January 26

by Michael Granados

Want to generate $10,000+ Affiliate Commissions Over and Over Again by following what’s shown in this Copy David Reviews?

David Dekel strikes again with a NEW System taking the internet by storm like a cat video getting a Million views in less than a second…

And if you’ve followed David around for a while you’d know the Outrageous Income claims and done-for-you systems he creates...

But does This One live to the hype of helping you make commissions on demand like his predecessors? I know what you’re thinking so I’ll answer your question of “Is Copy David A Scam?”

Not 100% BUT(big Butt here) you’re sitting in a ring of fire inching your way closer to the flames and getting closer to defeat, feeling frustrated and wanting to quit so I “Michael Granados” will pull back the curtains and reveal to you the hidden secrets you’re not getting anywhere(The gurus don’t want you to know about), the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more you need to know so by the time you end you’ll say to yourself this…

I now know how to have more freedom, be able to get my time back, and live life on my own terms(without a boss!)

By the way, I wrote a review of David where I went VERY deep on him and his systems and came to a mind-numbing conclusion that he’s not what you think he is.

Alright, let’s get started.

Copy David Overview

Product Name: Copy David

Founder: David Dekel

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Price: $39

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business.

copy david reviews

Summary: Copy David is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system that'll supposedly help you earn over $10,000 in a single commission with high ticket affiliate marketing webinars. This is another one of David Dekel's systems where he tries to make it look all flashy and easy for you by just pressing a few buttons to get traffic(people) to your offer and buy from you.

Sad truth is these types of systems get oversaturated and don't work as well and the only ones who truly benefit are those with an authority and an audience which makes it easier for them to sell it to their following(and that might be you). Even worse, you won't learning the SKILLS to do affiliate marketing on your own, you'll always be depending on systems like this that dry out...

And that's what happened with David's Profit Passports program. Good news is I have a better recommended program and mentor to learn from and you can find out by clicking right below.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: NO

What Is Copy David?

what is copy david

Copy David Is at first a video series of 3 videos revealing day by day How to make Over $10,000 in A Single Commission with Affiliate Marketing and by the end of the video series you’ll be introduced to COPY the same exact system David uses to generate $10,000+ in commissions.

Or according to my email I got, Copy David is a high ticket funnel that generated David’s friend $110,000 in just 8 days during the testing phase.

Going Inside Copy David

Copy David is a system that does 4 things:

  1. Send Traffic to the system
  2. Your prospect watches the 3 videos.
  3. Your prospect then schedules a call with a coach who closes all of your High ticket sales for you
  4. You sit back and get 10k sales and up
copy david system

Here’s the home page you’ll land on from that email above:

copy david home page

The Headline is very catchy, right? This is David’s punchline and “selling” point on just about every system he has where he ads some outrageously nice number of commissions you can make that gets you to think….

I NEED this!

i need this

Did you feel that way at all reading the headline?

So there’s David at his office with his orange glasses like always and a button up shirt with no undershirt welcoming you and using fancy “copywriting language” to trap you…

And like 100% of the newbies fall for this ALL THE TIME! Good thing is you won’t have to if you’re one of them.

After you watch the video, you’ll be asked to enter your email so you can watch the video on the next page which is a step-by-step video series showing you what to expect and how to get started, this is VERY similar to his Funnel X projects…

Where he releases videos every step of the way feeding you a small bit of the cracker before you get it whole.

I’m going to enter my email to show you, and it requires a Gmail ONLY account.

STEP 2: Watch Your FREE Video Series

copy david free video series

On this page, you’ll see a Free video series on “How To Make Over $10,000 In A Single Commission With Affiliate Marketing, starting with video 1 and then the rest will be unlocked day after day

You’ll see how David made $10k in 3 months with 8 sales and if you scroll down there will be your video:

copy david video 1

Under the video will be the “testimonials and reviews”

copy david comments

Video 2:

Copy david video 2

Video 3: 

copy david video 3

The last video will be about copying the exact system David used to generate $10,000+ Commissions which is OPM Wealth.

Right when I heard OPM Wealth I thought "Heck, NO!", Why? This is another system that can get you high ticket commissions but it attracts the wrong crowd...

You'll end up recruiting people in just like yourself to make those commissions and then hoping the person you recruited upgrades into higher packages(which they really won't need) so you can make the commissions...

Then that person will turn around and do the same thing. These are borderline Pyramid schemes, but since there's a product involved, it's not. This is just a dark pool of Affiliate Marketing I stay away from no matter how attractive the commissions sound because it's a hard pill to swallow how much you'll end up paying and then it'll be hard to recover your costs.

Anyways, some key points in the video David makes to get you emotionally sold are:

  • High ticket is better than recurring
  • Recurring takes longer to build higher commissions
  • Why he prefers High Ticket and why you should be okay with it

Under this video, David will show you the benefits of copying his exact system 

copy david benefits

And under the benefits are his Bonuses:

copy david bonuses
copy david bonus
copy david

Sure, all these bonuses sound and maybe are attractive but DON'T BE FOOLED! I've been doing affiliate and internet marketing for years now and bonuses are something we throw in but even when they are SO good, you have to look at the big picture...

What reputation do you want to build for yourself? Is it one with:

  • Integrity?
  • Trustworthiness?

If it is, then don't join just because of the bonuses. At the bottom there you'll see a timer when this promotion and all the bonuses expire. Now, there will be a button underneath the timer you can press:

get started today

Click there and you'll see this page:

copy david high ticket business in a box

Straight away I see a red Flag, see the headline reading High Ticket "Business In A Box?"

I've been in business in a box top programs like the one with Clickfunnels Affiliate Business Box and these things may work for some time but they dry up, and trust me when I say it's not worth the time to invest in these.

You'll see the other headline telling you this is a Crypto Currency Wealth Building Program with up to $16,500 In A Single Commission...

And how you can get started as low as $0 out of pocket...If Qualified. Once again, under this are the bonuses to remind you on what you're getting and what you could be missing out on(don't feed into it!)

opm wealth bonus

So after you've seen all the bonuses again, you'll come to the bottom of the page showing you how to get started in 2 simple steps:

How To Get Started 

STEP 1: Schedule A Call

copy david get started

You'll be taken to the OPM Wealth sign up page.

STEP 2: Claim your bonuses

copy david claim bonuses

How Much Is Copy David?

You're paying for OPM Wealth here and there are different plans to receive a higher payout and have prices between $2,000-$27,500.

Yeah, that's freaking PRICY, right? For this reason, I don't think you should have to pay that much even pay at all to start to be apart of the program and be able to earn, but that's the way this is set up, and I don't recommend it to beginners and to anyone really.

Who Is Copy David For?

Copy David is made for people who don’t have the time to “learn the skills” and want to start earning faster with a done-for-you system where all you have to do is click a button to get paid traffic to it. Sounds great, but not really - Don’t be fooled.

Here’s more:

  • 9-5 employees who are sick and tired of having to wake up in pain because you have to put on a shirt, the jeans, the shoes and then get in a vehicle(or walk) and go to a job that you don’t want to no longer be at and you just end up doing “busy” work and nothing productive
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve already buy an authority, a brand, and an audience online who can afford to budget aside an extra $1,000 for ads and for those who don’t consciously and subconsciously feel guilt over these types of things.
  • Moms and dads
  • Students
  • Retirees

Who’s It Not For?

  • Smart people who know you need “SKILLS” not a done-for-you push button solution
  • People who don’t have an ad budget
  • People with a health conscious and subconscious
  • People who actually want to build a passion, hobby, or interest in.

Pros And Cons


  • Savvy Copywriting so you can buy into the “money” and testimonials of others which means you’ll also want to jump on board without question and hesitation
  • Structured video series that lead to the system at the end so you can take your time learning about it.
  • A guy in David who’s made Millions with done-for-you systems


  • Done-for-you system where you’re not learning skills, rather you’re just pressing a button to pay for solo ad traffic
  • Programs like this get supersaturated fast by people without a conscious and subconscious(robots)
  • You’ll end up paying $1,000’s before you even make your money back or get into positive.
  • Borderline Pyramid scheme but there’s a product so it might not look like it.


There are definitely Better alternatives and here they are:

My favorite is ENTRE Institute because you get REAL digital education training from a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner showing you how to gain SKILLS in marketing and sales so you can be indestructible and unstoppable at promoting ANY Affiliate offer, plus he teaches the 3 top online business models:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creation

Top 2 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

If you're looking for a better high ticket Affiliate(and ones you can join for FREE) than check out my top 2 high ticket affiliate programs here:

What I Liked Most About Copy David?

Honestly, nothing, but as a marketer, I’ll give him a lot of credit for his “structure” and I mean that he’s strategically positioned this program in a way where you have to wait day by day to unlock a new video before you get the actual system…

And this builds more pressure and anticipation in You so that by the time you get to the last video and unlock the system, you’ll for sure be dedicated to moving forward.

Also, it’s David’s copywriting skills, he truly feeds you the amount of money he’s making and what others are making too so that you can be convinced and sold that if it’s worked for someone else, it can work for you.

What I Liked Least?

EVERYTHING. I mean look, I don’t like a done-for-you marketing system and there’s a difference between a marketing system and a done-for-you system where you have to push a button to drive solo ad traffic…

And that’s the consistent theme with David’s programs...You get it set up “In less than minutes” and then start driving traffic by paying for solo ads. And if you have an audience and authority you may not have to go for solo ad traffic right away BUT too many “gurus” with a lack of a conscious and subconscious will start promoting it to their audience like Crazy, why?

They want the commissions. So I don’t approve of these types of systems because they get oversaturated with junk and the people who create them are likely “gurus” who haven’t built an actual business in another space like health and wellness, outdoors, etc…

They’ve just become affluent at “Marketing” and then jump into the make money online business opportunity space to create systems.

Final Verdict: Is Copy David A REAL Scam?

Not 100% but it is another done-for-you system that will get saturated(fast) and cause A LOT of headaches because you’ll see average everyday beginners losing $1,000’s of dollars because they don’t make what they spent to get running back, and they don’t have the right skills.

You have to be very careful to tread on the water here, Just because you see others “making money” does it mean you will get similar outcomes?

In most programs, you can but the ones David Creates is not for the beginner and even of any other level because all these systems do is promote the tools and the business opportunity, and then once you join you’ll, in turn, promote it to someone else…

And then that person turns around to promote to another person, and the vicious cycle continues. I’m betting you don’t want that, right?

Luckily there’s a solution, one that will finally get you on the right path to making more money than you could have ever imagined, have more time on your hands, and be able to live on YOUR own terms, and if that’s what you want, click the button below right now…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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