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by Michael Granados

Sitting here on my desk chair deep thinking how I’m going to spare you the time and shocking truth on “Is Alex Becker A Scam”, I’m also mind-blow by a thought I know you will be too…

Alex really generated OVER 18 MILLION in sales?

Look, I don’t blame why you’re here today, with literally 100’s of people in the Ecommerce space spilling their guts out sharing with you their latest strategy, and tactics on camera, behind a blog post, podcast, etc…

How in the world can you trust this Alex Becker guy, there must be an alex becker scam, right? Regardless, you want to make more money than you know what to do with I get it, but before you can you must here about Alex Becker because you could be sitting on a gold mine here. And I’ll cut right to the chase…

Alex Becker Is NOT A scam as you'll see in this alex becker review. Now that we’re past the gimmicks, let’s move forward as I’ll show you how Alex is “Highly Woke"(in his words), and is one of the most good looking, successful YouTubers and Ecoomerce King.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Alex Becker?

alex becker

Alex is a highly successful online entrepreneur who is widely known for his popular YouTube videos, His Market Hero software, CEO of Hyros, his Shopify training program, OH and his best-selling book “The Ten Pillars Of Wealth”.

When you watch at least one video of Alex on YouTube you’ll point out how he’s always mentioning his software(SAAS) program Market Hero which is his most on-going project as well he’s giving away a lot of his past paid courses for free on how to make money with eCommerce dropshipping.

But to truly respect Alex and his work we must go back in time and learn about who he was. Before starting his technology companies…

Alex has a short stint working with the Air Force, thereafter he became an SEO consultant in Texas, which is where he was born.

He quickly moved up the ranks adopting skills an online marketer needed to be successful in getting more paid clients, particularity these were plastic surgeons he was targeting, and constantly like a Lion patiently waits to hunt it’s prey - looking for more clients.

Alex’s early success was launching his SEO program called Konker under the management of his “First Wave.” What Is Konker?

Konker is a freelance marketplace specialized in SEO services which is similar to Fiverr,but with just being the expert in this branch of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

After time, he sold Konker for an undisclosed amount. What do you think he did with the money he gained with Konker?

If you said “bought donuts and ice cream, and went on glamorous trips” you’re wrong. He actually invested it back into building other businesses like Market Hero and Hyros. No worries if you failed this answer, you’re new and you’re going to learn re-investing money you make in your business back into your business is the BEST thing you can do.

So begs the question "can you make money with seo alex becker?" Of course you can.

Going Inside Alex Becker

On you’ll see a very hyptnozting and soothing image:

alex becker home page

On the bottom of this earth like beaming ball you will find the words that read “Focus. Simplicity. Discipline”.

alex becker home page 2

Alex Becker’s Courses

Let's get into the alex becker course review on every one of them, starting from the home page...

From the home page page, if you look at the menu you’ll see a tab that reads “Courses”, you can click there and you’ll see the following page:

alex becker courses

The ONLY available course Alex has open at this time is his IRON Blueprint course. What is it?

Alex Becker Iron Blueprint Review

alex becker the iron blueprint

The IRON Blueprint is a private coaching where Alex clones the exact funnels, copywritng, and ads he uses to scale his business to your business. However, this group is ONLY for successful business owners already making a substantial income.

And if you’d like to know more about iron alex becker, you can schedule a call with Alex on this page. 

Here’s the page you’ll see:

alex becker course

When you book your Google ads Funnel Cloning call you’ll learn:

  • Alex’s EXACT strategy that sold him 8 figures on Google Ads
  • The EXACT funnel/product to make for these ads
  • How Alex RAPIDLY clones this into niches he know NOTHING about!

Scroll down a bit on this page and watch the video

alex becker entrepreneur

Alex Becker Shopify Training

So Alex has his H-Com Blueprint (Hero E-Commerce) where he'll take you by the hand and show you the step by step blueprint to building a profitable E-com Shopify Store In 30 Days.

You'll get a 6 week online program with the Ultimate goal of creating your Shopfiy store and getting it profitable in the shortest amount of time possible with proven step by step methods taught by e-commerce experts that are making at least $500,000 a Month in revenue.

Basically upon your purchase here's what'll happen:

  • Picking your first products without hard costs
  • Build your store
  • Use Super cheap Facebook advertising to get your customers in under two weeks!

This program is 100% beginner friendly. Here's a breakdown week by week:

  • Week 1: Fast Week Part 1
  • Week 2: Fast Week Part 2
  • Week 3: E-Com Email Marketing
  • Week 4: Advance Facebook Advertising
  • Week 5: Scaling To The Moon Week
  • Week 6: Master Level E-Com Tactics
  • BONUS #1: Free Access To Market Hero
  • BONUS #2: YouTube Advertising

If you'd like to learn more about H-Com and it has to offer as well as the price, click the following button:

Alex Becker Hyros

How would you like to use AI tracking to Instantly Increase your AD ROI?

What about also fixing ios related tracking issues too?

This is the ULTIMATE software that will allow you to scale your ads much faster and effectively, save over 50% of your ad spend, get customers cheaper, and consistently deliver results over the long-term...

I made a full review specifically for HYROS and how it works you can check out by clicking the following button:

Alex Becker Reviews

Here's what other people are saying...

I’m positive you have your guard up and you’d like to know if this has worked for others, well let me show you:

alex becker testimonials
alex becker testimonial
reports overview
becker testimonial

You’ll get a crap load of testimonials and then when you get to the bottom you’ll see the “book a consultation” part:

alex becker consultation

Alex Becker Support

The Official support page will look like this:

alex becker support page

You can get support for both IRON and HYROS if you need it.

Alex Becker On YouTube

Do you want to keep up with Alex Becker?

Then you must be subscribed to his YouTube channel becayse he releases new updates, makes amazing videos on not only business but personal goals, how to think better, what to eat and how to develop as the business owner you need to become. Take one of his latest videos for example:

His YouTube channel has developed over time, it started with videos like “Watch me turn $18,000 into $3K live” as well as:

  • How he made $137K in his first 30 days
  • How to make $10,000 a month on YouTube

...To videos like:

  • 5 Hacks that gave him a genius IQ
  • Why “Social” is causing you Sub concious brain damage
  • Want to be rich>
  • How he lost $20,000 writing a book
  • Why rich people have depression
  • And so much more!

Alex has grown his YouTube channel so he can literally make any type of video and it’ll get much so his videos don’t need to always be properly optimized for people searching videos by “keywords.”

Who’s Alex Becker For?

I truly believe everyone trying to start or is doing digital marketing and wants to build themeselves a highly profitable online business needs to be following him, and here’s why…

Alex doesn’t just show how you can build a lucrative ecommerce business but how you can avoid the mistakes and pitfalls he’s made as well how you create amazing ads on Google, Facebook and YouTube to EXPLODE your business unlike no other.

And if it’s not for his business type videos then you should be following him for his inventviness and entertaining content he puts out nearly weekly that’ll help you think the right way and make smarter personal and business moves.

Pros And Cons


  • Alex Becker has PROVEN how to make money online and he hasn’t only done it in one space but in many like SEO, Digital Agency and Ecommerce specifically which means you’re listening to someone who can get your esults too!
  • Very helpful content so you don’t have to worry about what’s working and what is not which means you’ll always know what actions to take because of Alex’s free content
  • Alex gives away some of his courses for free that once he used to charge for so you can have an advantage straight out the gates which means you won’t waste time and make mistakes trying to figure things out on your won.
  • Smartly created and high quality paid courses and software makes it easier for you to track your conversions and squeeze the most juice out of every customer which means you’re going to make monre money right away and in the llong-run.


  • There really are no cons and trust me, I’m not being biased. One thing would probablly be his infectous personality and straight to the truth demeanor but that’s just based on perspective and really on the haters.

Alex Becker Alternatives

Are you looking for another eCommerce person to follow? Or maybe just someone else who’s making money online in any business model?

Here are a few from my experiences:

These are all Entrepreneurs and people who have made MILLIONS in their own respective areas online.

What I Liked Most About Alex Becker

There is so much I like about Alex Becker it’s hard to say what ONE thing I liekd most, but if I had to I’d say this…

His YouTube content. Even if you wern’t interested in his courses and having him as your go-to mentor, he creates content that’s unbelievable and by the end of each video he has your mind blown at how much unique value he’s given you.

Most YouTubers talk about “knowlesdge” but Alex does tha and makes sure you’re going to take action on what you learn because at the end of the day knowledge without action is wrong.

Final Thoughts: Is Alex Becker A Scam?

Absoultely not! Alex is one of the most humble and smart digital marketers on the internet today and I say that because he’s not only helped me build my own online business but he helps you think in ways you never though you could.

All his material and courses might not be for everyone but that doesn’t make him a scammer, it just means he values WHO he works with and releases his free and paid content to because let’s be honest for a second…

If he was trying to help EVERYONE, he’d be helping no one - meaning you can’t throw yself out there for anyone to latch on to.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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