December 2

by Michael Granados

Would you like to know how One girl tweaked the perfect webinar script and launched a new 5-minute version that within 6 weeks she had passed $130K in sales and made almost $2 MILLION in her first year?

This 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script Template I’ll be revealing to you has the power to work for ANY business, and how to simply apply your art to the proven framework, but first…

Did you know a webinar Is an Ultimate way to not only sell LOADS of products both digital and physical but in the process, you’ll builder higher authority, greater relationships, and respect within your audience?

Yep, it’s true, and I talked about that more inside the Original Perfect Webinar Script review I made here.

As a heads up, I “Michael Granados” will be showing you what the 5-minute perfect webinar script is, the script structure, who created it, and so much more, but if you’re ready to get the 5-minute webinar script…

You can get it inside of the FREE Expert Secrets book here

Alright, let’s get going.

5 Minute Perfect Webinar Overview

Product Name: Perfect Webinar Script

Founder: Jamie Cross and Jim Edwards

Product Type: Webinar, Video Marketing/affiliate marketing/Work at home opportunity

Price: FREE 

Best for: Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, home-based business owners, off line and online businesses, every day life.

Summary: The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script is the shortened version of the Full Perfect Webinar and the 10 Minute perfect webinar shortcut and you're going to see how you can crank out a webinar for any physical and even digital product under $100 fast and effectively, and combine it in many different medias online.

The Jamie Cross 5 minute webinar will also give you more of your time back so you can use that time and energy for other parts of your business you want to grow.

Rating: 99/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar Script?

The 5-minute perfect webinar script is a shortened version of the original Perfect webinar script that can be used to sell physical as well digital products which work great for ads, landing pages, video sales letter, and more.

To give you some context, Creator Jamie Cross created the 5-Minute Perfect Webinar to sell her lower-priced lotion bars. When she learned about the Perfect Webinar she asked:

  • “How can I make this work for my business?”
  • “How can I make it work for sap?”

She tried to create the original 90-minute webinar selling a $200 package of soaps and lotions, but had not success…

So she decided to take Russell’s Perfect Webinar Framework and modify it to sell $39 products. After months of tweaking, she launched a new five-minute version of the Perfect Webinar and it took off!

Within just six weeks she had passed $130K in sales and made almost $2 MILLION in her first year!

After her success, she wanted to show other eCommerce sellers, as well as anyone who is running any type of ad or who needs a shorter version of the perfect webinar, and modify what they’re selling into a shorter version. And she partners up with Jim Edwards of the Funnel Scripts Software and Copywriting Secrets to create their own 5-Minute Perfect Webinar quickly, and here’s what the script them came up with:

Who Is The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar Script For?

This 5-Minute Perfect Webinar Script was made for people who sell physical(and even digital) products like:

  • Ecommerce Sellers
  • Amazon FBA Sellers
  • Network Marketers
  • Dropshippers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • eBay sellers
  • Digital Agency
  • Course creators
  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Podcasters
  • Advertisers
  • Influencers
  • People with products less than $100
  • And so much more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who want to make full webinars
  • People not looking to sell anything

Pros And Cons:


  • PROVEN 5-Minute webinar framework so you can have ALL the endless sales you want which means you’ll position people to raise their hands telling you to take their money out of their wallet.
  • Positions you as the industry leader in just 5 minutes so you can build greater authority, rapport, a relationship, trust and show people why you’re different and better than everyone else doing the same thing which means you’ll have raving fans following you post-purchase!
  • You can plug it into a Facebook live(or any live), a sales page video, an ad, landing pages and so much more so you can be as versatile and omnipresent as you’d like which means you’ll capture more attention in your marketplace and have people remember you all the time.
  • Sell physical and digital products less than $100 so you don’t just have to rely on a blog, YouTube channel, or a social media post to do the selling(which not always ensures it will work) which means you’ll stand a greater chance at not only making a sell but building a meaningful relationship much faster!


  • There really are none and I’m not trying to be biased. People will say “well you can only use it to sell products less than $100”, while that may be true, the point is to get people into the door and if you have more higher-priced products to show them, then do it later, and with the longer webinar scripts.


Did you know there are at least two more Perfect Webinar Scripts?

Yep, and they depend on the length and cost of your product, here they are:

The perfect webinar script(full) is best used when you’re selling higher cost or “higher-ticket” cost products, and If you’d like to check out the full perfect webinar script too, I made an in-depth review with a Perfect Webinar Script PDF you can pick up here.

The perfect webinar shortcut can work for higher-cost products over $100 and even under, And if you’d like to learn more about the Perfect Webinar Shortcut, Russell reveals how it works inside of his NEW FREE Book Expert Secrets you can check out here.

What I Liked Most About the 5 Minute Perfect Webinar

Hmm, There’s so much I can list but let me share with you the ONE thing…

Makes people take action in just 5 Minutes! I love how easy it is to make a live video or a short video presentation and launch it to your audience and get an Immediate response at the end of people clicking a link to go visit your product and buy!

The online world has become a “funnel” driven one and once you get them inside, you will be able to collect email addresses, convert people into buyers on the spot and do so much more long-term with the same customer like getting repeat sells and recurring commissions.

And if you have a product that’s less than $100 you can trust that the 5-minute webinar framework is proven to work...YOU just have to work it.

What I Liked Least

There’s really not much to put here and I’m not trying to be biased. Many people will think that it’s bad because it just works for products less than $100 and is very short and to the point which might not build enough curiosity and desire but that could be farther from the truth!

Final Thoughts(And Next Steps - Free Download)

What did you like most about the 5-minute perfect webinar script?

When you want to make an impact and leave the right impression about your products/services but get people to take action like today in a short amount of time, the 5-minute perfect webinar is your go-to move, let me remind you why…

There’s so much noise online now, you have to get people’s attention within 3 seconds or less and even more get them to “want” to buy your product, so you have to make sure you stand out from your competition and what traditionally people are doing to market…

And a mini-webinar will place you above everyone else because you’re not only trying to get someone to buy from you, you’re showing them who you are(the authority), why they should trust you, why they should buy from you, your story, and so much more that leads people to buy AND follow you after...As raving fans.

If you’re ready to change the way you sell, go ahead and click below to download your no cost copy of the 5 Minute Perfect Webinar PDF right now.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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