June 3

by Michael Granados

How would you like to COPY the same strategy that got someone over 7,000 Facebook Page followers so you can make endless profits?

With MILLIONS of people surfing through their Facebook account each day, putting your product/service in front of your “Ideal” audience has become SO much easier now than ever, but there’s a catch.

Welcome to this "Breakthrough FPT Review" where I “Michael Granados” will be pulling back the curtains and revealing to you how to literally blow up your Facebook Page so you can attract a crowd of raving fans that’ll give you their FULL undivided attention so you can then convert them to become a lead and or a sale...right then and there!

But it’ll come at a cost IF you try to go at it alone...Over the years Facebook has grown a notorious reputation for changing its algorithms to better suit advertisers and ad spending and the reach of “Free” posting is getting less engagement on each post. This ends up crushing people’s businesses overnight, keeping you frustrated why you can’t get the RIGHT attention, and you end up going for broke!

Fortunately, you have the Breakthrough FPT formula and you’ll see what that is inside this review, so let’s get started!

What Is Breakthrough FPT?

what is breakthrough fpt

Breakthrough FPT short for Breakthrough Facebook Pages Traffic is the complete comprehensive guide on creating and building a following for your Facebook pages in easy step-by-step instructions with multiple example images like memes and more to help you build your Facebook following even if you’re a complete beginner.

The creator of the system is James Sancimino who is a "graduate" of John Thornhill's Ambassador Program who originally started a Facebook page called “We Love Cats Forever” for fun and also because he loves cats. He had no idea at the time that it would become the high traffic, high interaction page that it is now…

Then he learned a few things about the right way to run a Facebook page and it took off!

breakthrough fpt page stats

Let’s go deeper inside.

Going Inside Breakthrough FPT

Here's a demo:

Inside Of Breakthrough Facebook Pages Traffic is this:

  • How to choose the right niche...extremely important (page 9)
  • How to generate buzz about your page (page 17)
  • The type of content you should post that will make your readers react, comment, and share (page 19)
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of posting to your Facebook page (page 21)
  • How to BOOST your Facebook page the right way (page 34)
  • How to boost your posts and reach more of your audience in record time without issues (page 45).

Breakthrough FPT has 6 chapters of Instruction including:

breakthrough fpt chapters

  • Detailed PDF Training
  • Step-By-Step Video Training
  • Checklist To Keep Track

Here are some recent posts from James cats page YOU can apply to your own niche (in any niche):

breakthrough fpt posts
breakthrough posts

Those are some CRAZY Good engagements, right? Let’s break them down:

  • Over 200 or so likes, hearts, laughs, etc.
  • Over 10 Comments that go u to 100’s+
  • 100’s upon 100’s of shares
  • 1,000’s+ people reached
  • 1,000’s+ in engagements

Just imagine launching ONE post meme out to your audience...With every bit of confidence and happiness running inside of you, you’ll be enthusiastic to share a post you know will be a winner…

As you get your first like, then someone comments, and before even 10 minutes go by, you have over 50 post engagements, and that number will only keep increasing second by second! Next thing you know, you have people wanting to know more about YOU…

They are engaged in your content and have given you their undivided attention so they can better their lives through you. You then give them a free lead magnet so they can learn more about you and follow up with your leads AND or send them to a sales page where they can purchase ANY of your products.

Your traffic troubles are out the window, your business is getting a boost of Facebook Free organic traffic and you’ve built this culture and tribe of people who will turn to you for help.

Breakthrough FPT Reviews

Here’s what other people are saying…

breakthrough fpt reviews
breakthrough fpt testimonial
breakthrough fpt reviewed
breakthrough fpt look
break through fpt john thornhill

You even have an Internet Marketing expert in John Thronhill saying great things about Breakthrough FPT.

How Much Does Breakthrough FPT Cost?

You won’t have to pay $100’s or even $1,000’s (which it could easily go for), but JUST $17. Yep, there’s no catch, James just wants you and I to get the best advantage in growing our Facebook page(s) so we can build authority in our business.

I don’t know how long this offer will be available for such a low price or if it will be available to the public in the future so I highly recommend getting in right now.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. There are zero risks to you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

breakthrough fpt refund

Breakthrough FPT Bonuses Included

breakthrough fpt bonus
breakthrough fpt bonus 2
breakthrough fpt bonus 3
breakthrough fpt bonus 4
breakthrough fpt bonuses

PLUS: I'll be throwing in my Own Facebook Secret Hacks Accelerator Course as an additional Bonus (Value $297)

Bonus #6: Facebook Accelerator Course($297 Value). Don’t worry about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook anymore with my video training course which will show you step-by-step how to get maximum exposure to your products/services for the long-term and at all times no matter what.

Total Value:


Who’s Breakthrough FPT For?

Breakthrough FPT is designed for people of ALL Levels who want to increase their authority and attention through Facebook pages so you can get more leads and sales long-term without having to worry about the Facebook algorithm limiting your reach.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who don’t want to struggle getting engagement and views on their Facebook page posts by trying to experiment for years.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve struggled to get views and interaction on their posts and OR want a better alternative to get Facebook posts to skyrocket for them
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Ecommerce
  • Amazon FBA
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Moms and Dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And many more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Lazy people
  • Tire kickers
  • People who don’t want to spend time on Facebook
  • Fast money seekers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN steps to choosing the right niche so you can power your business financially long-term at all times which means you’ll always find ways to make money no matter the season
  • Generate amazing buzz about your Facebook page so you can attract A LOT of traffic (people) to you and your business which means you’ll get an unfair advantage over your competitors
  • Boost your posts and reach more of your audience in record time so you don’t have to worry about any issues which means you’ll start making money faster and more effectively!
  • FREE Traffic from Facebook so you can keep attracting new leads and sales without having to spend on ads which means you’ll keep more money in your pocket to spur back into your business and enjoy a night out for yourself (and others).
  • Produce meme content so you can feel enthusiastic and happy on the inside which means you’ll keep entertaining your audience with delightful content no one else is uniquely doing


  • There really are no cons and I'm not saying this to be biased. I guess if I had to pick just one thing it would be that you can become very reliant on Facebook pages and not focused enough on growing your own platform. You should always have full control of your business by growing an email list, a website, etc. on top of growing your fan page.


There are really NO close alternatives to Breakthrough FPT (honestly), but If I had to list a few other programs/platforms to look at, here they are:

What I Liked Most About Breakthrough FPT

There’s A LOT I liked, but if I had to choose just one thing...I’d say the personality you bring out from yourself with memes, here’s what I mean.

With Breakthrough FPT, you’ll learn a unique way to post to your “Fan Page” with Memes and it’s a really fun experience and eye-opening…

You get to feel excitement, enjoyment, and discovery in a way you can have fun with building your online business. It doesn't always have to be about these “value posts” and getting right to the point about what you’re offering…

You can have some fun first and feel happier doing it.

What I Liked Least?

I really didn’t find anything I disliked and I’m not saying this to be biased but I guess If I had to choose just one thing…

I’d say it can be sometimes more Meme driven. But you do get extra resources and training to learn how to post in many different ways so it levels out.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Breakthrough FPT? Did you have a least favorite part?

Listen, Facebook is not getting any younger...Businesses and newcomers are flocking this social media mega-giant to grow their business and Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) has made it a “pay to play” platform…

One where you have to spend A LOT to get any measurable results. And that can be costly, not to mention it’s driven the amount of organic reach your Facebook posts will get.

Fortunately, the one way to combat that issue is to get behind proper training that’ll help you bring your Facebook page back to life, to get more engagement than you thought was possible and imaginable, and be able to close more leads and sales fast...That’s through the Breakthrough Facebook Pages Traffic Way.

Breakthrough FPT Bonuses ($432 Value, Yours FREE)

Again, here are the $432 Bonuses you'll be getting:

BONUS #1: The Traffic Academy (Value $27)

BONUS #2: Ways To Create Content (Value $27)

BONUS #3: Video Production (Value $27)

BONUS #4: Marketing Mindset (Value $27)

BONUS #5: Crafting Subject Lines (Value $27)

BONUS #6: Facebook Secret Hacks Accelerator Course ($297 Value)

If you'd like to see the full description of these bonuses, click here.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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