July 3

by Michael Granados

Would you like to partner with a Shark with the ability to make $2,000 PER Deal even if the company get declined for funding?

How about getting done-for-you services where a company closes the leads for you every time?

Welcome to this In-depth Loan Broker Network Review where I “Michael Granados” will be pulling back the curtains to show you the HARD truths and Reality others aren’t telling you and if you can really plug into an “Existing Infrastructure” to generate cash into your bank account, as well the pros and cons, alternative sand so much more to power your new career OR small business if you’re looking at it from that points of view.

But first, is loan broker network legit? Yes it is - there is no loan broker network scam. Now get this - the Lending Industry is BOOMING, don’t just take my word for it, here’s an alarming statistic from small business owners…

“Over 80% of small business owners do not get approved by the Big Banks for a loan while the other 20% do”

What does that tell you? YOU need to be the perfect candidate to get a loan, not to mention the four different options you have on the table:

  1. Go to your savings account
  2. Go to your friends and family
  3. Go to the Big Banks
  4. Look for alternative funding

Number four is usually the route most small businesses will take. So there’s a big list of reasons these business owners get rejected and end up having to close down because of a lack of working capital. But luckily, there is alternative business lending and that’s the part where you come in…

You will be at the forefront of changing small businesses' lives, letting them open up their doors, add more funds into their account to expand, and fulfill on their own customers. So stick with me and find out how you can turn this career into a money-making machine!

Let’s get on with it.

Loan Broker Network Overview

Product Name: Loan Broker Network

Founder: Philip Smith

Product Type: Small Business Loan Service Partner Program

Price: $597-$5,000+

Best for: Average every day people, home business enthusiasts, finance enthusiasts entrepreneurs, and many more

loan broker network program

Summary: Loan Broker Network is an alternative small business lending partner program that gives you all the training, resources, and tools to build your very own loan broker business online.

The company does all the heavy lifting for you as in closing deals for you and you can earn up to $2,000 per deal even if your client doesn't get funded. I believe this is a good program but it's also very pricy...

They have a HUGE cost to get started and to add on, there's so much about the whole "Kevin Harington" shark tank entrepreneur driving the recruiting process and I get he's a great entrepreneur but you can get lost in all that "popularity". I do like their step-by-step process don't get me wrong...

And you still have to spend more on the Marketing component, which will drive your costs up really high especially if you're a beginner. Good thing is there's an alternative option you can join for absolutely Free and it's actually my #1 Recommended program because they have one of the hottest lending programs in the industry, you get to make residual income for life, get to make up to $180,000 (INSANE)...

And if you'd like to know which program I'm talking about, click the button just below.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes

P.S. You can click the button above to directly see the best alternative (to get in for free too), but I strongly recommend checking out how you can "CLONE" my business loan broker/agent services business so you can start building your residual stream of income...Click here to see my Cloned funding funnel with the "Viral Funding Funnel"

What Is Loan Broker Network?

Loan Broker Network is a Business Lending company created by Philip Smith that gives You everything you will need to start your Loan Broker Business by tapping into an infrastructure that has funded over $1 BILLION in business loan deals. The company will also do all the heavy lifting for you and CLOSE ALL THE DEALS For You, so you can make massive commissions...

PLUS, you have the ability to make $2,000 PER Deal even if a client gets declined for funding...Yeah, that’s CRAZY, right?

So Who’s the shark you learn from?

Who Is Kevin Harrington?

 Kevin Harrington is one of the original sharks on the TV hit show Shark Tank who’s made over $5 BILLION in sales and you can now partner with him and launch your very own Loan Broker Business.

here's a video of Kevin's loan broker network shark tank inclusion:

Kevin Harrington has been featured on:

kevin harrington loan broker network

The above image is what you'll see on loan broker network.com

Philip Smith Loan Broker Network Review

Whether you've heard about Philip Smith or not I'll tell you he's partnered with Kevin Harington to run Loan Broker Network and Philip mainly specializes in Lead Generation.

He's monetized in many different business by attracting high quality leads, for example as a business loan broker. According to an interview with Philip on rfdtv.com, he's made the INC 5,000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the country in the year 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Philips main site you can find more about him is on philipfsmith.com.

Going Inside 

The Loan Broker Network has two categories you can join:

  • Business Loan Broker
  • Mortgage Loan Broker

Let me show you the Business Loan Broker side first. In this infrastructure I’m talking about, here’s what’s inside:

  • Access to over 35 people in a team that has closed over $1 BILLION in funding
  • Done For You Services so you have the team close the deals for YOU
  • Average Commissions is 10% on each funded deal - $70,000 deals = $7,000 in total commissions you’ll get
  • The Ability to make $2,000 Per deal even if a company gets declined for funding
  • Access to the Facebook support group
  • Lead generation training
  • Ability to buy leads
  • Exclusive online training and the proper guidance to get you started
  • Join the thousands of existing Loan Brokers in the network for unlimited support and assistance
  • Plug into the existing infrastructure
  • Attend a mastermind in person or virtually

Kevin Harrington Mortgage

Similar to the Loan Broker page, you'll see the same presentation with key benefits you're getting but it just has a slight "mortgage" touch to it:

kevin harrington mortgage

Again, you can partner with Kevin Harrington to launch your mortgage business.

Loan Broker Network Reviews

Here's the Loanbrokernetwork.com reviews you're looking for and the kevin harrington loan broker network reviews:

Loan Broker Network Philip Smith Reviews

Pretty interesting Philip Smith loan broker reviews right? There are many of these case study type of videos and less on these "trustpilot" or "facebook reviews", but nonetheless, these are helpful philip f smith reviews.

Loan Broker Network bbb

While I couldn't find the bbb for loan broker network, there is one on Philip F. Smith with a BBB raing and accrediaton of C+ and you can learn more about that and the complaints here

Loan Broker Network Complaints

Again, while it was hard to find specific complaints because there's not an individual review page for it, I did find this under the BBB for Philip:

loan broker network complaints

How about loan broker network trustpilot reviews? There is no profile on Truspilot at least from what I was able to find.

How Much Does Loan Broker Network Cost?

The initial cost is set at $597 and then theirs a bump up a fast track around $3,000-$5,000. On the positive end you for that amount is you get the expertise, templates, scripts, higher commission pay out than other programs, and so forth.

Who Is Loan Broker Network For?

This program is designed for people who want to jump passed all the hurdles of starting an alternative loan broker business from scratch and would like to learn from a Shark in Kevin Harrington and get the expertise needed to make your stay worth your time.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who want to start their own loan brokerage business and have the best possible head start with a company and infrastructure that’s generated over $1 BILLION in loan deals.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve tried to start their loan brokerage business but haven’t had success or would like to create a new income stream
  • Financial industry enthusiasts
  • Passive income seekers
  • Moms and dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And many more

Who’s It Not For?

  • People who don’t want to network/build relationships
  • Lazy people
  • Tire kickers
  • You don’t want to spend money upfront

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Pros And Cons


  • 1BILLION+ Funded so you can rest assured you're getting a proven system that works for many people which means you'll get to replicate success other people are achieving.
  • PROVEN infrastructure with a team that can close deals for you so you don't have to worry about "selling" people which means you can spend more time finding new quality leads.
  • Average commission is 10% on each funded deal so you can keep getting paid well for your time which means you'll make higher profits in less time.
  • $2,000 per deal even when a company gets declined for funding so you can have more chances and ways of making money which means you'll always find ways to make money!
  • Lead generation training so you can have the best ways to get quality leads which means you won't have to figure it out all on your own.
  • Get to learn from a Shark in Kevin Harrington so you can see what TOP earners are doing.


  • Cost to join is somewhat high, and then the fast track costs which are very helpful are up in the thousands.


There are definitely other alternatives and in the case that you wanted to start for free and fund clients up to $2,000,000 and get a nice commission check like I’m doing right now, then I highly encourage you to check out:

The first alternative is my personal favorite Loan Brokerage training not because you get to join for Free and there are no fees but because there’s A LOT of training, resources, a community, and many ways for you to fund clients whether that’s business capital, payment processing, and so much more.

PLUS, they’ve created the very first $25k funding program where you get clients who don’t meet the high $100,000+ in loans, and they just have to meet the minimum requirements which makes it so attractive to people.

There are others out there like:

Although there are these alternatives, The first option in the alternative towards the very top (Not Ion, but before that one) would be a great place to begin your journey, stay there, and if you feel like bumping up into other courses, then you can spend the higher costs.

What I Liked Most About Loan Broker Network

There’s a lot that I liked but If I had to choose just ONE thing...I’d say the expertise from a Shark. It’s attractive to have made over $1 Billion in loan deals and when I hear that it tells and shows me something is working very well…

And it gives me the confidence to pursue it with my guard down and be able to replicate the same success. Also I want to throw in the fact that you can make $2,000 per deal even if a company gets declined for funding...That’s unheard of.

What I Liked Least

Let’s see here, I don’t like the high upfront cost even though $500 isn’t like the biggest amount, it’s the fast track costs and more to spend $1,000’s+ for where you get like the “accelerated” help. 

Final Thoughts

What did you find most fascinating about the Loan Broker Network? Was There something you didn't like most?

Starting your very own Loan Broker Business right now is HOT, literally on Fire and that’s not only in part to due with the outstanding financial rewards you can make but because it’s like the “underground” financial position where you get the chance to work from home, be your own boss, have a company close deals for you…

And you get to decide when YOU want to work. To add on, you get a proven infrastructure to plug into with the Loan Broker Network for faster results with a shark and a team of people who know what they’re doing so If you feel like this is the opportunity for you, click here BUT if you’d rather get started for complete Free without any barriers…

And you also want to get compensated for people you recruit and earn in MANY more ways, then check out my #1 recommended Loan Broker opportunity below.

BONUS: Want to "CLONE" My business loan broker/agent business and make it your own? Also be able to offer other business and consumer services? Click here to see how to clone my funding business

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