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by Michael

Are you literally drowning in MCA Debt and need superior and fast MCA Debt Relief without sacrificing your business and having to close it down?

How about seeing your MCA Payments drop on average 50%-75% right away with a Tailor-made customizable plan for you so you can free up and have more cash flow to use as you best see fit…With a 90% approval rate?

Welcome to this MCA Debt Restructuring post, my name is “Michael Granados” and I am a Business Funding Expert and MCA Debt Relief Expert who has helped many people understand their MCA debt and figured out what debt relief route is the best one to take, in fact, I have my main funding website at “Viral Funding Solutions” (viralfundingsolutions.com) you can check out at any time (ths site you’re on right now is the one I blog one).

What you’re about to see in this post others will not outright share with you from the beginning, it will shift your beliefs and give you that “AHA, Finally I know what it takes to qualify!” So why don’t we get right into it and show you the way to merchant cash advance debt relief?

What Is MCA Debt Restructuring?

MCA Debt Restructuring is where your MCA debt is renegotiated for better terms so your debt can be more manageable, and it can involve negotiating a lower overall debt amount and paying less than what you originally owe to your MCA lender(s) and creditors. This could involve the settlement or restructuring of your MCA Debt. You will be given a Legal term, a law firm that specializes in handling these cases with an attorney-led debt restructuring team that will fight on your behalf to help you with your debt.

What MCA Debt Restructuring is NOT is being given a new loan. Too many times, business owners will come to me asking for a “new” loan to pay off their current provider(s) so they can have just one longer-term repayment loan (I’ll get into later on how you could potentially get a new loan that’s not an MCA)...

But the reality is, MCA Debt restructures do not come with rates since they are not a loan but a restructure to lower your debt payment(s) and or settle and make your life with payments a lot more manageable. If you were given a new loan, that would be “reverse debt consolidations”, BUT these are NOT RECOMMENDED, why?

These “reverse debt consolidations” give you a bigger MCA-like loan to pay off your other position(s) and then at the end, you’re still usually left with a bigger advance/loan that now you need to pay off in a short time…This could cause extreme financial burden and pain at that point, especially with an already unstable cash flow and revenue business (season changes, complications, etc.).

So before I explain “what it takes to get a NEW loan that’s NOT an MCA but rather like a bank term loan/line of credit/SBA loan, here’s why an MCA Debt Restructure is the key to unlocking your cash flow and then getting a new loan (if you wish, and you can’t quality for a new loan just yet)...

Why MCA Debt Restructuring?

Very simply put:

  • If you’re struggling to manage and better your cash flow because of your current MCA and MCA-like debt as well as other business debt…
  • if you’ve taken plenty of advances just to pay off other advances…
  • if you are falling behind on payments and or are ready to default…
  • If you’re considering a bankruptcy whether it’s sooner or in the upcoming months/year(s) due to you financially struggling…
  • If you have personal bills mounting because you can’t take a salary…

Then MCA Debt Restructuring is the absolute right fit. Here’s more:

  • There’s No collateral involved, and no minimum fico because there is no new loan. Restructuring for better terms and more affordable payments.
  • You can improve your cash flow immediately
  • There are no upfront out-of-pocket fees (and IF anyone tries to do this to you, it is illegal - be careful of other companies who do charge, you should NOT be paying for this)
  • You can’t just keep getting your MCA payment(s) lowered JUST because the funder wants to keep you on and keeps feeding you more debt you DO NOT need!
  • You can restructure to then get ready for a better loan like a bank term loan/line of credit, SBA Loan

Getting A NEW Loan Instead Of A Restructure?

I get this SO many times from business owners, they will ask me if they can get a new loan and a Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Loan to pay off their personal guaranteed MCA(s) and just have one manageable payment for business and personal debt, and here’s my response…

To get a new loan that’s NOT an MCA loan, you must have proper cash flow already, or in other words if you don’t have a debt service coverage ratio of 1.15 to service your current debt obligations and the new loan if you don’t have like 680+ FICO on ALL 3 consumer credit bureaus (FICO 2 - sometimes like a 620 may work with other compensation factors like low to non Non-sufficient funds, negative days, better cash-flow and revenue stability, profitability, etc.)...

And if you have multiple business partners who don’t meet the criteria or one vs the other(s), it won’t work. There are other parts of the criteria to look at but without 2+ years, without $250+ in annual gross revenue, and other parts of the equation too, it will make it hard to qualify. So instead, let’s focus on a debt restructure…Unless you want to stay on the hamster wheel of getting another MCA?

SBA loans are no different, the better the cash flow, profitability, credit, and collateral, the better. They will even heavily look at your business credit, if that’s not in place right now, forget about it (I can help you get there in time though).

Mistakes To Avoid When Debt Restructuring...

First of all, where are you looking? By Far (and I mean BY FAR - Miles upon Miles here), people make the mistake of choosing the WRONG debt restructuring team…Not everyone is created equally!

I won’t be the one to ever “name drop” but there are companies out there that could be charging you up front and out-of-pocket fees to restructure which you shouldn’t be, others will call people that are on the “do not call” list which is illegal to do, and their standard methods of operations are not right or they just don’t have a strong process to take care of you and your business.

Other places may want you to completely do business seller financing renegotiation or a controlled selling of the assets of a business, and these are not always the best to then start your business all over again with a new startup.

You have to find the RIGHT team instead who will:

  • Put your over-profits first…
  • You will get a FREE Consultation to evaluate your situation, this way you’ll be known as well as your business so a custom solution can be made that’s tailored to you and your needs…
  • Does NOT believe in a “one strategy fits all” solution, rather know that each situation is unique and different and you can get a team who communicates very well what payment levels are affordable for YOU…
  • Can restructure your debt with precision and can expect to drop between 50%-75% of your payments immediately…
  • Give you the BEST of the BEST legal team to fight off your creditor(s) and do things by the books - no shortcuts. They will completely make sure that all the agreements and the settlements are Legally binding and enforceable so you can have a piece of mind and more comfort which means you’ll find yourself more relaxed throughout your day-to-day…
  • Not only creates a tailor-made plan to you and your needs but to help closely monitor your progress and provides you with regular updates on your debt status. The team will also work with you to provide you with potential issues that may come up and address the proper steps to handle them.
  • After you exit the program, you will have the help from the team to help ensure you smoothly transition, so you will have all the tools, resources, and everything you would want to aid you in the next part of your journey which means your business would be there for the longer-term

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Best MCA Debt Restructuring Place To Start

If you’d like a team that’s restructured/settled MILLIONS in MCA debt and you finally want the proper progress to take back control of your business, and you’d also want the following step-by-step process (then this is the way to go):

  • STEP 1: Consult
  • STEP 2: Strategize
  • STEP 3: Negotiate
  • STEP 4: Implement
  • STEP 5: Monitor
  • STEP 6: Exit

…Then this is where you need to get started:

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about this MCA Debt Restructuring post? Did you come to realize that to EVER get any new loans that are NOT MCAs, you have to begin with a debt restructure first?

With so many options to choose from, it can feel scary and daunting to make the right decision, but after what you saw here today, I believe you know the right thing to do…

If you keep spiraling down the path your own with MCA after MCA is taken out, your cash flow will just get worse day by day, week-by-week, month-by-month, you’ll find yourself in bankruptcy and or default (if you haven’t already), this will lead you to start all over again with a new business and even worse…

You’ll be sitting around waiting around for the next spurt of motivation to get you off your butt and into action mode - and by that point, you’re binging your favorite Netflix series and producing the wrong habits and routines. Instead, that can all be avoided by debt restructuring and getting you back on track…

The priority is you over profits and to give a greater piece of mind so you can spend more time outside of your business and doing the things you love with your loved ones, to spend more time on vacation, and not have to keep stressing about your business and life…

And if you’re ready to get started with an MCA Debt restructure, I’m inviting you to a free presentation video below and place to get started.


Hi my name is Michael Granados, and I am an online home business owner with years of experience learning and moderating the online world. I’ve managed to build my online credentials, and I would like nothing more than to help others achieve the same desires.

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