January 26

by Michael Granados

What Is The Money Is In The List AND How can you make MILLIONS applying this principle?

The Money Is In The List is an old saying in internet marketing and traditional brick and Mozart offline business referring to a database of emails you collect from your prospects and customers so you can then communicate with them directly via email and promote to them your products/services and make money.

Have you heard of building an email list? The core priority in Internet Marketing is to collect your audiences contact information like name and email and the bigger the better because your odds of earning more money in your business increase 10X, here’s what I mean…

For every person on your email list, you should be averaging $1 per person, so if you had 10 people on your email list, how much money will that be?

$10, you’re right. Now try 1,000 people, that’s $1,000! Yep, it may sound unreal if this is your first time around the block but no worries, you’ll become fluent at this in no time if you keep listening in.

Look, I know this sounds “magical” to people who have a HUGE email list but can you as a beginner get the job done too?

Of course, and I’m about to show you how!

How To Build Your Email List From Scratch(And Make $1,000’s!)

When I first got started online I was like every other person in the newbie circle of Affiliate Marketers - I’d partner up with a business, they’d give me a unique link where If I shared it with others and people clicked on it, they’d go over to the business and buy, like an "Amazon" for example.

This is known as affiliate marketing - Promoting other people’s products and services without having to own your own product/service, fulfill on inventory, do customer support, or be this “techy” internet person, right.

So with the unique link I was given by Amazon Associates, I’d hop onto a social media platform like Instagram at the time and started sharing it with everyone “Hey, here’s my product, it’s really cool, you need to have it”...

And BAM! I didn’t get any results, no one was buying, and even when they did it was every once in a while, so I wondered what was up?

confused monkey

I was like a confused monkey(if that's even a thing)

I realized I was “link barfing” all over the internet and doing it all wrong, so I had to start from scratch and do my research on Google again “How to sell products online”...

And I came across a post speaking about Building an email list, being confused, I started reading it and I’m hit by a ton of bricks...AHA!

I have to collect Email Addresses! My mistake was not building a:

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust…

With people. You see, people want to trust you, they want a relationship with you before they buy, in other words, they want to know you’re legitimate and an actual expert in your field…

And it takes the average person about 7 times to see the same offer before they buy so with that in mind how was I ever going to sell a product/service just direct linking to a sales page?

NEVER. So I went into planning mode and devised a way to collect email addresses on my website, I put up a form and began driving traffic(people) to it inside of a blog post…

And before you know it, I had people left and right singing up like they were getting lotto tickets(no kidding). A small simple tweak as a beginner made all the difference and now I’ve built to over 1,000’s people on my email list.

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Does Email Size Matter?

Yes and no, it’s a two-way street, and the best way to measure it is by responsiveness, what do I mean?

You want people who will:

  • Open your emails
  • Click a link
  • Respond
  • Interact with you
  • And more!
email open

You could have an email list the size of Godzilla(Like 10,000) but have nobody engaging, opening emails, interacting, and most importantly buying from YOU, right?

I’d rather have an email list of 300 people who are responsive and will eventually buy from me than 10,000 inactive people who don’t care about what I have to offer and only want free, free, free.

3 Ways To Personalize Your Emails

Most people fail to actively broadcast and reach out to their email subscribers and when they do they spew “Offer syndrome” which is basically just wanting someone to buy, how’s this a problem?

You have to understand the psychology of someone who’s subscribed to your email list and how they got there in the first place…

Did they enter their email for a free guide? If so, you have to warm them up to your offer by getting personal first with emails like:

  • #1 Stories
  • #2 Content
  • #3 Offers

Mixing in stories with content will help your future customers get to know you better and if you do it right, positions your audience as the hero and someone they can relate to which is you. 

The content is all about adding value and this is where you can mix in things like:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Lives
  • More Freebies
  • And so on

The point is you’re letting your audience know you care about them and that gets all the help they need for free.

The offer then is where you promote your product/services.

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Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What was your “AHA” moment today?

Remember, when people say the money is in the list it simply means you’re collecting future customers into your email autoresponder so that you can build know like and trust factor with them and skyrocket your relationship so that you can then present to them your offers and make money.

Now you might be saying to yourself “Michael, it’s easy for you to say”, but I was just like you and we all have to start somewhere, right?

So I’m going to make it easier on you so you can get your first 100 subscribers, then your next 1,000 subscribers, and so on and I want to invite you into my FREE Email Marketing Hacks Accelerator course where I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step how to turn your email marketing on Fire…

This way you’ll always put a smile on your subscriber's faces and without a shadow of a doubt get them to raise their hand and say “Here[Insert your name] Take my money!”

Click below to get FREE access now…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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