April 12

by Michael Granados

Do you want a chance to transform your life financially with good health at the same time and be able to have extraordinary products and an unmatched opportunity for creating a lifelong successful business...from the comfort of your own home?

Welcome to a Juuva Review you’re going to witness firsthand unlike you’ve ever or will ever have the chance to see again, but first...

I remember it like it was yesterday...I had landed on the Juuva home page, my eyes light up like Inspector Gadgets did when he was looking through his scope…

Not a second later and I’m at the bottom of the page and I see the words “Juuva - The Most Trusted Name In Network Marketing”.

Get out here, really, as I thought. Of course, this is another thing companies say like they are “The Best”, it’s all marketing gains, but it wasn’t until I looked deeper inside that I find what others fail to see!

So I “Michael Granados” made it my mission to show you the deep dark truths about Juuva, their products/services, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can FINALLY stop worrying about getting paid what you’re worth, so you can get your time back, and be able to live life on your own terms(without a boss!)

By the way, Juuva Is NOT A scam. Alright, let’s move forward shall we?

What Is Juuva?

what is juuva

Simply put, Juuva is a synergistic blend of extraordinarily beneficial products in the health and wellness space and an unmatched opportunity for creating a lifelong successful business in the network marketing/MLM industry.

Supposedly, Juuva was built from the ground up to do things the right way - with integrity, passion, and a distributor-focused mindset. Listen…

If you’re not familiar with Network Marketing/MLM(or if this isn’t your first rodeo), what happens is you join a business opportunity where you’re tied to the companies products and structure where you promote their products/services as well as the Business opportunity to earn, anything wrong with that?

Not really, but the majority of people who succeed in ANY network marketing opportunity is scarce, like less than 1%. Success is relative to each person but if we were talking about earning potential, fewer people reach these goals because it’s ALL bout recruiting and duplicating your system where you have to rely on bringing people under your team…

And those people you bring in, you have to train them to do the same and recruit people under them, and this is ultimately how you get paid. Sounds okay, but I’d rather not be tied down to promoting just the company's products, pay a fee upfront to do so(usually in a membership), and be tied to others helping you make commissions…

So If you’re like me and want to get a clear advantage in a better business model and stay in the Health And Wellness space, check out my #1 Recommended business model and platform that change your financial life for good here…

Going Inside Juuva

Let’s take it back to the home page:

juuva home page

You’ll get a video pitching you this Fancy dream you can live by taking the step to become a distributor/business owner with the Juuva opportunity. As well scroll down aways you’ll see this…

juuva difference

  • A Culture of transformation
  • Your chance to catch lightning in a bottle
  • Proven Training System

I’ll get into the business specifics in a moment, but just underneath this is the Core Values…

Core Values

juuva core values

  • Distributors and customers first
  • Highest Levels of Customer service
  • Generous Income
  • Fairness
  • No Buying Of Distributors
  • Honor Obligations
  • World Class Products
  • Loyalty
  • Community of Mutual Respect
  • Enthusiasm, No Hype
  • Helping Others
  • Distributor Training System
  • Transform Lives
  • Top Tier Leads
  • Inclusivity

Juuva Business Opportunity Benefits

Juuva has listed a few things that make them different from other Health and Wellness network marketing companies or any other for that matter, and they are:

  • Distributors Are Top Priority
  • We Pay More
  • Be An Owner
  • Value Focused
juuva distributor

  • Successful Management
juuva management

The two co-founders Grant and Frankie will show you the strategic direction for the company and will do whatever it takes to provide the finest network marketing opportunity.

Is Juuva A Pyramid Scheme?

There’s this whole “Juuva Pyramid Scheme” dilemma going around and I want to address this by saying No, Juuva is not a Pyramid Scheme, how?

Technically speaking, a pyramid scheme is where there is no product to sell but Juuva has products.

Unmatched Compensation

Juuva has this unique prosperity plan that rewards its distributors with four simple and focused bonuses...Each is Unlimited in its Reward Potential. Juuva uses both Binary and Unilelvel compensation plans

juuva compensation

  • Retail Profits. This is a sale of a Juuva product to a customer
  • Fast Start Bonus. You’ll start your business fast with a bonus each time you personally enroll a new distributor. 
  • Binary Options. This is paid on a product's sales volume generated by your entire organization.
  • Leadership Bonus. Paid on levels or Generations, based on the Multi-leg Bonus earnings of specific Distributors.

Also, Juuva’s Leadership Matching Bonus pays you up to 9 Generations of Leaders with compression. 

Lifestyle And Events

juuva lifestyle

Each year Juuva takes their Top Earner Qualifiers to a five-star, all-exclusive, luxurious resort with breathtaking beaches exciting snorkeling and majestic views. Water sports and Unlimited food and drink are included…

So if you qualify for Diamond or above, you’ll also be invited to Diamond Days, which adds two additional days to your Vacation Club experience for ultimate fun and relaxation. 


Juuva hosts an annual convention, and you’ll have a chance to learn from the industry’s best, get the scoop on exciting Juuva Announcements, and mingle with some of the top earners in the company.


At the regional events, you can go and meet some of the top business leaders of Juuva and the owners to learn about the great products and great business opportunities.

Juuva Products

juuva products

Juuva has many innovative products in different categories and these categories are:

  • Mfinity Muscadine
  • Extreme Nutrition
  • Healthy H2O
  • Intracellular Immunity
  • Lose Weight And Feel Great
  • Pain-Free and Peace Of Mind
  • Quick Acting, Long-Lasting Energy
  • Targeted Anti-Aging Skincare

I want to show you a few of the Mfinity Muscadine Premier products Juuva is known for and they are:

Mfinity Oil:

mfinity oil juuva

Mfinity Boost

mfinity boost

Mfinity MGE Extract

mfinity mge extract

Juuva Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying:

juuva reviews
juuva reviewed

Here are some review according to BBB.org:

juuva testimonial
juuva bbb

Juuva Success Stories

juuva success story
juuva success stories

How Much Does Juuva Cost?

The thing about buying Juuva products is you have to be referred by a current distributor who introduced you to Juuva but the cost to join in total is $49. Thereafter you will be encouraged to take higher packages like the basic at $179 with 140 PV.

But if we were talking about the products themselves, we’re talking from like $10 up to $900+ if you’re going for the packages.

Who Is Juuva For?

Juuva is created for people who want a blend of synergistic health products and believe in the power of the Muscadine benefits as well the Business opportunity.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who are looking for greater health benefits who want natural treatments as well would like to refer people to the business with the network marketing/MLM business side of things
  • Intermediates and experts who are health enthusiasts and enjoy selling the Muscadine products while recruiting people into the business at the same time with the business opportunity.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who want to earn more without wasting their time
  • People who want to promote ANY health product
  • People who want real training

Pros And Cons


  • Great products with very innovative natural health practice that will help heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which means you'll feel cleaner and safer.
  • Very moral and trustworthy so you don't have to feel worried you will be scammed or let down with the quality of products
  • Business opportunity in the MLM/Network Marketing space so you can share your favorite Juuva products with others and increase your communication and leadership skills
  • Many ways to earn as a business owner so you can have more goals to shoot for.


  • You have to be referred by a current distributor to purchase the products
  • You will likely fall into the 99% of ALL people who fail in Network Marketing because it is actually more difficult to earn than you think.
  • Stuck promoting only the companies products/services and not having control over what YOU want to promote.
  • Training material can be better like showing you how to market more effectively digital this day and age.


There are definitely BETTER Alternatives to Juuva and especially in a better business model which I'll be revealing to you but if you want to know about my #1 recommended network marketing opportunity, here it is:

HB Naturals is a health and wellness CBD company where it’s been growing fast! But Aside from Network Marketing which I DON’T RECOMMENDED sticking with long-term because it’s so much harder to earn and find full enjoyment in(at least in my opinion), then I recommend going into Affiliate Marketing.

With Affiliate Marketing you will be able to sell ANY Health product you want without having to pay money upfront to join a company or be bounded by just recruiting people to earn a substantial amount of money, and here’s what’s better…

You don’t have to own any inventory, fulfill on customer support or be a “techy” person. Here are my recommendations:

I placed Healthy Affiliate as my favorite because I created this Training Platform where you will learn how to build a highly profitable health business in affiliate marketing…

The focus is Health Affiliate Marketing which I am very familiar with since I own a health and wellness business in the affiliate marketing space, I’ve worked with clients in this space and so much more.

What I Liked Most About Juuva

Hmm, I would say they have a very attractive top-earner plan where you get to go to these vacation spots so you can enjoy more time to spend for yourself and or with your family and get a reward for doing well.

So these types of prizes are cool. And some of the products are worth it especially in the packages you can get them in.

What I Liked Least

The cost to join attachment. I really don’t like having to pay to join an opportunity, I learned that from experience, and there’s nothing wrong with it but If I know this will be a tough road for me and I’m no 100% committed from the start, I wouldn’t join it.

Plus the fact that you can only buy products when you’re a part of the program and only referred by another current distributor. This just gets people to pay upfront for the program and leads people into a place they might not want to go in.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

Above all, Juuva is a Network Marketing/MLM company where you would focus most of your efforts on purchasing products in order to sell them and having to spend A LOT of your time and energy on Recruiting people to duplicate your system…

And if you’re not training the people below you and making sure they do the same you’re doing, you’re in for a long road ahead of pain and frustration. I’m not saying the products are worthless, there is good here and you may be someone who is passionate about the Muscadine product but if you want a business opportunity on top of that…

It’s best to focus your efforts where you’re not just limited to one company, one set of a commission payment plan, and being able to build your own brand. And if you’re interested in seeing my #1 Recommendation for build a highly profitable health business with my #1 recommended business model, then click the button below…


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Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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