December 16

by Michael Granados

david dekel

How Would you like David Dekel to do all the hard work for you and you earn the HUGE commissions?

These David Dekels Reviews you’re about to witness are UNREAL, it’s going to feel as if you’re a part of the jury at a court trial listening to a “Guru” plead his case and I'll answer if he's a scammer…

Is David Dekel A Scammer? Not 100% but he sure counts as one and I know that sounds confusing to you but you'll see his trickery today and know why so listen...

with LOADS of ways to make money online also come the complex systems, the “get rich quick schemes” and OH YEAH, the “Gurus” that make it nearly impossible for you to succeed…

You keep wasting your hard-earned money, your precious time, all to feel frustrated and washed up, but that ends here today...

“Michael Granados” will be uncovering the hard truths no one else wants to share with you, the pros and cons, the alternatives, and so much more you MUST know to finally be able to achieve the freedom you’ve been longing for, to have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, and to live life on your own terms...without a BOSS.

Are you ready?

David Dekel Overview

Person's Name: David Dekel

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer

Best Product Known For: Funnel X ROI and Profit Passports

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own affiliate marketing business, want passive income, want to become a digital nomad

david dekel

Summary: David Dekel is a Digital Entrepreneur in the affiliate marketing space - he's made MILLIONS promoting products he doesn't even own to other people with affiliate marketing, as well owns his own products now where he's helped 1,000's of people make high ticket-commissions and live life on their terms. He's produced programs like Funnel X ROI, and one of his latest Profits Passports which is basically an MLM.

David's program and systems are like an MLM on the fact that they are centered on getting people to sign up to a program and suite of tools to then have you recruit people back into the system to essentially do the same thing. It's almost a pyramid scheme but because there are products, it's not. In all, you're really just selling a system. PLUS, you'll end up like $2,000+ in the hole before you ever make your money back...and making your money back isn't easy. 

Look at what someone else said about the Profit Passports program:

profits program

Rating: 55/100

Recommended: No.

Who Is David Dekel?

david dekel

David Dekel is a Digital Entrepreneur who focuses on the MLM/Affiliate Marketing business model space where he’s made a lot of money promoting other people’s products and services, as well designed products where you can make commissions from too.

People know him as the “I Do The Work, You Make The Commissions” man for his infamous products like Funnel X ROI or Profits Passport which I’ll get into the specifics of that in a bit.

David’s Early Story

David’s journey started in December 2012 when he received his paycheck for that month and it was the exact same amount he made each month even though he put in over 150% of his hours…

And after a year of all this information overload, thousands of dollars invested and barely any results to show for, David finally got his breakthrough in 2014…

By March 2014 David already had his first 5 figure month, and the 3 months it took to produce that seemed like forever…

But it was the best experience he ever had!

That was the beginning of a new era...Not because of the amount of money he made, but because of the way he generated it…

And by that he means it was 100% online income:

  • No clients to meet face to face...
  • No conference calls at the office...
  • No boss breathing down his neck for a report…

It was all 100% online-based…

Up until 2014, he hadn’t taken a vacation for more than 3 days…

After 2014 David took 5 vacations in the span of 10 months...The first one was in Raleigh, North Carolina…

It was the very last Warrior Forum even that was hosted by Brian Mcleod(The Copywriting Guru)...

At the time David was experimenting with some breathing and mindset exercises and had convinced himself that he was going to win the biggest prize they had at that event, which was a brand new Apple iPad…

And long story short, he won the prize.

david dekel prize

It made sense to David that everyone on stage took massive action and simply got the results…

They weren't smarter than David, more talented, or gifted in any way...One thing he saw in common with all of them was they found a way to serve, help, and assist bigger and bigger crowds of people...that was IT.

This was a big turning point for David…

In fact, it was how he EXACTLY took his business to the next level…

As his client base starting growing so did his income and the 2 months after that, he fulfilled a life-long dream…

A visit to the west coast...L.A. and San Diego. Mario Brown was hosting an event all about Facebook ads and David decided he was going to check it out…

The event was cool but the real highlight of that trip was the Convertible Camaro David and his buddy Ray Valentine took from LA to San Diego down to the shoreline…

It was his best experience EVER. Fast forward 3 months later…

And David attended the JVZoo event in Orlando, Florida Where he got to meet a lot of new friends one of those being the creator of Groovefunnels

david groovefunnels

Anyway, David did a lot more traveling.

Now let’s go inside David’s Training

Going Inside David Dekel

On David’s Home page at you’ll see this image:

david dekel home

Here you can take a second to fill out a survey to set you up with the right opportunity…

I won’t go through the whole thing but he’ll have questions for you like:

  • What topic interests you most
  • What have you tried so far to make money online?
  • What do you believe is missing for you to achieve success?
  • Enter your email
david dekel email

Once you’ve submitted your email, you’ll get a message saying that you’ve been added to David’s email list and you’ll get some cool stuff the next time he sends an email broadcast

david dekel email broadcast

Early in 2017, David had the idea to create a funnel that promotes multiple affiliate programs all in the same funnel...and he opened it up to the public rather than just keeping it to himself.

In October 2017 - Funnel X Project was born

Funnel X Project

This original funnel was promoting MCA(Motor Club Of America) and David was able to get over 2,000 sign-ups within just a few months…

And members were seeing success too...That led David to create more funnels like:

  • Funnel X2
  • Funnel X ROI…

Which became a monster!

Funnel X ROI

This is one of David’s staple funnels where you can promote the following affiliate program with one link:

  • Easy1Up: 100% Commissions on digital education products
  • GetResponse: This is an auto-responder, with 33% recurring monthly commissions
  • ROI Panel: 50% Commissions on a click trading system
  • Funnel X Advance: Pay Per Lead Commission
  • Advertising Boost: 40% commissions on vacation bonus giveaways you can provide to your signups
funnel x roi

But this isn’t Funnel X ROI anymore, it’s been redirected to Profits Passports(which I’ll get to soon, trust me).

But first, This whole Funnel X ROI system doesn’t work easily, you’ll likely struggle, struggle, and struggle more because they get saturated!

STOP listening to all the YouTubers and blog posts promoting the Funnel X ROI system or telling you how you can earn $10,000 worth or whatever because it’s not like that…

The reason they have the results is that they got in at its infancy when it was profitable and it’s a sad way to make money because you’re really not promoting a product. It’s like an MLM, where you join, and then have to recruit the same type of people…

And that’s not easy. The YouTubers that make it look easy know in the back of their mind that those who they recruit “may not make it”, so then they will promote to you their ACTUAL program…

They’ve become so diluted into the system of “keep doing what brings them leads”, that they have no other choice but to feed their “lead system” by making these types of videos.

PLUS: I spoke to someone who spent over $2,000 with Easy1Up and they have not been able to make any money themselves!

easy 1 up scam
easy1up money

This person came to me, and I set them on the right path. And if you’d like the same help, feel free to click on the little “bubble” icon at the bottom right of your screen to start a chat with me.

Funnel X Project

This funnel was originally built around 3 programs:

  • MCA
  • Aweber
  • And a pay per lead program

But MCA had changed its compensation plan and was no longer paying 200% commissions and a lot of affiliates stopped promoting it…

Aweber closed David’s account and the pay per lead program he was promoting took forever to approve people…

So what David decided to do was take the site down, and rebuild it with new programs, and the current programs(as of November 2019) are:

  • Hosting
  • GetResponse
  • ROI Panel - Click Tracking
  • Funnel X Advance(Pay Per Lead)
  • Advertising Boost

Looks like this funnel isn’t working:

funnel x project not working

How To Promote These?

David says the absolute best way to promote these funnels is through your email list(if you have one). Why?

Your email list already knows you and if you share this with them chances are you’ll see some results, but if you don’t have an email list, you’ll need to build one…

Fortunately, with these systems, David provides you with Lead capture pages you can use to build your list and as far as traffic goes, there are a lot of options…

Solo Ads are a pretty easy way to start building your email list but don’t discard other options like:

Funnel X2

David states that at the moment Funnel X2 has the National Wealth Center as its main program, but that he’ll most likely be changing that in the future as this funnel needs a “facelift” as well.

Profits Passport

profits passport reviews

Remember that song - Here comes the mom, then comes the baby, then comes the baby in the baby carriage?

This is what Profits Passport is - like the second coming of David Dekel’s latest projects where he has taken the same concepts with Funnel X ROI and a few others and combined them into this program where you can earn commissions from different programs, but don’t be fooled…

I’ll show you what to look out for. Let’s start with the frontend...

The headline speaks:

“Hey YOU don’t have to do any work” with one that reads:

“Who else wants to make up to $2,000 Cash Payments Delivered to your mailbox AND...Up to $16,500 In Extra Commissions On Autopilot?”

“I Do the Work...YOU Make All The Commissions…

Sounds flattering, right? Like you’re getting buttered up at a luxury vacation. Here are the benefits:

  • Complete 100% done for you system
  • Earn MULTIPLE Commission Checks(While David Does All the work for you)
  • HUGE Commissions(unlike other small tiny programs)
  • Easy “fancy” internet marketing, tech skills or previous experience required…

WOW, right? Listen, who doesn’t want a done-for-you system where all you have to do is just sit there and look pretty?

Truth is, these systems RARELY work! Why?

Unless you’re one of the few who got in early or have LOADS of cash to spend upfront(like $2,000+), you WILL NOT get anywhere!

Too many people don’t get it though when I tell them that this is basically set up like an MLM…

  • Be at the top of the pyramid - or else you won't’ earn. The way to get there is to jump on this trend from the beginning.
  • You join the program and recruit the same type of people.
  • While there are products(not making it a pyramid scheme), you are basically promoting NOTHING. You join to promote the system!
  • You’ll spend money on traffic through Solo Ads which are a waste.
  • You don’t learn ANY skills
  • You’re relying on a system - what if it goes away? Bye Bye.

Anyways, let’s move forward…

At the bottom you’ll see a place to put your email in:

email enter

Once you enter and submit your email, we’ll go to STEP 2…

STEP 2: Watch the webinar 

profit passport webinar 1

Here you’ll be presented with a webinar where David will walk you through how to receive up to $2,000 Cash Payments sent to your mailbox PLUS...Up to $16,500 In Additional Passive Commissions On Complete Autopilot.

Listen, I’ve been doing online marketing for years and I know great copywriting when I see it, and this is one of those...and this will appeal to a beginner's eyes like the sun shining bright on a 100-degree day...making them want to thirst first water.

You have to be very careful because this gets MANY people. So, underneath the webinar video you’ll see this:

profit passport webinar create account

If you’re an existing member you can log in but if you’re new then you can create a new member account:

I created another new account just to show you.

STEP 3: Get Your Links To Promote

You’ll get a similar screen to step 2 but now underneath you’ll see all your links:

profit passport income streams 1

These will be your income streams and I’ll go through that now:

Income Stream #1 Up To $2,000 Cash Payments

  • 100% Commissions Up $2,000 Cash Delivered To Your Door
  • Built-In Pass-up Sales Included

Click on the “white” Sign Up/Create an Account button and you’ll get the following page:

easy 1 up sign up page

Once again, David pops up with a video telling you to sign up for the RUTHLESS and Discepting Easy1Up systems where if you remember - A LOT OF PEOPLE LOSE MONEY!

Again, it’s a horrible amount of products bundle in one yet so many people join it because the people promoting it are TERRIBLE.

Anyways, you’ll be asked to create an account(don’t please, save your time).

Once your account is created, you’ll be able to enter your easy1up “affiliate ID” into the profit passport box here shown in the image above.

Income Stream #2: Make Money Even From People Who Don’t Buy…

profit passport income stream 2

  • Make Money even from the leads who don’t buy anything…
  • $1 for every qualified lead you generate…
  • Upgrade Commissions up to $998.50…

Again, you’ll be asked to create an account but this time with the Funnel X Advance funnel:

funnel x advance sign up

Once you get your “affiliate ID”, you’ll enter that into the box again(refer to the image under Income stream #2).

Income Stream #3: Uncover The Most Profitable Traffic Sources

profit passport income stream 3

  • Up To $748.50 Per Commission!
  • Uncovers The Most Profitable Traffic For You
  • No Monthly Fee Life Time Deal On A Click Tracker

Click the “white” Sign up/Create an Account button and you’ll get this page:

profit passport income stream 3


Income Stream #$4: Crowd Funding - Get Money For ANY Goal(Forsage X4)

profit passport income stream 4

Income Stream #5: Big Bitcoin Commissions

profit passport income stream 5

Income Stream #6: Email Traffic Commissions

profit passport income stream 6

Income Stream #7: Ringless Voicemail Traffic Solutions

profit passport income stream 7

Pitstop: While there are MANY income streams don’t be fooled! Your brains thinking “WOW, all the multiple income streams to learn from”, but I need your logical side of the brain with me…

This hardly works! Unless you have a huge audience, a big budget, or one of the very few who got in early, this is all a set up for you later to then say “Geez, this didn’t work”, What a waste of my time!”

You don’t want that, right?

Let’s keep moving forward…

Under your income streams will be the way you get “People” or traffic to your offers and that’s with Solo Ads:

profit passport traffic checklist

The traffic Source David Dekel recommends is Udimi


udimi 1

Which works okay, but it’s so crowded now you have to keep testing and I’ve wanted LOADS of money and time trying to figure it all out…

And the point is to draw people to what’s called a Landing Page opt-in page...where you collect the email addresses so you can follow up with people. Kind of like the page where you entered your email address, in the beginning, to get inside here.

Usually, you get what is called “cold leads” who may not know a thing about you or your offers so you have to “warm” them up with your emails but it’s so much harder than you think…

You end up wasting so much time and energy to only flop at it. That’s why I recommend starting off with FREE organic traffic sources especially if you’re a beginner.

Email Ad Copy

profit passport email ad copy

Under the traffic section, you’ll get a set of done-for-you email templates to send to the audience you’ve purchased from your solo ad run.

Your Referrals(Beta)

profit passport referrals check

This is where you can track your stats on who’ve you referred to the program(obviously mine is blank because of a new account)...

Account Settings

profit passport account set

Here you can update your account if need be.

And that’s all!

Let’s revisit the REAL steps people don’t tell you:

  1. STEP 1: Fall into a trapped system
  2. Sign Up For Programs and upgrade to the $2,000+ memberships
  3. Get your links and buy Solo Ad Traffic
  4. Communicate with your email list and show them offers
  5. See what happen
  6. Get frustrated when this S&(^ doesn’t work

What Other People Are Saying….

profit passport review
profit passport reviews

David Dekel YouTube

david dekel youtube channel

In case you were wondering if David had a YouTube channel, he sure does as you can see from the image above. He's always sharing things like:

  • How much he's made in his programs
  • Interviews
  • and a lot more flashy sales

Don't be fooled by this, it's all smoke and mirrors to get you to "Thirst" for more.

How Much Does David Dekel Cost?

That answer depends on what system(s) you’re buying into...Is it for Profit Passports? Then good luck spending $1,000’s of dollars(especially Easy1Up alone you’ll spend $2,000, PLUS the other tools add up to $1,000’s more).

Who Is David Dekel For?

David Dekel and his systems were made for people who don’t have a Clue how “Real” Affiliate Marketing works and people who don’t want to put the time in to learn any skills, as well are consciously okay with just recruiting people into a system and calling that a business.

Here’s more:

  • 9-5 Workers who want to get a “feel” for how affiliate marketing works and want to leverage a done-for-you system.
  • Beginners who fall for the “Easy” don’t do any work type of opportunities
  • No one else really

Who’s He Not For?

  • Smart People who don’t want to waste their time, energy, and money
  • People who WANT to learn actual skills
  • People who don’t want to rely on a system

Pros And Cons


  • Done-for-you system so you don't have to start from scratch which means you'll get to working on your business faster
  • Proven Entrepreneur David Dekel so you can have confidence in the material and system you're getting which means you'll move forward with much to question.
  • Multiple income streams so you can earn more commissions from one person which means you'll reach your income goals sooner.
  • Up to date programs so you can have the latest trainings that work which means you won't fall behind


  • Done-for-you system that's supersaturated with many people not knowing what they're doing or can't earn money with the program which leaves them frustrated looking for other solutions.
  • You're not really promoting a product, you're just promoting business tools to people like yourself - almost borderline MLM.
  • You'll waste Over $3,000+ dollars to only realize you can't make your money back.
  • Reliant on a system where you will NOT learn vital skills in affilliate marketing to actually build a legitimate long-term business
  • Running solo ads which are crap(now a days).


Phew, finally the best part, right? First, I’m going to list the best Mentors and then follow it up with the best programs(most of which are NOT done-for-you, which is best)

For Mentors:

My favorite is David Sharpe, he's owner of the famous Legendary Marketer online education platform... he and Jeff have similar programs and go head to head, but with Legendary Marketer, you get cutting edge strategies and tactics to build a high-ticket affiliate marketing business(like Jeff) but with a unique take in thor 15 day online business builder challenge…

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Legendary Marketer.

Another one of my favorites is Jeff Lerner because he shows you how to NOT only profit with affiliate marketing but in two other business models like Digital Agency and Course Creation, and his courses teach you the ACTUAL skills in:

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email
  • And so much more!

This way you don’t have to rely on dumb done for you system.

Kyle and Carson are my second favorite and this is where I began my journey...Starting a highly profitable blog within the affiliate marketing space. If you’d like to learn how to write content that ranks on the first page of Google and get started for FREE…

Then check out Wealthy Affiliate Here.

For Training:

What I Liked Most About David Dekel

I guess you could say I liked how “intelligent” he is at online marketing, at the end of the day the guy knows what he’s doing and knows how to press your “emotional” buttons to get you to take action.

Aside from his great copywriting skills, he has made money online and I have to give him that, and he’s helped people go from nothing to at least something.

What I Liked Least

His shady looks, his shady systems, and all the people throwing out “good” testimonials trying to pump up the programs more than it actually is…

You have A LOT of these “big YouTubers” giving it more credit then it deserves, why? For a stinking commission!

Don’t become one of those people - like they say, when people zig, you zag.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What was your favorite part about this David Dekel Review? What about the Least?

David has proven that he can not only make money for himself but was generous enough to share it with you and everyone else but at what price?

At the price of losing more of your hard-earned money? At the price of wasting your time only to find out this is a sleazy system that doesn’t actually work for you?

I’ve come across these “gurus” who present themselves as an authority and know that even if their systems fail, their end game is to get more people into their email list so they can promote them something else…

So you’re just another pawn in their chess game. Isn’t it time you had control over your actions? If you’d like to check out a better system and challenge yourself, I recommend you check out my #1 Recommended Program Below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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