June 11

by Michael Granados

Are you looking for same-day funding and competitive advance rates without hidden fees and having to worry about your credit profile? 

Welcome into this RTS Financial Reviews where I “Michael Granados” a small business owner and long-time expert business loan broker (with Viral Funding Solutions) who’s helped a lot of truckers get funding, will be pulling back the curtains to show you the UNREAL Truths, pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can finally get your truck loads taken care of without having to wait months upon months to get paid but first…

Is RTS Financial Legit? Absolutely! However, the greater question you have to ask yourself is this…Are they the best solution for YOU and YOUR needs now and in the future? That’s what we’ll find out, starting in 3, 2, 1, GO.

What Is RTS Financial?

what is rts financial

RTS Financial is a very well-known working capital solution offering its service to many businesses across different industries, primarily trucking and oilfield services. You will get services such as same-day funding through trucking factoring, the fuel card program, software, and even more factoring services. For over 25 years, RTS Financial has focused on helping trucking companies get paid faster, lower your fuel costs, and run your business more efficiently.

If you didn’t know what factoring is, it’s when a factoring company purchases your open invoices. You usually will receive a payment for those invoices within 24 hours. The factoring company then proceeds to collect payments on those invoices for your customers. You’ll often hear factoring as being referred to as “accounts receivables”.

Why You Should Use Invoice Factoring (INCREDIBLE Reason)

The main reason you and many trucking companies (as well as other businesses) should utilize invoice factoring is to get paid on your invoices quickly, rather than waiting for 30, 60, or sometimes 90 days it often takes a customer to pay you. PLUS on top of that, this is possibly the greatest reason why…

To not have you suffering in cash-flow gaps thus leading to cash-flow deficiencies and revenue slumps from month to month which from a brokers perspective (like myself), an underwriter and a lender, it can hurt your chances of getting other forms of financing that are based on cash-flow more than collateral. 

So with factoring, you get increased cash flow you need to pay your employee along with:

  • Handle customer orders and
  • Take on more business (growth and expansion)

Why RTS Financial?

Aside from the fact that they have over 25 years of niche experience with trucking companies and the go-to company, they offer this almost “all-in-one” solution where you get:

  • Easy to use solution for factoring…
  • Fuel Discounts…
  • Trucking Software…
  • And More!

Having all this together will save you time and especially the energy of having to have all these different software and programs in all different places and spending more time trying to keep track of everything. Instead, you can get the best of everything all in one place!

I’ll show you more of all this now.

Going Inside RTS Financial

Starting with the Trucking Services, here’s what they offer:

  • Trucking Factoring
  • Fuel Card Program
  • Bundled Services
  • Mexican Trucking Factoring

For Trucking Factoring:

Did you know you can get same-day funding and the most competitive advance rates out on the market as well as out of EVERY funding product?

Here are some of the benefits why RTS is good for you:

  • Same-Day Funding
    • The RTS representatives will work hard to make sure you get paid within 24 hours
  • Competitive Advance Rates
    • You can get more out of your money with industry-leading rates and scalable funding options
  • No Hidden Fees
    • This includes no ACH fees and no invoice uploading fees
  • Fuel Card Program
    • You can get substantial savings at over 2,000 locations nationwide and credit lines up to $2,500 per truck, per week.
  • Unpaid Invoices Online
    • You get an easy-to-use mobile and web app that lets you upload invoices and manage your account online.
  • Discounts for U.S. Veterans
    • RTS proudly supports its service members. All new RTS factoring customers who served in the U.S. military are eligible for additional savings.

Bundle Your Fuel With Factoring Like This…

So you have RTS who is partnered with Pilot Company and they offer you a new fuel and factoring bundle where you can now combine:

  • Fuel
  • Funding
  • And essential services at competitive rates…

To help streamline your business. And here’s more you’re getting out of it:

  • Same-day funding with no hidden fees
  • Free credit checks on over 85,000 brokers and shippers
  • Loyalty rewards program and perks
  • Get access to competitive pricing and fuel savings of more than 750 fueling locations across the Pilot Flying J Travel Center network and the One9 Fuel Network.

RTS Pro Factoring (Web-Based Platform)

You will also be getting the RTS Pro web-based platform that allows you to manage your factoring account from anywhere at any time. Here’s more:

  • Easy Invoice Uploading
  • Bundle option for submitting your multiple invoices
  • You get online access to manage your account from anywhere at any time you want 
  • You get an enhanced camera feature for high-quality image scanning and editing capabilities
  • Upgraded reporting features which include access to history, payments, purchases, aging, and invoice search

Nominal or Normal rates for factoring tend to be at a prime rate which today is 4% plus an addition 2%+ and that can depend on the fee and usually, most carriers have a 3%-5% interest, and that’s how the company is able to make money.

For Fuel Card Program:

  • You can save 25 cents per Gallon
    • You can save an average of 25 cents per gallon at over 2,000 fuel stations
  • $2,500 line of credit
    • You can get as much as $2,500 per truck, per week
  • More than 2,000 Fuel Stations
    • You can find discounts at thousands of fuel stations, including Pilot Flying J, Sapp Bros., Casey’s and more
  • RTS Pro Mobile App
    • You can use the mobile app to find the lowest fuel prices along your route
  • Pilot Flying J Discounts
    • You can get point-of-sale fuel discounts at more than 750 Pilot Flying J locations nationwide 
  • No Annual Fees
    • There is no contract and you are not charged yearly card fees

RTS Fleet One

Here is some information about the RTS Fleet One fuel card. RTS Fleet One fuel cards are the best option in the transportation industry as they help save money with our competitive fuel discounts and a weekly fuel credit line. Here is why you should get RTS Fleet One:

  • An average of $0.30-$0.60 cents off the cash price per diesel gallon at over 2,200 fuel stations nationwide:
    • Pilot Flying J: Minimum 12 cents off at over 750 locations

                                - Customers will be eligible for higher discounts/points based on region, buying habits and competition

  • RTS Plus networkAverage $0.30-$0.60 cents at over 1,200 locations

Just How Much Can You Save?

With an average discount of 25 cents per gallon, you can save $375 per month on 1,500 gallons of fuel purchased. That’s over $4,500 in your pocket per year just for using our card. 

  • Credit lines of up to $3,800 per truck per week 
  • Exclusive discounts on preventative maintenance and tires
  • Free credit checks on over 70,000 brokers and shippers
  • Free access to our private load board for exclusive freight
  • PlusChecks you can cash at locations throughout our network
  • Cash advances, fuel-related purchases, and miscellaneous in-store purchases are available
  • Access to our exclusive mobile app where you can upload invoices and manage your account from anywhere, at any time


  • $75 one-time set up fee
  • $6 monthly card fee
  • $.50 cent in network transaction fee

Carriers typically spend around $10-$15 in fees a month but end up saving $300-$500 a month for each truck.

Titan Fuel Card

The Rts Titan Fuel Card gives you access to premier fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J & One9 stations with no annual, setup, monthly, or transaction fees & no credit check!  The card also includes benefits like online account management, transaction reporting, security monitoring and flexible billing. 

Enjoy these GREAT perks with the RTS Titan program:

  • Premier fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J and One9 locations; Mr. Fuel, EZTrip, Pride, & More
    • Discounts are off the cash price for all diesel fuel purchases
  • No Credit Check
  • No annual, setup, monthly, or transaction fees
  • Extra 1 point per gallon through myRewards loyalty program at PFJ
  • Extra 2 points per gallon through MyReward loyalty program at One9
    • Points earned are only eligible to redeem at PFJ locations.
  • Rebated discounts on DEF (Minimum requirement must be met)
  • $100 Statement Credit eligible after 6 months
  • Online account management, transaction reporting, and security monitoring

Below is the discount structure for our Titan Tier as well as our Factoring Tiered Shamrock Program.

How It Works (Step-By-Step)

To get started with the factoring services or anything else, you’ll click on the “Contact Us Today” blue button and you’ll get a page that looks like this:

rts financial application

On this page you’ll add what services you are interested in by checking off the box along with:

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Did someone refer you to RTS
  • Click on “Contact Sales”

That’s all it takes to get started. From this point forward you will be contacted by the sales department to go over your needs and figure out what’s best for you and how to give you the best help.

Now lets look at the rts factoring reviews....

RTS Financial Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying about RTS Financial trustpilot:

rts financial reviews
rts financial trustpilot

RTS Financial BBB

According to the Better Business Bureau, RTS Financial has a rating of B, and here are some RTS Financial complaints:

rts financial complaints
rts financial bbb

How Much Does RTS Financial Cost?

In terms of there being an application fee, there isn’t one. There are no hidden fees either, however, the average rate for the industry is 1% to 5% of the total invoice value, which is what you expect to get. Outside of that, the only cost you could endure is your time and energy, here’s what I mean…

You could be wasting your time if you know you’ll get denied and even if you feel like it’s not the right financing solution and service for you.

What I recommend is getting evaluated by the best factoring companies possible by starting here:

Who Is RTS Financial For?

RTS Financial is built for freight truckers and truckers of any magnitude as well as the oilfield industry and multiple others. Here’s more:

  • Trucking business owners who want an easy-to-use solution for factoring, fuel discounts and trucking software all in one place.
  • Business owners who want to grow faster, control your costs and improve your efficiency.
  • You want to get significant savings at more than 2,000 fuel stations and credit lines of up to $2,500 per truck, per week.
  • You’re in the industries of trucking, oilfield services, distribution, textiles, staffing, and manufacturing
  • You prefer to get the lowest rate possible (next to EIDL loans) and want to keep everything low

Who’s It Not For?

  • You don’t fall into any of the industries listed
  • You don’t want to have a hard time getting out of your contract
  • You would rather have an easy time signing up to factor your invoices without having to call a sales representative to get everything
  • You don’t want to factor invoices and want an alternative form of a business loan/advance
  • Tire Kickers

Pros and Cons


  • Fast factoring service gets you funding on open invoices within 24 hours and simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Fuel Card program can help you get substantial savings at over 2,000 locations nationwide and credit lines of up to $2,500 per truck, per week
  • You can upload your invoices online with an easy-to-use mobile and web app that lets you upload your invoices and manage your account online with ease
  • Discounts for U.S. Veterans so you know you and everyone else matters and are in the best of hands
  • Great software so you can have an all-in-one fleet management software to help you be more efficient in all that you do


  • Pricing and rates are not shown across the website
  • You have to apply by phone
  • Customers have struggled getting out of their contracts


There are definitely other alternatives that I would personally recommend taking a look at although RTS is one of the best out there but It’s best to get multiple looks at what’s best from multiple lenders and that’s why I recommend the following company:

National Business Capital works with accounts receivables (factoring invoices), but the treat is that you will get looks from multiple lenders so you get the BEST factoring company to help YOUR specific needs and you’re not just limited to one company with limited benefits. 

PLUS: You can also get looked for other lending services like traditional equipment financing/leasing/leasing to own, term loans. Cash advances, lines of credit and more Up to $5,000,000+!

If you’d like to learn more about National Business Capital, I made a specific review about them here:

Another company I recommend is:

If you're looking for a "lump sum" of capital you can use as you best see fit without giving up invoices and you would like to get up to $25,000 same-day instant approval and even up to $2,000,000, then I recommend going through Bitty Advance.

OH, before I forget, I also made a post about the 10+ Best small business loans for truckers you can check out here.

What I Liked Most About RTS Financial

There are plenty of things I liked about RTS Financial but If I had to pick just ONE thing, here’s what it will be…

You get credit reports. Out of all things I choose the credit reports because you can equip yourself with the right information with the RTS Pro software to find freight brokers with strong credit and payment histories so you don’t have to worry about putting yourself in financial troubles after taking a load from a broker who pays you slow or not at all.

With RTS Pro you will get access to over 85,000 brokers and shippers in their database. So you can use this service to check up on these companies' payment histories, bond information and other important data which arms you with critical information when deciding whether or not to work with a new customer or business partner.

What I Liked Least

As great as everything sounds, there were a few things I personally didn’t like and I’m sure others would agree with and that’s the fact that you don’t see the rates/terms on the site and you can’t start your application online without calling a sales representative.

I get it, but as a client, I would rather have a faster and more streamlined way of getting going instead of having to pick up the phone and go through everything that way because it can cause friction and lose people. 

Also, you have people who struggle to get out of their contracts but that could be a matter of them not understanding where they will be in some time from now, so it’s best to be prepared for any future changes before signing your contract agreement.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about RTS Financial that you picked up today? Did you have a least favorite part?

Of all the trucking factoring companies out there, RTS financial is at the top and for very good reasons you’ve witnessed today like these…

You can get funding on open invoices within 24 hours and simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees whatsoever. On top of that you get the fuel card program, bundled services, Mexican trucking factoring, the software to make you more efficient, and more factoring solutions to help take your business to the next level.

With the state of our economy today, the dollar can only stretch so far, prices are rising every single day and the demand for products/services have shot up the roof and may put a limit on supply, so now’s the time to have more control over what you give up…

And by factoring invoices as opposed to putting up a vehicle or two, real estate property, inventory or any other form of asset-based lending where it can be out of your complete control, Invoice factoring will allow you to keep your control and be more efficient with your finances and bottom line.

And if you feel like you’re ready to get started factoring your invoices you can check out RTS financial here OR you can check out my #1 recommend accounts receivable option below and get access to multiple lenders who will REALLY look over your profile and give you the best chance of teaming up with the best lender to save you time, energy, and even money.

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