December 9

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make HUGE Commissions by closing High Ticket Sales faster and easier?

Is Dan Lok A Scam and is he REALLY the Worlds #1 Closing and Influencer Business Strategist?

I’ll cut right to the chase - Dan Lok IS Not 100% a Scam BUT he is at the same time and I’ll get into why. Whether your eyes are about to pop out or jaw is dropped or not the show must go on so listen to this punch in the gut, Dan is a COPY CAT of Legitimate digital Entrepreneurs...

And sure he’s not a scam in the sense of his YouTube videos trying to help people with the “value” he brings but when it comes to the products, let’s just say then don’t over deliver.

 Yeah, I said it, and if that offends you as a follower of Dan’s work I’m now here for your wake-up call…

Wake Up! Dan Lok has MANY people under this illusion that he is so genuine, he’s some type of God and a sincere and real internet guru but that could be farther from the truth and If you stick with me I “Michael Granados” once a Dan Lok enthusiast and follower will reveal to you the SHOCKING truths Dan is hiding, what no one else is willing to share with you, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so you can Finally take the right opportunities, get your time back, and live life on your own terms!

But before I get started, I’ve also written numerous reviews of other gurus and scammers in this online digital education space like “Chance and Abdul,” Wesley Virgin”, among many more, and the fact that I’ve made money online myself with many business ventures, I know this is information up to standards.

Dan Lok Overview

Person's Name: Dan Lok

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Copywriter, High-Ticket Closer

Best Product Known For: High Ticket Closer

Best for: 9-5 employees, People who want to become copywriters and high-ticket closers...But really for no one!

who is dan lok

Summary: Dan Lok presents himself as this "digital entrepreneur guru" who helps people become high ticket closers for business owners so you can earn a big fat commission check. He also helps people understand copywriting among many other courses. He's been very popularized by his YouTube videos and outlandish ways...

But Dan Is somewhat presented as “fake with what he says in his content and what he does in his courses. He doesn't even own the apartment he shoots his videos in, the advice he gives is false(coming from big sales guy Jordan Belfort which I left a video later below for) and is honestly like the worst person because he's scammed so many people of their hard earned money!

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: NO!

Who Is Dan Lok?

who is dan lok

Dan is a Digital Entrepreneur, the Best selling-author, Philanthropist, And “The World’s #1 Closing and Influencer Business Strategist” (quote on quote).

You’ve likely seen him on YouTube for making those “riding in a Bentley” short videos where he teaches you a thing or two about different marketing strategies, tactics, and wise words questioned by his audience or just what he has in mind.

His work stretches from Copywriting to High Ticket closing programs that are honestly ALL fluff or things he’s just thrown together from legitimate people, and I’ll go into that soon, but to save you time here’s a video WHO Dan Lok really is in a video made by Coffezilla EXPOSING Dan Lok and another famous Podcaster Alex Charfen of the Momentum Podcast

Dan Lok’s Early Story

Dan was a punk kid growing up in Hong Kong with enough money supplied by his Dad to at least always have $100 in his pocket…

He had zero ambition. Dan wasn’t interested in success but his parents divorced when he was just 16, and everything drastically changed…

His mom and he immigrated to a bad neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada, and low rent, one-room apartment. His bed was a sleeping bag and suddenly there was no more money in his pocket.

At the age of 17, Dan heard his mom in her room talking on the phone, then she comes out crying:

“Mom is everything okay -Dan Asks” She Replies…

“Your Dad just told me he went bankrupt. He can’t send us money anymore, we are on our own” she says with tears streaming down her face.

Dan replies “ What am I going to do?”

Dan’s mom scraped by with little money dad supplied, she did not have a paying job!

So Dan went down this journey of vowing to himself to do what it would take to protect her. NO EXCUSES.

dan loks story

Overnight, self-help books became Dan’s savior and protector and we’re talking about someone who hated school and could barely speak or read English.

At the library, he had to use a little dictionary to translate as he read in English but his desire was to upgrade his mindset and skills so there was not the time for excuses. It wasn’t until he watched a Bruce Lee movie that things went up for Dan…

Return of the Dragon he watched and Bruce instantly became his hero. So Dan began taking Martial Arts courses to make himself strong and confident like Bruce Lee…

And then he began side hustles:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Fixing computers
  • Stocking supermarket shelves
  • Flipping textbooks
  • Anything to make a buck

The only time he was an employee was when stocking shelves by the way. His side hustles evolved quickly into business ideas…

But the problem was that he was overconfident and inexperienced, the worst combination to have(and trust me I know).

To fund his crazy business ideas, Dan borrowed money from relatives. He failed 13 times in 3 years, and by his 21st birthday, he owed $150,000!

This was especially bad in Asian culture and it put A LOT of pressure on his mom bringing her shame. In her family’s eyes, she is a failure as a mom because Dan is a failure.

Broke, Deep in debt, and a college dropout, no one believed in little Dan...Not even himself. But he felt desperate to make something work…

At that time he received a newsletter from a man named Alan Jacques who would promote his workshops, but Dan loved his sales writing.

He collected Alan’s newsletters dreaming of someday being able to write like him. So basically Dan met Alan and was super happy and for three months he would show up at Alan’s house often unannounced and offered to help him in any way he could…

Finally, Alan took Dan under his wing. Dan learned how to:

  • Write Copy
  • Started his one-person advertising agency
  • And earned his first significant profits

By the age of 27, Dan was a self-made millionaire and then followed up shortly after as an 8-figure entrepreneur.

Let’s take it back to the home page at

Going Inside Dan Look

On Dan’s Home page at you’ll likely see this image:

dan lok home page

The picture by itself paints the picture that he’s:

  • Credible
  • Practices what he preaches
  • Is supported by others

But don’t be fooled - although this is what every Digital Entrepreneur now has online it doesn't mean all are credible, and Dan is no exception - he’s presenting himself in a way that disguises the truth.

Under the image, you will see who’s Featured him…

Dan’s Featured By…

dan seen in

When I see this long list I don’t think “Wow, he’s a big shot”, I actually really think “my goodness, he’s played A TON of people!”

If you scroll a little bit under that you’ll be given the chance to subscribe to his email list

dan lok subscribe

You can join the 1,300,000 fooled people, “excuse me” I coughed, I meant 1,300,000 and growing subscribers in Elevating your Financial Confidence by strategically growing your income, Influence and Wealth.

You can get custom-tailored advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Dan By The Numbers

dan lok by the numbers

I know data has its place and it helps weigh in on your decision as to how much of an impact this guy has really made so I wanted to add it, and here’s what the image above reads:

  • 11,000 Students
  • 151 Countries
  • 15 Brands
  • 1.4M + Email Subscribers
  • 4.8M Podcast Downloads
  • 2.42M + Facebook followers(page)
  • 1.7M Instagram Followers
  • 29K + Twitter Followers
  • 15K LinkedIn Followers
  • 3.16M + YouTube Subscribers
  • 194K+ Pinterest followers

Dan’s Wealth Triangle

dan lok wealth triangle

Here Dan talks about the 3 parts of a wealth triangle that will help grow your income and long-term wealth at the same time.

  • Part 1: Make More Money
dan lok wealth 1

  • Part 2: Scalable Business
dan lok part 2

  • Part 3: Increase Your Net Worth
dan lok part 3

Learn For Free

dan lok free

In this section, Dan gives you insights to elevate your Financial Confidence and unlock your potential in every area of your life with blog posts in areas like:

  • Strategy
  • Career Advice
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • Finance 
  • Mindset

Dan’s Podcast

the dan lok podcast review

Dan made “The Dan Lok Show” podcast where he has conversations with the World’s Most Successful and influential Business Legends in the world.

He has amounted 5 stars and over 1,300 reviews with 477+ episodes.

Here are some of those podcasts:

dan lok podcasts

Some of the people he’s interviewed are:



I have To admit this cracked me up when I first saw it, why?

For one, it’s brilliant and many people are started to trend this way like Clickfunnels Funnel Flix for example, but second, Dan’s images…

danflix dan lok

Like I get you’re supposed to look professional but now that you know he’s been playing people, this just takes your perspective to a whole new laughing level.

Humor me some more Dan


I’m going to try to lower my unbelievable laughter and get through this, so his “originals” you can watch are:

  • Drift
  • Boss In The Bentley
  • Millionaire’s vs Billionaires
  • Clients Say
  • Alpha Man
  • The Art of Jeet Kun Do

Many of these you can find on YouTube(if you’ve already seen), but we can hover on one to see more, for example, “Boss In The Bentley” 

boss in the bentley

You can subscribe if you wish.

And here’s a video of Dan in his Boss In The Bentley “original”

Let’s point out some of these Red Flags I see:

Red Flag #1: Driving A Bentley 

Honestly, this is attractive to the consumer of his confidence because it says many things to you like:

  • This can be your reality
  • You can have this luxurious life
  • You can be driven wherever you want
  • Where these nice clothes while I help you out
  • And way more

Listen, is his content bad? Not exactly, but it’s practical advice that may be true but you can find ANYWHERE...Or how about from someone else?

Plus, I really questioned his presentation videos where he dresses up in all red or the ways he interacts with the audience

Red Flag #2: Jump Cut Videos

There are many videos where the camera angle jumps from one side to the next in a response to keep your attention but more so it’s strange that he's not actually talking to anyone on the phone.

No sales professional would do these kinds of things nor would they question the way he does.

Dan’s Programs

dan lok programs

Dan has categorized his programs by:

  • Starter Programs
  • Advanced Programs
  • Elite Programs
  • Work With Dan

Let’s start with Starter Programs first:

dan lok starter programs

  • Public Speaking Secrets
  • Personal Branding Secrets
  • Objection Handling Secrets
  • Persuasion Secrets
  • High-Ticket Consulting
  • Copywriting Secrets
  • Your First Million
  • Freelancing Secrets
  • Insta Secrets
  • The Follower Secrets
  • Millionaire Productivity Habits
  • Telephone Millions
  • How to make this year your best year ever
  • Millionaire money habits
  • And a ton more
dan lok courses

This guy just cranks out courses faster than a manufacturing facility can crank out parts for an aircraft.

Advanced Programs

dan lok advanced programs

These include:

  • High Ticket Closer
dan lok high ticket closer

  • High-Income Copywriter
dan lok high income copywriter

  • High Ticket Influencer
dan lok high ticket influencer

According to Dan, these programs will help you develop the most essential, high-income-producing skills required in order to succeed in any online business.

Blah, Blah, Blah, and more Blah, it’s all a pump up. But don’t just take it from me, listen to what others have to say:

dan lok youtube reviews

If you want REAL programs in each of these categories check out the following:

Elite Programs

dan lok elite programs

These programs are more exclusive; they are designed for Entrepreneurs who are already successful and are looking to grow and scale their company to over 1M to 10M+ a year in revenue.

Dan has a private group called the Dragon 100. Take a look at dan lok dragon 100:

dan lok dragon 100
working with dan lok

In addition to running his Dragon 100 program, Dan also consults, advises, and invests in various companies.

If you’re interested in learning more ways how you can directly work with Dan, there’s a “Work With Dan” page you can visit that will explain the different:

  • Consulting
  • Advising
  • Investing and
  • Acquisition Opportunities…

Dan has available. And here’s what that page will look like when you click the red button on the image above…

work with dan

That’s a long page, but basically, it just breaks down what to expect from his services and a few testimonials which I’ll get into now.

Dan Lok Reviews(What Other People Had To Say)...

dan lok reviews
dan lok testimonial

How Much Is Dan Lok?

That answer depends on what type and level of service are you looking for? I know I just sounded like I put you in a car shop but honestly this isn’t Some type of fix for your problems let me explain…

You could either get the “very presentable” Bentley but on the inside it’ll look all beaten down, worn out, parts missing, parts fused together that don’t make sense…

And that will cause you to spend more money on maintenance(another course) and trying to make back your money OR…

You can get the great looking exterior of the Bentley with the PROPER looking inside and parts that make it run well so you can ride it for as long as you’d like. Which one sounds better?

The point is, don’t just get the course because it looks good or what other people are saying, there is A LOT of misleading information, and the people who are trying to sell you these courses are:

  • People who haven’t used it
  • People who’ve used it and want to recoup their costs
  • People who saw no value in it but still want to promote to you.


Dan's Consulting along ranges from $10,000 an hour to $750,000 for one year!

If you’d like to see my #1 Mentor in helping you make money online click here right now

Who Is Dan Lok For?

For what it’s worth, not all Dan’s content is bad but it’s hard to see the line “who’s” his content actually for because it’s scattered, but I came to the conclusion it’s more for salespeople and marketers who want some kind of knowledge in copywriting and closing techniques.

Other than that, I’d say it’s not for least anyone who doesn’t like getting scammed and having their time wasted.

Here are more audiences:

  • 9-5 workers who want an alternative way to make money and want to use copywriting and or high ticket closing.
  • Beginners who are just getting into the digital scene or have tried something else and failed at it and want to give copywriting, high ticket closing, and have more of a look at Dan’s free content.

Who’s Dan Not For?

  • People who don’t want to be scammed thousands of dollars
  • People who don’t want to waste their time
  • SMART people who know better

Pros And Cons


  • FREE Information all across the web so you can have unlimited content to help guide you almost effortlessly along your journey which means you’ll have a library of support at all times.
  • Dan Lok’s Podcast so you can keep listening to today’s best experts in their space share with you what’s working for them and what to do which means you’ll be able to apply what you learn much faster!
  • Danflix so you can binge-watch content on many topics of business which means you’ll never run out of ideas and help.
  • Dan’s Wealth Triangle so you can have a simple and easy to follow step-by-step guide to bettering your financial life which means you’ll make fewer mistakes.


  • A MAJOR Con-Artist. Dan has copied work from so many people who are credible and legitimate, one of these people being Alex Scharfin from the momentum podcast.
  • Outlandish videos with him driving in a Bentley, in an office in an apartment that’s not even his.
  • A Scammer who’s just chasing money and influences people to believe he’s the real deal.
  • Terrible jump-cut videos.


There are much better people to follow and here they are:

My favorite person and mentor is Jeff Lerner and here’s why...He literally lets YOU COPY his Million Dollar Businesses in the 3 top online business models:

He’s not some scammer who will suck up your money and leave you high and dry or try to influence you in his videos in a way where he’s hiding something. Click here to learn more about Jeff Lerner:

And For A Better Copywriting Course here’s what I recommend:

What I Liked Most About Dan

Hmm, there’s WAY more I can say about what I dislike but I’d have to say I’m entertained by his videos?

Yeah, that’s at most what I can say, here’s why...Although Dan does get his facts right and what he teaches to a degree is useful, I find hos content to be more entertaining because of the things he uses “illusions” with like his Driving in a Bentley videos among:

  • His little money ticket gun
  • His phone calls with people
  • The aggressiveness in his leadership
  • And way more

What I Liked Least

I really didn’t like how Dan had to COPY someone else’s work, that is a BIG NO NO! Many of his students found out the hard way that buying his high ticket closer course among many more are full of “fluff”, and don’t really lead in any direction…

And his appearance can be very misleading. Sure he’s been on Stage with owner Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels accepting his award and on video with many other YouTubers and podcasts with legitimate people but he’s taking the approach of growing his audience by collaborating with more people…

And in a way shows his credibility. Even if the people he interviews know Dan is somewhat of a scammer, it’s good press for them so most go with it anyway. 

Another thing was one of Dan’s video where he belittles the Network Marketing Industry basically saying how it was some type of scam, here’s the video:

His claims were outrageous! I was once in this industry, but it sounds like Dan has very little knowledge of the subject and throws the industry under the bus JUST so he can promote his courses.

Final Verdict: Is Dan Lok Scam?

Not 100%, but he has deviated from his value content for free and his courses are just scammy - that’s where it’s a problem!

It’s not a matter anymore of is Dan Lok scam but how YOU can Flippin get out while you still can…

To get out of taking advantage of, to lose $1,000’s of dollars, and feel like your hopeless, but there’s a way.

You can make a decision right this very second to either go down the road of wasting countless years, money, energy, time and being another statistic and pawn in Dan Lok’s world OR you can finally close down that road and travel the one where you’ll avoid bumps, drive down a road for as long as you want without losing faith, and achieve the freedom that you’ve been looking for all along…

And my #1 recommended Mentor to follow will help get you there. Click below to get started.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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