February 24

by Michael

Are you sick and tired of your business and soul-sucking Merchant Cash Advances taking over your available cash flow and can’t get relief fast enough to better your business?

What if you were Finally given the peace of mind and confidence to get back control of your life and business with a Proper MCA Debt Relief without ANY New MCA Loans but instead this…

An FDIC Bank term loan, or perhaps a True business line of credit and even more an SBA 7a Loan so you can have stronger cash flow, better repayability, and extended terms which means you get to take time away from your business and enjoy more of what you love to do with who you love to do it with?

Welcome into this MCA Debt Relief Review post where I “Michael” a business debt relief expert, funding expert, and business owner like yourself (with Viral Funding Solutions) will be pulling back the curtains to show you the BEST MCA Debt Relief solution for you and your needs, but before I do, listen to this…

There are many Debt Relief options that can make it hard for you to decide which is best, what’s the right one to start with, and more. Even worse, you have A Lot of these MCA Debt Relief companies trying to shove a product down your throat, you get overpromised and underdelivered, many companies have bad practices, they don’t deliver well, and you find yourself a dark tunnel you can claw your way easily or at all out of.

Luckily for you, that’s all about to change when you find out what the best option is for you in this post. Let’s get started.

What Is MCA Debt Relief?

From the outside in it looks obvious but let’s quickly cover the ABCs and then get into the “Best” options.

An MCA Debt Relief scenario is applied when you as the business owner are struggling with ongoing Merchant Cash Advance debt that has to do with one or more MCAs and as a result you can’t free up cash flow of many types, and you’re seeking immediate needs to lower your interest rate(s) and get longer repayment terms.

Oftentimes, when people hear “MCA Debt Relief” they immediately think about a Refinance of Merchant Cash Advances into a bigger loan into a stronger and more manageable option like a Bank Term Loan or a SBA 7a loan. You might not believe this but many people also think they can refinance with a Larger Merchant Cash Advance to pay off and consolidate the other previous positions. This part is not true…

Unless you had a couple of positions with over 50% of the balance on the last two before it paid off and closer to maturity - But even then, it’s nor recommended to take another Merchant Cash Advance…After all, the point is to get rid of them and not have to use them again, Right?

So you get to:

  • Quickly lower your payments
  • Save and even make more money
  • Get complete control over your business and personal finances and well-being

Why MCA Debt Relief?

It’s pretty clear, but here it is in bullet points:

  • You get to lower your payment threshold so you can manage your payments better
  • Increased repayability or one payment with a lesser amount of total monthly debt service
  • You get to unlock your business free, operational, investment, and financial cash flow so you can buy that inventory you need, get that piece of equipment, materials and supplies, contracts, renovation, and So Much more
  • You get to even take a Salary and not have to worry about your bills continuing to amount
  • You get away from MCA Defauts with past default judgments in place
  • You get rid of Bankruptcy in your future
  • And Much More

Now let’s get into the Best options.

Best MCA Debt Relief Options 

MCA Debt Relief Best Choice

There are many scenarios and “sub-scenarios” of each one of these options and if you don’t choose right, you could be spinning your wheels over and over again, giving people your information you shouldn’t be to and much more, but I have your best interest and we’ll get it right here.

MCA Debt Consolidation

This is the most “commonly known” relief option of the bunch. With an MCA Debt Consolidation, you’ll get a better way to manage your Merchant Cash Advance(s) by “swapping” these with a more affordable loan and getting it refinanced under an FDIC Bank Term Loan or even SBA Loan. 

I’ve often helped people go from an MCA Consolidation loan of a Bank Term Loan then refinancing that loan under an SBA 7a Loan. Once the funds were refinanced under a Bank Term Loan and the purpose of the funds was for Working capital and more, it made the situation more feasible to get an SBA 7a Loan because of the use of funds and the business available cash flow, cash on hand, full liquidity, open collateral (or enough for a blanket lien on assets), and more.

With the consolidation aspect, helps you lower your interest rates and get longer-term repayments so you can save more, have more growth and expansion to offset the cost of expenses, and more.

Would you qualify though? That’s the question…

It’s Not always a “Yes” right away and here’s why…You may have too much MCA debt (like over 2-3) with a lot of total monthly debt service that’s knocking down your existing cash flow and you’ve overexceeded your limitations.

The Bank Term loan Lender or SBA 7a Lender will look to take off as much debt but if your Debt Service Coverage Ratio - Both Personally and in Business (Globally) doesn’t align with like a 1.15 DSCR if not 1.25x+ or more, and your profitability is not strong enough, along with other compensating factors like negative days, non sufficent funds, credit factors, and more…

You will Highly likely get declined…In fact, you will be declined. I’ve seen the scenario so many times where people won’t qualify for another loan just yet, so instead we end up focusing on other more “severe” options.

MCA Reverse Debt Consolidation (Least Recommended)

I wanted to get the MCA Reverse Debt Consolidation so we can move on to the Absolute Best and one most people start with (stay tuned for that)...

With this option, you are practically getting a New MCA to help you lower your other MCA(s), and at the end of the Maturity of your other MCAs, you will be left with this New MCA payment that can be large and hard to manage.

Other times it’s manageable, but in many cases, you end up with an even higher payment than you were when you started managing your advance(s). So for this reason and many others, I Do Not recommend it.

A lot of people who qualify though do because they haven’t exceeded their monthly expenses ratio and can take on more debt, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should…As you’ve seen with MCAs.

I wouldn’t put a number on how much debt makes sense to use this option, but I’d recommend just having one position with less than $50k, otherwise, you end up getting your total debt doubled by 25%+-75%+ and now you have more debt to handle. The next option is great and better for MCA debt of $30,000+, let’s check it out.

MCA Debt Restructuring Or Settlement

BY FAR, this is the BEST and most recommended solution when you can’t consolidate your MCA debt into a new loan, and even if you could, consolidation into a new loan doesn’t always result in more funding.

When you restructure your debt, you are getting a specialty law firm with an attorney-led debt restructuring and settlement team to negotiate with your creditors and debitors and fight on your behalf to get your current MCA Payment(s) lowered or settled through a settlement.

On Average, you can expect to see 50%-75% of your payments drop. They are used for:

  • Extending and bettering your repayment period
  • You get to reduce/have a reduction of your balance
  • You may have your interest rate reduced
  • To get changed what is considered a past-due status to a current one by combining your balance(s)
  • And More

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This is NOT a New Loan, it starts to then get you ready and in position if you ever needed a better loan like an FDIC Bank and SBA 7a, etc. You have to start here in most cases to then get you ready which I help a lot of people get ready for and then get other loan options.

This is also NOT where you will be told to go into a default and open up a new business bank account with a new bank, you want to avoid that. It causes bigger issues. There are companies out there doing bad practices, so be careful. Again, with me, you are in the BEST of hands.

If you’d like to see my Full Video Presentation and the best place to get started with MCA Debt Restructuring (as well as get my FREE Google Document to go over more with you), please click the button below

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about today's post about Merchant Cash Advance Debt Relief? Did you have a least favorite part?

With so many options, but even more, the people and companies out there overpromising and greatly underdelivering, bait and switching you, bad practices, and bad teams, you can easily make the mistake of choosing the wrong one to go with.

Fortunately for you, you came to the Right post today to learn about the different MCA relief options, and what you saw is that not each is created equally and you have to begin somewhere…

If it’s not a traditional consolidation and refinancing under a New and better loan with like an FDIC Bank, SBA 7a, etc., due to current and new cash flow difficulties as well as projections along with more, you’ll want to start off with an MCA Debt Restructure to open up your cash flow first.

With the MCA Debt Restrcuutre, you can lower your payments threshold and having a more manageable payment while investing the money you will have to current and new opportunities instead of scaling back or scaling back too much.

When you work with the Best team of experts to get your MCA debt under control, and you get the "A" team that has decades of experience not only getting the best results for people but has the right simple and easy process, you will win even more.

If you’re ready to get started with the Leading MCA restructuring service and get overall MCA Debt Relief from the best, please click the button below to see my free presentation and form you can fill out, and pick up a free Google doc along the way…


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

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