March 5

by Michael Granados

I hovered over to the blue link in my email and clicked where it said to claim my $573 per day and what I stared at looked all too familiar…

Oh boy, not Another one of these ways telling me to make an easy amount of money online per day and the icing on the cake - Private Invite ONLY. Is Mobile Site Sniper A Scam I thought to myself?

So I put my Mr. Gadget hat on, grabbed my tools, and put my years of experience dealing with these types of programs to work and what I discovered in less than a minute was SHOCKING! Look, I’ll cut right to the chase…

Mobile Site Sniper is a 100% Scam. Without even registering(giving away my email so they can spam me some more), this program looked similar to a few others I reviewed called 20 Minute Cash System and 

Good news is I “Michael Granados” will pull back the curtains and show you the absurd parts inside this program no one else is sharing with you, and finally show you a better way to make money online without falling for scams and useless opportunities. Sound good?

Alright, let’s get started with this mobile site sniper review!

Mobile Site Sniper Overview

Product Name: Mobile Site Sniper

Founder: Joel Rubin

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own Affiliate Marketing business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income business.

Is Mobile Site Sniper A Scam

Summary: Mobile Site Sniper is a "done-for-you" affiliate marketing system where you send mobile users to a page, they click a few buttons and you make spit cash out....Yeah right!

Supposedly all you need to do is get into the members area, click a few buttons and watch yourself make money in less than 15 minutes per day. This is a load of bull on the fact that you would be recruiting people to join the same system you did...Kind of like some form of network marketing where you're duplicating the system...

But far worse because this is all fluff and theory, filled with upsells that are not good.

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

What Is Mobile Snipe Sniper?

Mobile Site Sniper is a Private Invite Only program created by Joel Rubin mobile site sniper “supposedly” showing you the easiest way to make $573 PER day without having to learn and apply any real Skills and et paid through PayPal every few seconds.

Going Inside Mobile Elite Sniper

On the home page you’ll find this video:

what is mobile site sniper

You’ll get a voice-over from a woman named Laura who’s a retired hairdresser from Lansing, Michigan boasting at the beginning how she didn’t have to learn ANY skills to make money online with this system and if she wanted to buy a pair of brand new shoes, she could have them within a click of a button.

Seconds after, she goes into her account to show you her earnings report:

mobile site sniper earnings

What’s shocking to me is Laura says her account keeps growing without her touching the Mobile Site Sniper system and if she were to touch it, she’d screw things up. It goes above and beyond trying to persuade a beginner that they answer your question if this is “doable” with this:

mobile site sniper click mouse

Yep, so all you need to know is how to click a mouse? For someone who’s never made a dime online, this would be attractive but for someone like myself who’s been doing this for years the RIGHT way, this is an emotional trigger to get you to buy-in.

Do You Have To Sell?

Sure you do, this is a component of making money online, but it depends on “how much” you have to, and you don’t have to be a pro at it but you have to at least learn the basics, and even Mobile Elite Sniper tells you not to worry about selling”

mobile site sniper sales


Emotional trigger #2 happens when you’re shown a vacation spot in Fiji and how you can be on vacation at a spot like this with no worry insight:

mobile site sniper vacations

Or the basketball court:

mobile site sniper basketball

The next bit in the video is when Laura’s brother Robbie appears on screen and a voice-over saying how once she saw how Laura was getting rich, he needed a piece of it and started making $879 per day:

mobile site sniper robbie
mobile site sniper robbie 879

This is another emotional trigger to get you to believe that others are getting success and bring in more social proof.

Even more INSANE is when I came to the part where all you needed to do was create a username and password and in seconds you’d be making money:

mobile site sniper how it works traffic

No way?

keanu funny

Robbie mentions how Joel shows you where to click, click, and click some more and then you start making money...YEAH RIGHT!

mobile site sniper click

So the next step to take is to Enter your name and email here:

mobile site sniper email

Once I entered my information I’m brought to step 2:

mobile site sniper step 2

You’ll watch another video and you’ll notice a timer underneath.

When the clock hits 00:00:00 you’ll be granted Instant “Life-Altering” Access.

In the beginning of this video you hear Joel telling you what you won’t need:

  • Credit
  • A storefront
  • Not even a laptop…

Yeah Seriously right? In fact, he just tells you all you need is your mobile device from 2010 or later.

mobile site sniper mobile phone

Joel tells you how he sends people to his Mobile Site Sniper System with just his phone and sends users to the exact page at Mobile Site Snipers home page and it spits out money.

mobile site sniper money

You’ll get a laugh at this…

mobile site sniper burn

This guy literally just said he burns wads of cash in his fireplace because he can, or is it because he’s not so smart and doesn’t understand the value of a dollar? I think the ladder.

Here’s what unlocks after the video:

mobile site sniper unlock

The mobile sniper system has:

  • Low Cost
  • Easily Start Your Online Business
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Instant Product Access

Mobile Site Sniper Reviews

Please keep in mind these are not so real reviews in the images:

mobile site sniper reviews
mobile site sniper mike testimonial
mobile site sniper mary

How Much Does Mobile Site Sniper Cost?

The original price is $497 but you don’t have to pay that, you’ll pay a one-time payment of $47 which is a $450 discounted price. PLUS…

If you try to exit the page you’ll get an exit pop up telling you how you can get another $10 off:

mobile site sniper discount

Who’s Mobile Site Sniper For?

NO ONE. But let’s just hypothetically speak here and entertain the fact of “who” it could be for. This system is targeted at beginners who have no experience online and are suckers for not knowing any better and want to take a system that “does all the work for you” to the point where you just click a few buttons.

Here’s more:

  • Intermediates who’ve tried other ways to make money but haven’t worked, and want the “easier” route
  • People working their 9-5 job and are sick and tired of it and want a side hustle, part-time income, full-time income
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students

Who’s It Not For?

  • Mobile Site Sniper is not for people who know better
  • People not wanting to get scammed
  • Smart people
  • People who don’t want to waste their money, time, and energy

Pros And Cons


There are no pro's but let me entertain it once again:

  • Clever Copywriting sales message video filled with testimonials, screen shots and easy ways to make money which gets you to take the bite.


  • Fake Testimonials - Joel likely hired people off Fiverr. 
  • Bad system made to only get you to duplicate the process by recruiting more people to earn.
  • Terrible upsells not worth the cost
  • Not trustworthy whatsoever


I’m glad to see you made it this far, let me show you the BEST alternatives to this scammy Mobile Site Sniper system:

My favorite by far is the ENTRE Blueprint because its the Ultimate 6 step course showing you how to build a wildly successful online business - going into a mindset and the 3 top business models online:

What I Liked Most About Mobile Site Sniper

Nothing. But again, If I had to entertain this situation, I’d say Joel is really clever on the fact of how he’s positioned his presentation to suck newbies in…

He uses intelligent copywriting to hit at your deepest emotions with desire, fear and changing your beliefs that this really can happen to you. He brings in income proof, testimonials from other people and ends up buttering you even more with the whole “only push buttons for a few minutes” speech…

Hey, it’s a clever tactic, but I don’t like this, especially when it’s a scammy product.

What I Liked Least

Man, there’s A LOT I can put on this dish but I’d have to say the whole product itself...You end up doing more work than just pressing a few buttons, It’s not as easy as logging into your member's area and seeing money coming in…

You actively have to be put in the work of marketing, recruiting, and more. And even then, the way you get paid is by referring people to the same presentation page you were on before you paid, and then there are upsells after upsells…

All useless. Don’t do it!

Final Verdict: Is Mobile Site Sniper Legit

Heck No! Mobile Site Sniper has to be ion my top 10 worst systems you can make money with online on the fact that it’s a lousy system with all fluff” and “theory” only pumping you up to resell the course and rely on just recruiting people and hoping they purchase the upsells so you get paid.

It closely resembles an MLM/Pyramid Scheme where you are dependent on recruiting or duplicating people into the system so you get paid, is that what will motivate you?

I didn’t think so. So if you’d rather save your time, money, energy, and a lot of time in making mistakes, I recommend you check out my #1 recommended alternative to making a long-lasting income online by clicking the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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