August 13

by Michael Granados

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks the RIGHT way?

What if you had the highest-probability of trading during your first hour so you can predictably earn well beyond your means?

Wait a minute, “Is True Trader A Scam” Or is this for real?! I’ll cut right to the chase and give you what you came here to find…

True Trader is NOT a Scam! With so many ways to earn a living online nowadays, there’s no shortage of ways to make money with stocks from the comfort of your own home, all you need is a computer, internet service, and don’t forget - your paradise!


I “Michael Granados” with years of experience in stocks will show and reveal to you the mind-blowing facts about True Trader and how you ACTUALLY earn high-probability trading...faster and easier. So stick with me as I take you through this masterpiece of a review.

Let’s get started.

What Is True Trader?

True Trader is a trading stocks company that focuses on ACHIEVABLE high-probability trading. Whether you join the chat room for live call-outs each moring or take their course, you will be exposed to education that favors high-quality, lo-risk trading.

So many traders are slaves to their respective market - sitting at their computers all day long. True Traders think differently.

They believe traders should make their money in the first hour and go live life. This in True Trader’s opinion is the philosophy of a true trader.

Going Inside True Trader

On the home page you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

is true trader a scam

You can start by clicking the green “Learn More” button and it’ll direct you to Everything you need to succeed:

what is true trader

  • You’ll get the complete masterclass course. With hours of content, this masterclass prepares you to utilize our strategy on day one. This course content is constantly being updated so you can have up to date news and information. Plus, you’ll retain access to the life of your membership.
  • You’ll get daily trading hour screen share so you NEVER miss a single trade opportunity with the daily live stream. You will literally see in REAL-TIME as Dan trades on screen share. The morning hour moves fast but they make sure you keep up.
  • You’ll get a world-class scanner and indicator set so you never have to question a trade with the battle-tested online scanner and indicator set. Your membership access gives you instant access to these online tools so you can start assessing set-ups and making high-probability trades right away!

Here’s what you get as a Serious Trader:

true trader scanner
  • The Proprietary Scanner
  • Daily 1-hour screen-share and live chat
  • Professional and helpful community

True Video Success Stories

If you scroll down a bit on the home page you’ll see a BUNCH of testimonials from everyday average people who have found results with the True Trader system:

true trader success stories

True Trader Results

On this page, you’ll find the Trade Log which shows a summary of each day’s points earned. This data shows what would happen if the actual trades were applied to a 25K account.

true trader results trade log
true trader daily summary

And if I click on Raw Data, here’s what you’ll see:

true trader raw data

True Trader Chat Room

Want to be apart of one of the most consistent and profitable trading communities out there?

Listen, there are many gurus out there claiming to be the best but few can show results that the members inside True Trader enjoy every single day…

Consistent, steady gains, every day is what True Trader focuses on. One hour per day and you’re done!

true trader chat room

How Much Does True Trader Cost?

You get to choose from a couple of membership plans but have limited seating. First come first serve, so you have to act sooner rather than later.

  • $395/month for the Monthly plan
  • $230/month for the 3-month plan
  • $99/month for 12-month access.
how much does true trader cost

Who Is True Trader For?

True Trader is for people who are serious about trading and want to focus on achieving high-probability trading within the first hour. If you want to free up your time so you can enjoy it with your friends and family, or do more of the hobbies and interests you have, then it’s definitely for you.

True Trader is also for:

  • Beginners who want the real deal in trading and want the best resources to meet their goals in less time. And if they want a really helpful community and chatroom so you can get the most amount of help and always have it whenever you need it which means you won’t make mistakes.
  • People who’ve tried other trading programs/platforms and haven’t found life-changing results or haven’t made any money and noticed a difference in their minds. Some people spend thousands on trading programs and training but True Trader is different - YOU actually get real results.
  • Intermediate to experts who want a great win rate that you’ll be happy about at the end of the day having.
  • People who want a second, third, fourth plus, source of income and trading is the way to do it. Especially if you have other businesses that take up your time, you can rest easy knowing True Trader can be done within the first hour!

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True Trader Pros And Cons


  • You can make your money within the first hour so you can free up your morning, days, evenings, and nights doing more of what you love with the people that matter most which mean you’ll be more happier and have greater peace of mind knowing you’re not stuck behind a computer all day long!
  • You get a unique Propieratry Scanner to find the perfect setups for low-effort trading which means you’re ALWAYS going to find trades with minimal effort for higher returns which means you’ll have more energy and focus through it and when you’re done! You’ll carry the momentum onto other aspects in your life because of this.
  • Daily 1 Hour screen-share and Live Chat so you can join live Market-Open Screen share options so you can have ALL the help you need to do trades and in less time which means you won’t spend hours being “busy” and losing out on deals and taking ones that don’t matter!
  • You get a professional and helpful community so you can always get the help you need whether it’s a beginner or expert question/guidance, you will get it which means you will never feel alone in your journey and transformation.


  • There are really no cons other than the fact that if you’re not focused or have some sort of discipline, you’ll have to get clear on that. But it can be worked on for sure.

True Trader Alternatives

Wouldn’t it be selfish of me not to show you what other Trading options are out there?

Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of them, but from my experience and a few others I know, here’s what I found is best:

  • Jason Bond Picks
  • Robinhood

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What I Liked Most About True Trader

There’s so much I liked about Wealth Trader I’d be here for hours sharing with you all of it but I’m not going to do that, Instead, I’ll give you just ONE thing I actually loved most…

And that is the atmosphere. When you get into the chat room you’re going to be blown away how interactive and helpful of a community there is. People are in there helping each other out, you’re able to see trades happening right in front of your eyes and everyone is in an upbeat energetic mood.

I know of many other trading programs and communities who have an unsettling time in the chat room and there’s really like no cohesion making it harder for you to WANT to trade, let alone be helped.

So that’s where I’ll go with that.

Final Verdict: Is True Trader A Scam?

Definitely not! True Trader is the real deal when it comes to achieving high-probability trading and ONLY having to do it within the first hour!

Imagine sitting at your computer for JUST one hour…

You get into the community, find a high-probability trade with the True Trader scanner, and abundance of resources, you set it and forget it. You go and enjoy your day out with family and friends, you maybe catch a movie, go get a drink and relax as you stare at the sight in front of you with your thoughts in a positive balance.

Later at the end of the day you arrive at your computer, open it, and BANG! You’ve earned yourself a few $1,000+ dollars! You’re blown away because all you did was put one hour of each and every day. This is money you can soon use to pay off bills, treat yourself, take your family out and so much more. You’re happier, you earn more and you’re financially on your way to your goals.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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