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by Michael Granados

Would you like to have a full customized and personalized vitamins for a daily dose of nutrition and freedom from pain and inflammation?

Is IDLife A Scam OR can you truly get the best customized vitamin plan for your every day needs?

You’ve come to the right page today as I “Michael Granados” a health and wellness coach and advocate will show you how these vitamins are made with the highest quality ingredients available ANYWHERE, and how you can also share these with other people to get paid for it!

But before I get started I have a confession to make...with over half the world stuck in this “Opioid” traditional mainstream medication state of mind, people are constantly fighting an uphill battle…

1,2,3 Doses per day of highly intense harmful drugs, ones that only treat your inflammation at the surface level, give you a short term high, and then to drop you back to the ground - kind of like when you showed up to school did your work in class and when recess time came around, you find out it’s been canceled!

Good news is this post will shine the light on why IDLife vitamins are quality unmatched, science based, and gives you a personalized guidance unlike anywhere else so you can rest your mind assured you’re putting healthy doses into your body, so you can heal faster and long-term as well so you can have more freedom to live your best life.

Let’s get started.

What Is IDLife?

Is IDLife A Scam

Simply stated, IDLife is a health and wellness company revolutionazing the industry with customized nutrition so you can meet your needs. IDLife’s name stands for individually designed life and was founded on the principle that no two people are alike, so everyone has unique nutritional needs.

IDLife’s mission is to offer the highest quality products and programs available to help you lead a healthier life...all the time.

Going Inside IDLife

On the home page if you scroll down a bit you’ll notice IDLife states they are backed up by:

  • Quality. IDLife obsesses over creating original products that feature the best ingredients they can find. If they find a less than average ingredient, then it won’t be featured in their finished vitamin products.
  • Science. Every single product they recommend is backed up by science studies and research. This appreach differentiates IDLife from their competitors and gives their customerscalrity and confidence in knowing everything they offer is base on truth and facts.
  • Guidance. IDLife offers individuals personalized guidance tailored specifically to your health factors and personal goals so you can make the most out of every dosage. They embrace the unique situations and targets of everyone IDLife works with and know that support and guidance are the keys to your success.
IDlife quality

Forward With The Community

By purchasing a Child Legacy product you are donating that product to Child Legacy and IDLife sends it to them on your behalf. How good is that?

IDLife community

IDLife Products

Cool thing about IDLife is you can shop based on categories like:

  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Energy
  • Vitamins
  • Skin Care
  • Kids
  • Product Stacks
  • Doing Good
IDLife shop by category

Best Selling Products

On this section you’ll find three of the best selling IDLife products and they are:

  • Hydrate Jar
  • Shake Bag
  • Lean
IDLife best sellers

And if you’d liket to view the details simply click on the “view details” button found below the product image and prices. For example, If I clicked on “Hydrate Jar” then I’ll see this page:

IDLife Hydrate Jar

  • 1 Jar contains 60 single scoop servings

This product is great for you when you’re thirsty because you’re slightly dehydrated and your body is lacking the water it needs to function properly. Hydrate will deliver you a carefully researched blend of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, MCT’s, vitamins and minerals to protect your body from the harmful effects of dehydration.

Have FAQ’s?

Scroll down a bit on each product page and you’ll see FAQ’s listed:


Product Stacks

Are you interested in more than one product?

IDLife has product stacks which are designed to help your needs and save you money.

IDLife product stacks
IDLife product stacks 2

Here are some of these products:

IDLife product stack slim jar

  • Slim+Stick and Lean Power Couple Bundle
  • Slim+Jar and Lean Power Couple
  • 15 Day Essential Packs

The cool thing about these product stacks are that you can get a variety of products that’ll you’ll like and love without having to forgo another one.

IDLife Launch Pack

Do you want to customize your own IDLife box?

You’re going to love how IDLife allows you to build your own set of products so that you can have a customized plan that meets your goals and needs, check it out:

IDLife launch pack
IDLife launch packs

The IDLife launch pack helps you set your weight loss goals and to properly track them along your way while supporting you with the following products:

  • Select your fuel - You can choose from 2 bags of Slim+ 2 Bags of Energy OR one bag of each, you pick your flavors!

And here’s more:

IDlife launch pack products

IDLife Workout

Make every workout count with a fully optimized preworkout and post-workout

IDLife Workout
IDLife workout start

Here are some of the products under this category:

IDLife workout products

Become A Preferred Customer

Would you rather have predictable IDLife products being sent to you consistently on a monthly basis?

IDLife preferred customer

Rather than ordering every single time which takes up your time and energy, you can join the performed customer program by adding a product subscription. You will enjoy significant savings and have the convenience of having your favorite IDLife products shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY every 30 days!

IDLife preferred customer start

VIP Customer

Did you want to become a VIP customer with perks that'll help keep you at your best health...for life?

As a VIP Customer you'll stay on track with your health and fitness goals while offering exclusive member savings, rewards, and perks. The rewards are literally endless!

IDLife VIP perks program

Become An Associate

Do you want to design the life of your dreams by promoting IDLife products and getting paid...Good?

YOU are at the freedom of owning and running your own online business...YOUR own way. IDLife provided and easy to run business platform that allows you to focus on connecting with people and sharing your own story of success - with the IDLife products and programs.

You don’t need to be a professional sales person or nutritional expert, you won’t have to stock any inventory or ship ANY products - IDLife handls it ALL for you! You will get an IDLife personalized website and automated business tools, they’ve made it easier for you to get started and succeed.

3 Steps To Signing Up.

STEP 1: Click On “Become An Associate”

IDLife become an associate

At the bottom of the home page you’ll find a link called “Become An Associate”, click there.


STEP 2: Click On “Join IDLife Today”

IDLife associate

You’ll come across a page where you can click on the blue button that reads “Join IDLife Today, as show below...

STEP 3: Enrollment Configuration

Here you can choose a new enroller or if you were not referred, click there. For this example I’m using “not referred”.

IDlife enrollment

STEP 4: Click On “Join Now”

IDLife join now

After you click through you’ll see a page like this:

IDLife enrollment kit

You can select from three options:

  1. Associate Kit
  2. Associate Kit With DNA Testing Kit
  3. Free Membership
IDLife enrollment kit options

So essentially, the higher the price of the product, the more you can promote and it’s of higher quality. You can also go with the free membership which I will do in this example.

Here you can choose your enrollment kit. I won’t go through this because I already have at some point. But as you can see above the prices and products there are an additional six steps to complete before you become a member.

idlife free

STEP 5: Agree to terms and conditions

IDLife agree to terms and conditions

One thing to note is the first terms which at the conclusion of your Free trial, if you opt into the Pro Bundle, you will be charged $27.49 a month to maintain your subscription.

STEP 6: Enter Your Information

IDLife sponsor

You’ll see your sponsor on this page and the rest is entering your information to get started. NOTE: If you signed up under my name then it’ll show me.

STEP 7: Add Additional Product

STEP 8: Shipping And Billing Information

STEP 9: Confirm And Submit Your Order

Who Is IDLife For?

IDLife is for people who have a healthy conscious and don’t want to settle for just “good enough”, and want a greater option that is customized to meet their every day dosage of vitamins and life’s needs. Here’s more on that:

  • For people who want to lose weight and have tried everything else under the sun and hasn’t worked.
  • Fitness fanatics who want to blend their favorite dosage of vitamins for a pre and post workout.
  • For people who want highly increased levels of energy and need focus to do their work and get through their day happy.
  • People who want to take care of their skin care and want vitamins to play an essential role in that
  • For Kids who want to have a great immune system and want to stay healthy as they grow up
  • For people who want to do good with the community because every purchase goes to Child Legacy International

IDLife Pros And Cons


  • You get a FULLY customized vitamin plan so you can fuflfill your nutrition needs at the highest capacity which means you’ll have vitamins that are part of your DNA/Genetic makeup and will feel healthier and happier in every aspect of your life
  • You get TONS of categories of products to choose from - Weight loss to doing good so you never have to get bored and you can mix it up which means you’ll always have faster access to your vitamin needs.
  • You get a BOOST of awesome flvaors without the sugar so you don’t have to worry about filling your body up with yuck which means you’ll enjoy every dosage and give your brain the happy feeling of eating something tasty!
  • You get to become an assocaite so you can share your favorite products with people and get paid which means you’ll earn a great passive income business doing it!


  • Not really much cons here(and I’m not being biased), other than the fact that you don’t have at least one of their products in your hands!

IDLife Alternatives

Wouldn't it be wrong If I didn't show you the IDLife alternatives?

I'm going to show you:

  1. The different vitamin/supplements
  2. The different program you can be an associate of

Starting with the different products, you can try out:

What about associate programs? IDLife recruits you to be in what's called an "MLM" which stands for Mult-Level Marketing or also known as Network Marketing where you get paid on a recuriting bases, as well for promoting their products/services in exchange for commissions...

And while I believe that's great if you know how to recruit well(that's where most of your money will come from), this can limit you if you don't necessarily want to recruit and are not passionate and or want to be limited to just promoting IDLife products...

That's why I recommend a different approach which is called "Affiliate Marketing."

With Affiliate Marketing, you'll get paid to promote ANY person's PROVEN product/services, and health and wellness product without being restricted to paying to become a member to promote the products or:

  • Recruiting
  • Getting paid pennies
  • Having less of an asset without your own website

That's why I recommend you build your own authority online with a website so you can promote any health and wellness product you want like I'm doing with my site at Removebackpain.

What I Liked Most About IDLife

There’s so much I liked about IDLife that it’d be hard for me to select just ONE thing, but if I had to…

I’d say the fully customized vitamins, why? Not everyone person is created a like, one person might need more of a certain ingredient than the other, one might need more energy while the other wants more energy and weight loss at the same time…

That’s the power IDLife can bring to your daily life. You can combine your vitamins as a part of your DNA, unlike with anyone else.

Final Verdict: Is IDLife A Real Scam?

Abbsoultely not! You're getting the BEST customized vitamin plan for ALL of your lifestyle's needs to put you back on the front foot and living your best life.

I mean that is what you Ultimately want, right? To not be worrying about your pain and inflammation, having to lose another minute, day, week, month, and year smiling, being happy and healthy so you can live in the moments more...

Go on trips, take vacations, be around your family and friends with the confidence and certainty that you'll be performing at your all times.

If you're ready to check out IDLife, click the button below.

OH Yeah...

And if you'd like to check out my #1 recommendation for promoting other people's health and wellness products, click the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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