January 30

by Michael Granados

So you decided to become a Medicare agent and wondering Geez…”How To Market Yourself As A Medicare Agent?”

Would you like to know the 10+ TOP ways to overwhelmingly market yourself as a Medicare agent so you can make more money and beat everyone else in the industry?

Listen, Supply is not enough to get people to buy your Medicare plans - you might have the best plan in the world but WITHOUT the Demand(people), you will be switching careers faster than you can say the words No Way!

Luckily for you I “Michael Granados” know what it’s like to work in the health and wellness space online having sold many products/services and I’ll pull back the curtains and reveal to you how to become a top Medicare agent so you can finally reach your financial goals, have more time freedom to do what you want with who you want to, and to live life on your own terms...Without a boss(if you’d like).

Alright, let’s get flowing.

10+ Best Ways To Market Yourself As A Medicare Agent Effectively

number 10

#1 Use Social Media

How many times a day do you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?

Put yourself in your Medicare customers shoes, where do you think they are on social media? If you said Facebook, you’re right!

Facebook is the “Baby Boomers” ideal place to congregate and so many of the older demographics are on this platform talking to their friends and family as well in:

  • Groups
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • And more!

There are LOADS of people who could use the right Medicare coverage plan and the more plans you have like:

  • PPO Plans - More flexible network
  • Special Needs Plans - chronic conditions.
  • Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans - For more healthier individuals who don’t see their doctor as often

If you know what you’re selling and “WHO” most importantly you’re selling it to, you’ll be able to find people on Facebook who need what you have to offer, but how?

5 Steps:

  1. Define your product(s)
  2. Figure out your “niche”
  3. Build Content
  4. Get People
  5. Make Money

Breaking it down, let’s say your Medicare product is the Medicare Medical Savings Account Plans you’re trying to sell, who do you think needs it?

Healthier people, right? So your niche in a broad sense is Medicare but taking it another level down into a “Medicare for healthy baby boomers”, that could be your sub-niche you focus on so you get dialed in on the demand(people) that’s interested in Your particular Medicare savings plan.

So next, you would build out content that is made to attract people to book a call with you and become a lead soon but first, you have to create an awareness…

And You can do this by:

  • Joining A Facebook Group.
  • Posting on your newsfeed
  • Running An Ad Campaign

For Facebook Groups:

Let’s say you’re looking for healthier baby boomers, ask yourself what Facebook groups are they in? You could type in something like healthy lifestyle or healthy savings and you’ll find a whole list of them:


Next, join the group and comment on people’s posts who have problems and you could help them out. The point isn’t to sell to them there, it’s to build some engagement and rapport, and then you could friend request them…

Message them on Messenger and have a chat to see if they’re the right fit and need your Medicare plan. This is very simple, it’s just people who want the “easy” way.

Running An Ad:

Facebook lets your un Facebook Ads to a very specific demographic and psychographics of people thanks to all the Data Mark Zuckerberg has gathered for every one of us…

This makes tools like the Facebook Audience Insights tool very handy and useful. Therefore, you can run a dedicated ad campaign to for example the “Baby boomers in the plan we selected earlier to demonstrate” and reach this audience.

#2 Give Away A FREE Lead Magnet

What’s a Lead Magnet? It’s something free of high value you giveaway to your dream customers in exchange for their email address and contact information, why do this?

People are very protective and they will not just buy from anyone without getting to know, like, and trust you, so to draw that defense you must start at the beginning…

Getting a micro commitment. You do this by giving away:

  • A Free Medicare Compensation Plan
  • A Free Checklist
  • A Free Health Savings Report
  • A Free Guide
  • Etc.

The form of the freebie will vary but the point is to give your audience a freebie they can have a look at so you can then start the process of communicating with them via Email, SMS, etc. People check their email and when they do, you’ll be the one in there building a deeper and more meaningful rapport with them so they feel comfortable enough to buy from you…

And in your setup email automation, you’ll sell to them your services in a structured way. It’s all about the follow-up!

How many times have you heard someone say, “OH, I’ll think about it”, or “I’ll talk it over with my spouse and get back to you”, or “It’s too expensive?”

TOO MUCH, right? Or if you haven’t you're in for a trick, not a treat. Luckily, having the person's email address allows you to communicate with them daily so they can be reminded of who you are and what actions you want them to take.

PLUS, when combining the power of email with posting on Facebook, you’re in Facebook groups and so forth, people will keep getting reminded of you and be like “Hey, that’s Jamie who’s trying to sell me Medicare”.

#3 Leverage Your Existing Clients For Referrals

This is a very common strategy and tactic on the fact that you might already have customers who’d be more than happy to refer you.

A simple but very effective method will generate more buzz around you and with people’s word of mouth in person and even more so in the digital age, you’ll be getting passed around like a hot potato. It’s true…

Just think about all the things on Pinterest, A Facebook Post, A Tweet that you wanted to repost and share, that’s what’s coming your way too!

Take some time to reach out to your past clients and customers and ask for a referral as well if you’d like a testimonial so you can post this on your website(which I’ll be getting into)

#4 Get A Facebook Business Page

I could have combined this under the social media one but I wanted to extract it as separate because a Facebook Business Page is like the #1 thing people check before doing business with you(outside of a website).

So many people want to know your company is credible and even more than you are who you say you are, and a Facebook Business Page will be like a mini Resume and Portfolio you can have on display that says everything about what you do for people.

I like business pages because there’s SO much you can do with them…

  • Create a great cover photo with a call to action button to sign up to your email list(freebie remember?)
  • Book a call
  • Check out your website
  • Chat with you 
  • And so much more!
medicare agent

You can also post relevant content about your Medicare agent business and showcase how you’re helping people get the coverage they need. This will BOOST your credibility and shows people you are an expert at what you do.

Now, a Facebook Business pages reach has gone down A LOT, you can’t just post something and think you’ll get like your whole friends list and everyone else who’s interested in Medicare coverage to see your post…

Facebook has become a pay-to-play platform and they want people to run ads more than anything for more views and engagement. But there’s an upside…

  • You can run ads!

From your Facebook Business page, you can Boost an Ad and get engagement on your posts and create the necessary action to get people to not only notice you but do business with you.

#5 Host A Client Event

Did you know you or someone else can help sponsor or host an event for you? Yep, it’s true.

I know the feeling, it sounds daunting(especially for an introvert like myself) but you can gain a lot of attention by having an event where future customers can gather and learn more Medicare plans and get this…

It doesn’t have to be Medicare related! You can host like a picnic or some type of voluntary work and in that, you can have a stand or reach out to people who you feel would be the best fit for your program…

And you’ll build yourself a presence of mind in the people’s eyes and that’ll be amazing business for you. The goal here is to go for “casual” and then work your way into sharing and discussing your Medicare plans.

#6 Focus On Specialization

Why should people do business with you? What makes you different than everyone else? Why are you unique?

I spoke about this earlier with the tips I shared on how to rock it with social media, but you must Specialize in a specific Medicare plan, why?

This way you TRULY understand the:

  • Problems
  • Pains
  • Values
  • Desires
  • Roadblocks
  • Questions…

That your future customer will have. It’s not enough anymore to target anyone and everybody, if you talk to the masses, sure you’ll get your message across but people want people who can relate with them but also know the situation they are facing.

So like I said earlier, are you targeting:

  • Baby boomers, who are physically in bad shape?
  • Baby boomers who are in great shape and don’t need many doctors visits
  • Baby Boomers, who are over 65 and have a great income?

These are things to think about!

#7 Leverage Reviews

Having reviews will put your customer at ease knowing you know what you’re doing and other people have had great success with you, and it also will wheat out the people who are not the right fit for you. You can list your reviews on:

  • Your Website
  • Yelp
  • Consumer Reports
  • Facebook
  • Sales Pages
  • And more!

People want to know they can trust you first before doing business with you and what better way to ensure that than a great review?

#8 Start A Website/Blog

This one my favorite because you get to show Greater Authority and when people see your website full of reviews, pages filled with information, a contact form, and more, you truly are the expert.

Unlike a Facebook Business page, your website can never be taken down unless you permit it to be. Here’s what I mean…

If you’re relying on your Facebook Business Page, you don’t own Facebook, so at any time, Mark Zuckerberg can snap his “Thanos” fingers and wipe out Facebook completely or someone else will do it for him which means you will no longer have your page but…

With a website, you get to keep it(as long as you don’t get hacked, which there are preventative measures, don’t worry you’ll be safe), AND you get to reap the rewards of being on Google.

Related: Start A Website For FREE

Google is the world’s largest search engine with BILLIONS of people on it searching every day and if someone typed in “Medicare Agent Near Me”, you’ll be the one who appears on the first page in the #1 top spot!

This will ensure you get most of the traffic coming to your site and not your competitors. PLUS, when you combine the power of a blog with it, you’ll be unstoppable, how?

Google loves fresh new content, and if you blog, your post can show up on the first page results, and that’s what I do every day and have my post ranking on page 1.

#9 Video Time

There’s no doubt video is the BIGGEST way people consume their content, just look at YouTube...How much time does the average person spend watching cat videos?

I don’t know either, but my guess is too long. So, people for a fact spend most of their time-consuming video content not only for entertainment but ways to learn and grow…

And with your YouTube video, you can attract people searching for key terms like “Medicare Agent”, “Best Medicare Plans For Woman” and then you can place a link in the description to get people to sign up and talk to you, very cool, right?

OR you have other options like:

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  •  Vimeo
  • And more!

There’s an endless amount of opportunity in the video world, and even mixing it with your website/blog will do you wonders too.

#10 Storytell

Have you ever heard the saying “Facts tell, Stories Sell?”

Truth is, people HATE being sold to “When” you come off “salesy” meaning pushy and you just spew the offer to them without getting to know them. So what does a good story do?

An effective “backstory” frames your customer in the right mindset:

  • They are positioned as the hero
  • You make yourself relatable
  • You understand their pains and problems

There are many ways to tell a good story, but there is ONLY One that I’ve found works best in a selling situation and I have an 8-step epiphany bridge script framework I’d like to share with you for FREE….

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#11 Marketing Funnels

It’s not about what you market, it’s about “HOW” you market...you can market any other product you’d like but the people who do the best are the ones who know step-by-step “how” and that’s why a marketing funnel is important…

With a marketing funnel you get to understand the elements of:

  • Attracting awareness
  • Consideration
  • Engagements
  • Purchase

Here’s a short video I made:


Good news is I’m offering a FREE Course on getting your first funnel up and running and attracting your new clients and customer you can pick up here:

5 Tips For Selling Medicare Plans

Final Thoughts(And Next Steps)

Which was your favorite way of marketing yourself as a Medicare agent?

You can’t really say 100% without trying, right? You don’t have to do every one of these marketing strategies(especially all at once), but you should pick out the one that fits YOUR needs…

And the one where you will feel happy attracting 1,000’s+ in high-quality Medicare leads and customers no matter what. Most importantly, you have to get a grasp as to “Where” your audience is already congregating and “Where” you can make the BIGGEST impact in the shortest amount of time so you can get the ball rolling…

But again, that depends on if you want leads now or later. If you’re still unsure on how to move forward, feel free to leave me a comment down below with your thoughts, questions, and anything else you might need and I’ll get back to you within the first 24 hours!



Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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