November 18

by Michael Granados

Would you like to have industry experts launch an automated 6-figure business for you for just $69/month Without having to build a website buy inventory, or find customers? 

How about seeing a handful of success stories from individuals that took action after visiting ONE simple page?

Welcome into this Lav Label Reviews where I “Michael Granados” a Full-Time internet marketer with the right expertise will pull back the curtains and show you what this “Unreal” home automated business opportunity is all about, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so you can finally earn the income you truly desire, you can build a long-term profitable business and finally be able to leave your boss!

But before we get started I do want to be honest and transparent with you...There is NO such thing as pressing a button to make you Millions or just doing 1 hour of work (to begin with) and you’ll be sitting at a beach while you sip margaritas and having the cash roll in. Now that I have the level of your expectations…

Let’s get into this lav label review! 

What Is Lav?

Lav started back in 2016 selling apparel for men and women and then transformed into selling jewelry and luxury and Lav is giving you the opportunity to earn commissions through online retail sales, but how? Basically, you’ll be offering people the Lav products like apparel and jewelry. 

It’s VERY confusing to know what this system is about as there is not much deep information as to what it really is, all you hear is how it’s this “secret and powerful system that comes with a money-back guarantee."

They say you don’t have to be an influencer or focus on paid advertising and how LAV is offering you a golden opportunity to tap in so you can start receiving 4-5 figure monthly checks from online retail.

Here’s a video on that:

Going Inside Lav 

Here’s what comes inside Lav:

  • LAV Welcome Box. This will contain step-by-step instructions on the next steps to take to start your new business in 24 hours. 
  • Your first month of LAV membership is included. Your LAV membership includes automatic tracking and payout, discount pricing on all LAV Label merchandise, Unlimited E-course Trainings, Unlimited phone and chat support, ($69/month afterward).
  • Get Sales Right Away. Pamela earned $680 in 2 hours and you can do the same too. Edward earned $17,000 in 12 days and you can do too!

How Do You Make Money With LAV?

When you take their $69/month membership, you’ll get done-for-you products with LAV, a done-for-you website and all you have to do is share the products with people without having to run ads, create your own website(s) and do it all on your own.

Also, if you don’t have money to advertise, LAV will loan you $200 for your first advertising campaign. LAV guarantees that after month 3, if you haven’t earned more than you invested you will get a refund. OK but..

How does it exactly work?!

You’re reselling the course itself! That means you’re advertising the $69/month membership to people who are or “were” just like you - which I think is absurd and not a proper way consciously and subconsciously to create a business, why?

I’ve been in this “Affiliate Marketing” space for a while and one thing you see a lot of is people joining a course and then just reselling it to the same people, and then when they join, they do the same to someone else…

And while that may get you to earn, there’s A LOT of dissatisfaction that comes with that. You wouldn’t feel right reselling a course you just joined, would you?

Even if I had been in it sometimes, just selling the course isn’t right. However, the thing is, people will join and then be able to purchase LAV physical products which in that case I can understand a bit more and is helpful.

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How To Make Money

  1. After you join as a LAV partner, you’re given a Unique ID number (an affiliate link)
  2. You will earn $20 every month from everyone paying $69/month
  3. You will keep getting people under you like a network marketing company but it’s not an MLM which is what they keep saying (not so true)
  4. You make $10 every month from every partner on your second level members team
  5. You also earn 70% of profits from retail sales.

Is Lav A Pyramid Scheme?

No. By definition a Pyramid Scheme is where there are no products involved, rather it’s just focused on the sole purpose of recruiting people and earning from them. There are products with Lav.

Lav Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying:

How Much Does Lav Cost?

You will pay $69/month to get started and going. There are no hidden fees or anything like that. 

Who’s Lav For?

Lav is created for Network Marketing/MLM enthusiasts and beginners to experts who want to have an additional source of income and create the business you want to have online. Here’s more:

  • You want to offer membership and suite of products from apparel to jewelry and luxury products
  • You don’t have a business and or you’ve experimented and failed and are tired of your 9-5 job and would like to have a done-for-you automated system
  • You want to make an extra $5k-$30k per month
  • You want to expand and create another passive income stream
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Veterans
  • And Much More

Who’s It Not For?

  • Non-network marketing/MLM people
  • You don’t want to focus on selling these types of product categories
  • You don’t want to resell a membership as well as the products
  • You don’t want to depend on your team making you money
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People

Pros And Cons


  • Shop designed model where people can buy apparel, jewelry and different luxury items and also be able to earn by inviting people to join in on the membership
  • Beginner friendly so you can take off without a hassle and be able to run your business through the peaks and valleys.
  • Multiple ways of earning


  • Multi-level type of marketing (even when they say it's not) that is focused on growing a team
  • You have to focus on "high volume" instead of high ticket one item sales for higher commissions


There are definitely more and far better alternatives in my opinion, especially where you can earn High Ticket Commissions off just selling a few products, so here are my favorites:

I really like Legendary Marketer because they give you REAL applicable skills in marketing and sales you can take and use ANYWHERE…

It’s not just “done-for-you”, it’s got all the training you need to ensure long-lasting success while earning High Paying Commissions, how?

Most programs focus on paying you just small low ticket/recurring commissions or like Lav, have many different structures but can fall apart fast if you’re not keeping up with them all…

With Legendary Marketer you can focus on “selling” informational and digital products with higher profit margins, so for ex:

You sell a $2,000 Item, you can get like $1,000 more or less. How does that sound? If you’d like to learn more about Legendary Marketer, click the following button to learn more:

Now, if you wanted a more automated “done-for-you” type of system similar to LAV but is not heavily focused on “recruiting” for you to earn, and you’d like to promote products in the health niche, personal development niche, and or make money online…

And have all the scripts, emails, landing pages (websites), and so much more ready to go that all you have to do is press a few buttons to get traffic, then click the following button to learn more about the 12 Minute Affiliate:

What I Liked Most About Lav?

I’d have to say it’s a smart concept - You join, then refer others to join and hope they buy the products as well recruit other people to do the same and also be able to focus on just finding people who would enjoy having the products without being a business partner.

There are good products with Lav and plenty of people would like to have them for sure, so there’s an advantage there for demand and even supply.

What I Liked Least About Lav?

I don’t like the “volume” game of having to continue to recruit people to help you earn, to sell as many products as you can, and depend on a done-for-you system like this to help you earn, why?

It’s tough to REALLY make significant money with these types of systems even if they tell you or show you how much someone is making, what they fail yo tell you is how much these people are ACTUALLY spending on advertising and if they are not doing it or isn’t working, usually these are paid people they hired to make the testimonial or have some secret involvement and access no one else gets.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Lav? Did you have a least favorite thing about them?

Listen, on a surface level it all looks great - you get to earn in multiple ways, you can get $5k-$30k per month all while having an automated done-for-you system working hard for you, who wouldn’t want that, right?

Truth is, you’ll just end up spending A LOT of money running solo ads that don’t work, other paid advertising methods everyone with Lav is doing that just dries up fast, and you’ll be stuck in the “volume” game where you have to keep meeting the demands of selling more products, bringing more people in, and you just end up turning into a “master recruiter”...

You can put that down on your resume “Master Network Marketing/MLM recruiter”. I’ve been there done that and I don’t miss it let me tell you. So if you’re anything like myself and you’d like to drop a system that will keep you asking yourself “why am I even in this” and would rather adopt one that will help you earn massive high ticket commissions, give you a more long-term business, and get you to your income goals much faster…

Then I highly recommend you check out my #1 recommended program by clicking the button just below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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