August 7

by Michael Granados

Want to learn from a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE and highly skilled trader and trading coach who can help you find highly profitable trades?

There’s no surprise trading stocks can make you extremely wealthy - when done right that is, and if you’re following the crowd and taking advice from some “average day trading joe”, you’re going to get lost…

Confused, broken down and worn out thinking this is all some scam. That’s what brought you here today, to question “Is Jason Bond A Scam” or can he be the ONE to finally help you trade like a pro...and get consistent results?

I’ll cut right to the chase and give you the answer, Jason Bond Is Not A Scammer! He’s the best at helping people find the momentum in rising stocks so you can earn more, keep more money, and at the end of the day have freedom, which is what you want more of, right?

You’re gonna want to stick with me until the end of this post as I will be revealing to you the most shocking truths about Jason and his most popular course Jason bond picks.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason was self-teaching himself to trade while at the same time was a full-time gym teacher. Jason’s first trading profits grew, as did his business and both eventually allowed him to free himself over $250,000 in debt.

Now a highly-skilled multi-millionaire trader and trading coach in his rights, Jason has gone on to share his life’s work with well over 30,000 people how to find profitable trades...any time of the year. What does Jason specialize in?

Jason specializes in both swing trading and in selling options using spread trades, which will balance the risk of selling options. Along with Jeff Bishop, Jason co-founded the Foundation to donate trading profits to charity. This foundation has so far gone on to donate over half a million dollars to charity.

Going Inside Jason Bond

On the home page of his site(, you’ll immediately see the stocks on Jason’s radar for this week:

jason bond stocks

When you click the “Read More” button, you’ll see a page like so:

jason bond picks page

Here you can read Jason’s blog post where he states “While many traders are taking a break on the weekend, he’s been on the hunt for momentum stocks to trade.

He noticed the Cryptocurrency market caught up nicely on Sunday…

And he thinks that Robinhood traders won’t necessarily be looking for trades in cryptocurrencies since none of them are available to trade. Instead, Jason decided to jump into stocks with expopsure to the cryptocurrency market…

And has uncovered a few to keep on his radar:

  • Canaan Inc.(CAN)
  • Riot Blockchain(RIOT)
  • Grayscale Bitcoin Trust(GBTC)

If you’d like to read the full post, you can access it here.

Jason’s FREE Book

On the home page of Jason’s website you’ll come across a part where you can download Jason’s FREE Book:

jason bond momentum book

Click through the button and you’ll come across this page:

jason bond momentum hunter

This #1 bestseller will show you how to find stocks primed to move. To get instant access, you just have to give your email. After your submit your email for this book you’ll come to the thank you page that looks like this:

jason bond unchained training
jason bond unchained

Here you can register for Jason Bond’s exclusive training event absolutely for free where he will show you:

  • Jason’s stock market success
  • Some of the repeatable patterns he looks for daily

When you scroll down a bit ways you’ll read this message that makes Jason different than any other stock market trader and coach:

jason bond teaching

Has he helped others though? Yes, and the proof is in the pudding:

jason bond helping others

Jason’s Video Lessons

jason bond video lessons

[NEW] Jason has released video lessons where you can watch ALL of the FREE momentum stock training video training and market analysis that Jason regularly records for you all in one place!

jason bond's weekly video library

STEP 1: Go To The Video Library

jason bonds video library

STEP 2: Watch Jason’s Videos

jason bond videos

What Other People Are Saying

If you scroll down towards the middle section of Jason’s home page you’ll see some Trust Pilot reviews of what people have to say about Jason’s work”

jason bond testimonials

3 Pillars Of Jason Bond’s Picks

Over the last decade, tens of thousands of students have greatly learned from Jason’s premier trading service Jason Bond Pick’s, which focuses on hunting down stocks on an upward momentum…

And Jason’s easy to follow service has helped create multi-millionaire traders and is built on 3 core pillars that separate it from all the other services out there.

  • Advanced Notice Buy Alerts
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Charity
3 pillars of jason bond picks

Click on the” Learn More” button to see more.

Would you like to see my #1 recommended program for getting the best stock picks and regular stocks delivered fresh into your inbox? Click here to see how to get stocks and increase your ROI 3x-100x

How Much Does Jason Bond Picks Cost?

You have a couple of options to select from:

  1. Annual at $1,497. And here’s the value you get:
    1. Trader’s Education Vault at $497
    2. Jason’s Scanner at $397
    3. Daily Watchlist at $597
    4. Advanced Notice Buy Alerts at $1,497
  2. Unlimited at $2,497 and here’s the value you get:
    1. Trader’s Education Vault at $497
    2. Jason’s Scanner at $397
    3. Daily Watchlist at $597
    4. Advanced Notice Buy Alerts at $1,497
    5. BONUS: Jason’s 12 WEeek Masterclass at $998
    6. BONUS: Heirloom Program(transfer service to a friend or family)
how much does jason bond picks cost

Is there money Back Guarantee?

You bet. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Jason guarantees satisfaction with his Jason Bond Picks service, however, if you’re not satisfied with his course, you can request a FULL refund within 30 days' time.

Jason Bond’s Services

I’ve shown you 1 of the 3 services Jason provides which was Jason Bond Picks but what about the other two?

  • Weekly Windfalls
  • Monday Movers

For Weekly Windfalls:

weekly windfalls

Under this section, you can find how Jason is able o Notch Win Streaks and when it comes to trading when you have win streaks you feel great. Last week he went on a pretty wild win streak and won ALL of his weekly windfall trades.

Now, he’s not saying his windfall rate is 100% every week because to be honest, that’s just not realistic.

Sucker Bet Scanner

sucker bet scanner

Jason has developed a “casino strategy” to the next level with the first-ever “Sucker Bet’s Scanner” that has recently developed. This scanner is used to identify other trader’s “sucker bets” that Jason takes advantage of every day.

When you press on the button to see the scanner in action, here’s what you get:

jason bond casino strategy

Click on “Read More” and strangely enough, it takes you back to the home page of the website. Could it be his article was taken down?

jason bond picks home page

3 Pillars Of Weekly Windfalls

  1. Advanced Notice and Real-time alerts. Jason will send you advanced notice buy alerts through your email as a Weekly Windfall member BEFORE he enters his trades followed by instant real-time push alerts when he buys and sales.
  2. Proprietary “Sucker Bets” Scanner. As a Weekly Windfall member, you get real-time access to the same scanner Jason uses to identify his “sucker bets” which are made by other traders that James aims to take advantage of every day. Only exclusive to weekly windfall members too.
  3. Giving. As a way to give back and support other communities, Jason has humbly given $500,000 to charities that were chosen by members and is continuously committed to donating 100% of his future Weekly Windfall trading profits.
3 pillars of weekly windfalls

How Much Does Weekly Windfall Cost?

You get a couple of options to choose from that I’ll break down right now:

  1. Weekly Windfalls Annual at $2,999. Here’s the value you get inside:
    1.  Trader’s Education Vault($497 Value)
    2.  “Sucker Bets” Scanner($1,497 Value)
    3.  Real-time push alerts($697 Value)
    4.  Advanced Notice Buy Alerts($1,497 Value
  2. Weekly Windfalls Unlimited at $4,999. Here’s the value you get:
    1. Trader’s Education Vault($497 Value)
    2.  “Sucker Bets” Scanner($1,497 Value)
    3.  Real-time push alerts($697 Value)
    4.  BONUS: Unlimited access to RagingBull BullPen
    5.  BONUS: Heirloom Program
weekly windfall cost

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

weekly windfall money back guarantee

For Monday Movers:

Want to learn how to profit from weekend trading?

Jason’s next service up is his “Monday Movers” program where you’ll learn how to:

  • Access a simple weekend trading training
  • The fundamentals of weekend trading
  • Methods to spot stocks primed to gap up over the weekend
  • How Jason has scaled by capitalizing and conquering on Monday news releases
  • TODAY Only: FREE Instant access to Jason’s training ebooks.

You can register to watch his strategy session broadcast first:

monday movers training

Would you like a special bonus for attending the strategy session broadcast?

At the end of Jason’s training, you’ll get access to TWO of Jason’s training E-Books:

  1. Swing For The Fences and
  2. The Penny Stock Power Playbook

...for FREE!

swing for the fences ultimate penny stock playbook

Monday Movers In Action

Here’s how you can see how Monday Movers has been working for Jason and his clients:

monday movers in action

Jason’s Featured On…

For proof of evidence, Jason has been seen featured on programs like:

  • Fox Business
  • Forbes
  • HuffPost
  • The Street
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Seeking Alpha
  • INC 5,000
  • Traders Expo
  • Nascar
  • Money Show
  • NYSE
jason bond featured on

Student Stories

Stil questioning Jason’s capabilities and if he’s the right guy four your job?

Under the student stories section, you’ll find A TON of stories/articles from people who’ve successfully used Jason’s trading formulas and made $1,000’s of dollars…

Check it out:

jason bond student stories

You can take the time to read these stories on your own time and access them here at any time.

Charitable Giving

You’ve heard me speak on how Jason loves giving back to his community and charities, and this next section will show you what that looks like, starting with the image below.

jason bond charitable giving

With RagingBull, Jason has donated $725,000+ to date.

charitable giving raginbull jason bond

Not only has he donated to one charity but multiple ones too:

ragingbull charitable giving

Pros And Cons


  • You get TONS of trading ideas throughout the day so you can have a handful of directions to take which means you’ll never run out of trading and have the potential to earn more.
  • You get an effective day trading stock scanner stream in the chatrooms so you can communicate with other people on the effectiveness of your trades which means you won’t have to spend time making mistakes.
  • A large library of video training lessons so you can see up close how James unique trading style works which means you’ll always learn something new and have the same capabilities and advantages Jason has.
  • Winning alerts that can generate you large percentage gains quickly so you can profit faster and earlier which means you’ll always be aware of which stocks are best and make money before everyone else!
  • Many ideas throughout the chatroom and newsletter you’ll receive from Jason and others so you can have an unfair advantage over others which means you’ll be happier trading than everyone else who’s unsure of how they will perform.


  • Risky penny stocks can drastically leave you “holding onto the bag” when the momentum on trading vanishes.
  • No free or trial period to check out and test out the service,
  • You may experience lots of noise in the chatroom at times.

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Jason Bond Alternatives

I couldn't keep you in the dark and not let you know what other Jason Bond Picks alternatives are out there, and here are a few I selected for you:

Although all these are great, I do believe Jason Bond Picks is the best because it sets you apart from any other type of trading which is finding stocks on momentum and not saturating yourself with what everyone else is doing..."the normal."

What I Liked Most About Jason Bond

There’s so much I liked about Jason Bond that it would be tough for me to just point out one thing I liked Most, but if I had to narrow it down…

I’d say it’s his charismatic character. Sure his formulas, frameworks and tactics are of high quality but what does that matter if you can’t hear from a leader?

As a charismatic character and leader, he’s always reaching out to you whether it’s via email or his support groups, and almost virtually puts his hands around your shoulders and lets you know “YOU got this”.

I’ve yet to run into other traders who walk with you and crawl with you until you get the hang of market trading.

Final Verdict: Is Jason Bond A Scam?

Absolutely not! Jason is a very respected trader for his unique trades in the market place, and he shows he’s not afraid to take risks and go away from what other traders are doing.

He’s the ONE you want to follow and model because he’ll help you find your “niche” and spot in the market trading marketplace no one else will be able to compete with you.

All the way from Jason Bond Picks To Weekly Windfalls and Monday Movers, Jason has established and PROVEN programs tested by many of his students to surely help you become profitable in finding momentum stocks.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason Bond Picks, click here BUT if you'd like to see my #1 recommendation for getting fresh stock ideas sent into your inbox from the best of the best, please click the button below to get started.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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