March 25

by Michael Granados

Do you need Expert help building Thriving Amazon Business Faster and more effectively?

A better question is this - “Are these Tom Wang Amazon Reviews REAL?

I get it, you want to know if Tom Wang not only has generated MILLIONS of dollars selling physical products on Amazon but if you can do it too…

And I don’t blame you because look, we’re living in super unprecedented times with things like Corona, the economic downturn and then short rises, causing so many people to lose their jobs and or having to be stuck at home but it’s also causing a Skyrocket in people buying online…

Specifically from Amazon and even greater are the number of people starting their online Amazon Business. So here’s what I “Michael Granados” am going to do for you - I’m going to pull back the curtains to show you ALL there is to know about Tom Wang, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more so by the time you leave here today you’ll know one thing…

How to start your own thriving online business without being chained down financially, losing your time, and finally being able to live life on your own terms...Without a boss!

Alright, let’s get moving into this Tom Wang Review.

Who Is Tom Wang?


Tom Wang is an Entrepreneur, mentor, YouTuber and Podcast host and most popularly known for generating over $5 MILLION selling physical products on Amazon and now he provides mentorship to others on how to start and run their own Amazon Business via his YouTube channel, digital programs, as well his monthly private workshops held in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom Wang Quick Backstory…

It all started in 2015, Tom couldn’t even count how many businesses he tried to start growing up…

He literally tried EVERYTHING from selling watches at the local night market to selling hoverboards, but get this…

None of these ventures he tried were ever successful. Tom remembered when Hoverboards were first trending in 2015, on social media and he thought to himself:

“I can buy these from China for $300 each and sell them for $500 each”

Tom Wang // Digital Entrepreneur

Pretty straightforward, right? So he put his last $5000 and bought 15 hoverboards, 10 of them ended up being defective. However, through his hoverboard experience, Tom met a guy who sold products on Amazon…

They both partnered up together and he ended up pushing some units on Amazon. That was the defining moment when he discovered how to sell products on Amazon.

Fast forward to 2017, Tom thought Amazon would be just “another” venture where he will try and fail, but he was still open-minded to give it a shot…

In the beginning, he wouldn’t lie to you about how tough it was. But things made sense to him - Amazon gave you ALL the customers, you just need to find a product and rank it to page 1, but the problem is he didn’t know how to find products or how to rank them.

After 2 failed product attempts, Tom wanted to quit. He said Amazon wasn’t for him but his girlfriend/business partner was the stubborn one and didn’t let him give up and to give it one more shot…

So Tom reached out to a few thought leaders in the area and asked them for help. They were open and willing to give him some tips and tricks that totally changed how he looked at the game.

When 2019 rolled around, Tom had the honor and privilege to stand on stage and share his story with thousands of people in Vancouver…

And through these live events, his hope is to inspire others like you and me to take action so you can too build your thriving Amazon FBA Business.

Going Inside Tom Wang

We’re going to roll this back to Tom’s website and then we’ll move into his Amazon FBA Course(which I’ll have a separate review that goes more in-depth) okay?

Here’s what you’ll find on Tom Wang’s Home page of his site:

tom wang website home page

Before clicking the orange “Learn Amazon From Me” button, let’s see what’s underneath.

who is tom wang

You get a little short bio of who Tom is which I covered earlier, and slightly underneath that is more about Tom talking to you…

tom wang amazon

He wants you to know he gets you, he’s been where you are right now, and knows EXACTLY how you feel...Does he really?

I mean it’s true - You’re feeling like you don’t know where to start, who to turn to, and how to really make REAL money online without feeling like you’re going to get scammed and lost, right?

Over The Past 2 Years…

  • Tom has Broken loose from his cuffs of his comfortable 6-figure paying salary job…
  • He’s coached and mentored close to 1,000 students and guided them along the Amazon FBA journey…
  • Spoken in front of thousands of people and introduced them to the amazing world of selling on Amazon…
  • Built 2 businesses with a combined revenue close to $7 MILLION all before the age of 28…
  • Done most of the above from the comfort of his laptop.

Tom Wang’s YouTube Channel

tom wang youtube channel

You’ll likely see the same image above when you go to Tom’s YouTube channel. At the time that I’m making this review, he has over 22K subscribers and 148 videos.

Tom has a video on his home page of YouTube where he gives you an overview of:

  • Who he is
  • How Much he's made
  • And more

If we go through his YouTube content, you’ll see something that looks like this:

tom wang youtube channel

There are all types of videos like:

  • How to make 8 figures selling physical products On Amazon
  • How To make a passive income of $100,000 per month in Real Estate
  • How to build a customer list using Insert Cards
  • How to crush your 2021 goals
  • How to make $1 Million dollars using Amazon FBA
  • And many more
tom wang youtube

I don’t believe there’s any “fluff” or “theory” based content as all of this is quality that Tom Produces. There’s a massive amount of free value you can get from him on many topics, from his mistakes to his life lessons with running an Amazon FBA business and much more…

This way you can get a deeper sense of things like “if this will work for you”, or how to do it, and so forth.

Tom Wang’s FBA Masterclass

amazon fba course

So Tom has this “Master FBA” Course where he will take you by the hand and show you how to build a legitimate Amazon FBA Business with his help, but it all starts with his masterclass…

Where he will show you the fastest way to an Amazon business in 2021 and beyond...As well as how you can find your first winning product!

You’ll want to watch the video first and then when the time underneath it expires, you’ll be able to move on to the next step.

Tom Wang Podcast

tom wang podcast

Remember how I said Tom is a Podcaster? Well, he has a podcast called “The Tom Wang Show” where he interviews entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their business into millions.

And as shown in the image above, you can listen in on:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes

Some of the interviews include:

  • Thach Nguyen - Real Estate
  • Troy Relemski - Amazon Business
  • Andri Sadlak - Amazon Business
  • And more!
the tom wang show

Tom Wang Resources

tom wang resources

You can access Tom’s resource page where he will reveal to you how to bring your knowledge to the next level with books like:

  • The Four
  • Contagion
  • The Third Door
  • Total Recall
  • Money Master The Game
  • Can’t Hurt Me
  • And many more!
tom wang resource

Tom Wang Reviews(What Other People Are Saying)

tom reviews

Tom Wang Reddit

So on reddit you'll find a few people talking about Tom, BUT they are not true and are coming from "skeptical minded" people who don't want to advance.

tom wang reddit
reddit tom wang

How Much Does Tom Wang Cost?

Tom Wang’s price depends on what level of service you’re asking for, so if you want to consume his podcast and YouTube content, that’s for Free. But if you want access to him personally With his course, then that’s $6,997.

how much is tom wang's class is also based upon your level of time and energy you're willing to put in.

Who’s Tom Wang For?

Tom was is made for people who are comfortable working a 9-5 J-O-B and want more out of their lives and won’t settle for anything but greatness building a thriving Amazon FBA business,

Here’s more:

  • People with the hunger, drive, and ambition to become an Entrepreneur at any cost
  • You realize starting a business is tough and don’t want to go through the obstacles of going at it all alone(again)
  • You want a very versatile Entrepreneur who has a YouTube channel, podcast host, mentor, and speaker to learn from.
  • You want a clearly spoken person who will show you how to go from A-Z in your Amazon FBA business without feeling like you’re going to get stuck and wanting to quit
  • And many more!

Who’s Tom Not For?

  • Time wasters
  • Tire kickers
  • Lazy people
  • No effort seekers
  • Push-button seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur who's made over $5 Million selling physical products on Amazon and has a great track record of helping everyday average people find similar successes.
  • Tom has coached and mentored over 1,000 students and guided them along their Amazon FBA Journey so you can have 100% confidence and certainty this can work for you too and you won't be left dry and high which means you'll always feel great taking action knowing things will work for you.
  • Has built 2 businesses with a combined revenue close to $7 Million all before the age of 28 so you can have a mentor who's not full of "fluff" or "theory" which means you will get the right practices to move your life forward.
  • 28+ Modules and over 360 lessons in his Amazon FBA course so you can get ALL the right knowledge to advance step-by-step which means you'll get an unfair advantage over your competition and be ahead of the game at all times!


  • I wouldn't say there are much cons, except for the fact his course is highly priced. But even then that's not bad.


Other close Amazon FBA alternative mentors I love are:

And then there are my favorite mentors in my #1 recommended business model(Affiliate marketing):

What I Liked Most About Tom Wang

Let’s see, I’d have to say my favorite thing is his charisma. Tom has no ego, no pride that gets in the way of helping others and presenting himself best in front of others. I see how humble he is and how badly he wants to help others get eth same results as he has(or similar too).

The power of being charismatic propels him to greater heights others in the same space can’t.

What I Liked Least

I wouldn’t say there was anything I disliked and I’m not trying to be biased here. Tom really bends backward for people and you can see that with his free super valuable content and paid material too.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

Tom among many things is a very intelligent human being who knows his stuff when it comes to building a winning and long-term thriving Amazon FBA business which means what to you?

You can piggyback off Tom and take the “shortcut” to learn from his mistakes, his successes, and all-around who he is as a human being so you can be happy with your online business. And if that’s something you’re interested in, then you can check out my Full FBA Masterclass review by Tom Wang here OR if you’d rather get on with things and see my #1 recommended mentor for my #1 recommended business model, then click the button below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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