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by Michael Granados

Investor, Motivator, Serial Entrepreneur?

Who Is Wesley Virgin And even more important “Is Wesley Virgin A Scam” Or a man who’s legitimately earned over $300,000+ in one year?

Does Wesley really have an OVERNIGHT foo proof Millionaire system helps tens of thousands of enterprises quickly get their mind aligned with success?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you the truth about wesley virgin is he legit - Wesley Virgin is NOT Exactly A Scam and he really does help businesses earn overnight. but WAIT!

He has very controversial content and training that isn't full of substance and I can’t blame you for having your guard an online world full of “gurus” and tricksters trying to hustle you for a “get-rich quick” or “push a button and earn $10,000 overnight, guess what?

It’s all a mirage! You’re going to want to stick with me for the next couple of minutes as I reveal to you the down right shocking discoveries about Wesley Virgin and show you the pros and cons of who he is and what he does.

Let’s get started!

Who Is Wesley Virgin?

Starting with Wesley’s Early Life…

Wesley was just a run-of-the-mill computer engineer who would turn out to get an “incredible” million dollar method of income while transforming people’s lives for the greater and better. Now, he is widely sought after and accomplished...even without a degree! How?

After being fired from his steady job as a tech guy at a dealership in Houston, Texas at only the age of 21, he quickly began researching and reading every book on business ownership and personal development. Listen to this…

In high school, he was this stubborn and smart-aleck kid that earned bad grades and dropped out of college because he felt he was smarter than his professors. Several years passed by and he found himself enlisting in the armed services, but within just 4 years the Army decided to discharge him for bad conduct and get this...Insubordination!

Did that stop him? No. Wesley was this undiscovered leader and would have to lose cars, homes, file for bankruptcy, get fired from jobs and even get arrested and hauled to jail to finally discover his purpose(can you imagine that?)

Though it felt like the world counted him out, he found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow per say. What about his career?

Wesley’s Career

Onto the juicy stuff and why you really will care about how Wesley can help you grow, that is what you ultimately want, right?

After dropping out of college and deciding to resign as a contractor in Afghanistan, he had his first success when his online weight-loss program flew off the virtual shelves, making over 5,000 in sales the first day of launch. This small business became his life’s mission and his obsession…

And propelled Wesley into the world of Internet Marketing, where he quickly became one of the top innovative minds in the world. Within a year, he earned his million a months time! WOW!

Is Wesley diverse in more than one niche? You bet. Wesley has proven himself and solidified in many niches, making him ONE of the most popular serial entrepreneurs of our time. You will see him literally everywhere…

He is involved in healthcare and supplements to investing and self-improvement products like the One I made a review product for called Manifestation Magic Here.

Here’s what’s shocking, He reached the top ranking on several platforms earning him 30 to 50 thousand dollars...a day! A DAY!

Now, his companies are growing by the MILLIONS and he has over 1,500,000 customers worldwide. And besides speaking on stages around the globe, Wesley has the ability to touch the minds and hearts of of people...and is a sight you must experience for yourself.

Going Inside Wesley

I'm not even going to waste your time, so let's get into the good stuff in this video I have for you exposing Wesley from the famous Coffeezilla:

Have you heard of WV Media? No not, VW like Wolkswagen silly 🙂

Well if you have or haven’t, WV Media is a one of the fastest-growing non-venture backed companies in the WORLD. With a following of over a million people, he’s published and sold over 250,000 copies of his:

  • Digital Books
  • Popularized the concept of mind hacks
  • And helped tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

As of 2019 and beyond, Wesley’s training, teaching, and mind philosophy has made several people financially free...for good!

WV Media


Wesley’s Mission

Wesley’s mission for WV Media extends out to the non-profit organizations like Virgin Foundation, where Wesley feeds over 300 homeless men and women every Sunday for the last 3 years. He has sponsored several causes including:

  • The Children’s Toy Drives
  • $10,000 giveaways and
  • Mentored young men and women around the world!
Wesley's mission

Wesley’s Products

Want to know what Wesley sells MILLIONS dollars worth of and how you can potentially get your hands on them?

Product #1: Overnight Millionare

With over 92,298 copies sold, “Overnight Millionaire” is an Overnight Millionaire Mind-Hacks Secretly used by richa and famous you’re not supposed to know about!

overnight millionaire

Product #2: Online Millionaire Mastery

This product is the insider Secrets of the richest and most successful online Marketers in the world(like me, not - but getting there close every day!)

online millionaire mastery

Product #3: Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind

Want to reveal the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind? This is a digital goldmine of 10 life empowering mindset techniques to BOOST your income and lifestyle!

unvrevealed secrets of a millionaire mind

Product #4: Wealth Visuals

Want an Unlimited Source of Wealth And Abundance?

wealth visuals

Done For You System Wesley Virgin

done for you system wesley virgin

The done for you system by Wesley Virgin is basically just a done-for-you services system where Wesley will show you how to turn you spare time Into a profitable online business during the current pandemic...

And on this training you will learn the following:

  • The Simple, Easy-To-Understand Formula that a newbies used to transform her financial life and earn $660,824.41 within 61 days!
  • How this little known system has already helped other students begin earning up to $10,000 per month(from home with just a computer and an internet connection).
  • How you can implement this brand new system in less than 30 minutes a day...even if you have limited experience...and more!
wesley virgin done for you system training

Is this legit?

NOPE. Again, there's a lot of fluff in Wesley's courses and this training is another way to get you to buy into his system and waste your money not getting results with it.

Crypto Payz

One of Wesley's latest products is called "Crypto Payz" and by just reading the know you have an idea of what it's about.

Wesley wants to show you how to turn any computer or phone into a "Free Bitcoin and Ethereum Machine". So basically it's this extraction system that gives you free Bitcoin and Ethereum and it doesn't require you to:

  • Mine...
  • Trade...
  • Expensive equipment...
  • Powerful computers...

How it works:

  • STEP 1: Login. You'll access CryptoPayz online on your computer or mobile phone...
  • STEP 2: Activate. You'll turn on your "Crypto Extraction Technology" with Just 1-Click...
  • STEP 3: Receive. Enjoy daily deposits of Bitcoin and Ethereum for free.

Is it legit and does it actually work? This is another product of Wesley's that will be full of "juice" but not delivery, so I wouldn't get close to it.


Wesley has yet Another product called PostClickz and here's a quick PostClickz review...

Supposedly this is a software that could make you money 100% completely automated. Wesley wants to show you and I how he tapped into 150 Million active users and generate posts that pay us $156 Every Click.

Here's how it works:

  1. You buy PostClickz
  2. Sign-up to the software
  3. Generate your sites with one click
  4. Time to profit

So pretty much you're getting:

  • Instant Websites
  • Automatic ads
  • Email marketing suite
  • Automatic content creation

But don't be fooled (yet again), because this will be another system trapping you to give up your money for something that doesn't have much substance - You've been warned.

Wesley Podcast Video Episodes

If you scroll down a bit you’ll run into Wesley’s Podcast, but at first he mentions someone else’s popular podcast called “Marketing Secrets(link)” by Clickfunnels  Legend Russell Brunson.

wesley podcast

After that you’ll see Wesley’s videos like so:

wesley popular episodes

Then you have the call to action button where you can get more Marketing Secrets. It’s kind of odd to me that he’s listed another person’s podcast and then turns it over on his videos for greater recognition.

wesley podcast 2

Want To Work With Wesley?

You will have a few ways to get in touch with Wesley and they are:

  1. Events. Unleash the magic within event is an annual even you will not want to miss.
wesley events

  1. Hire Wesley 1-1 on Consulting and Speaking Engaments
hire wesley one on one

Wesley is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts, and you can schedule for 2 hours of his time.

wesley contact

Wesley Media Coverage

Wondering if Wesley has caught the eyes of big media companies for further proof?

Well he’s been featured in many up to this point, and here they are:

wesley media coverage
wesley media coverage 2

How Much Does Wesley Cost?

The answer I give you will vary on which services you want to contact Wesley for, whether it’s his annual events which can be worth hundreds upon thousands to his consulting which is just about the same.

Pros Vs Cons

  • Wesley has a surplus amount of energy from his armed services background which will help pump you up and keep you on your toes.
  • Wesley has mastered parts of Internet Marketing that many other people want to get better at.


  • A lavish high roller who pumps out videos with lambos and baits you into the cars, the lifestyle, the amount of money you can and should be making all in effect to get you to eventually buy into his courses, events, and more
  • Wesley has stock photo webinar back covers, and changes his words, contradicts himself, and has too many "get-rich quick schemes" you don't need to be falling for!
  • Wesley has been shouted out by people like Grant Cardone which make it "look legit", but anyone can pay someone to shout them out! That doesn't mean he's doing good things.

Want to see my #1 Recommendation? Click here to learn about ENTRE

Wesley Alternatives

Wouldn't it be wrong of me not to show you the Wesley Virgin alternatives you MUST have a look at?

Other better alternatives include:

What I Liked Most About Wesley

Although there is so much I didn't like about Wesley, I gotta give the man some credit for building out lavish videos and brings a different type of energy to his videos and products...

And the fact that he has his videos ranking highly in YouTube is another form of art. But other than his background and energy, sadly the rest of his work falls short...if you can see through his bullshit before you buy anything from him.

Final Verdict: Is Wesley A Real Scam?

Yes in more ways than one. Although Wesley may have the right strategies, tactics and concepts in some of his courses and videos, that doesn't mean he is doing it himself or works effectively!

You can't deny he makes his money from selling people like you courses, sending you to webinars so then you can pay for a $1,000+ product, and sells you the internet marketing lifestlye with lambos and over the edge shouting...

All to get and keep your attention on the matter at hand - making it sound more important than the content he's spilling you actually is.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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