And Abdul come off charismatic and I’m sure they are in real-life but does that excuse them for doing the wrong thing to people?

No. So other than their personalities which catch people and some marketing tactics, I don’t really like much.


Onto my favorite part, showing you the BEST alternatives to Chance and Abdul and ones that’ll change your life for the better, are you ready?

There are many more but the closest alternative where you have a LEGITIMATE Chance of growing a 6-figure+ digital marketing agency is with Jeff Lerner and let me tell you before I show you why, Okay?

Jeff is a digital entrepreneur and owner of Entre Institute who created the ENTRE Blueprint to help you create the mindset and business systems to make a full-time living online…

And he has 3 courses:

You can choose from one of the three(or all at some point) and tap to MILLION dollar earners.

Final Verdict: Are Chance And Abdul A Scam?

Yes. These two have given “Internet Marketing” a bad name and are the reason so many people like you and I are afraid and have this fear to move forward because we think we smell a scam…

And even worse if you’ve already been scammed. Luckily for you, you came here at the right place and at the right time to discover the shocking truths so you don’t have to put up with their madness and instead find a real solution to your problems…

Where you don’t have to make mistakes of falling for a scam, trying this for years and getting nowhere, and quitting all together….

You can put your time and energy into a real person with greater benefits who will hold you by the hand and walk you through how to effectively and income-wise grow a 6-figure+ business online, which you’ll find out by clicking the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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