October 20

by Michael Granados

Is Chad Nicely A Scam OR Is he really a 6-figure+ Digital Entrepreneur who helps influencers fix their marketing?

I’m going to cut right to the chase, Chad Nicely IS Not A Scam. PHEWW! Sigh of relief? Chad is all that and a bag of cakes(The tasty ones with icing) but What If I told you there were unspoken of Shocking truths no one else is telling you?

Yep, If you guessed what my next move was - you’re right! I “Michael Granados” will show you ALL you need to know about Mr. Nicely and whether or not he is the RIGHT mentor for you and how you can start generating a $3,000+ Per month income so you can have more freedom to do what it is you want when you want to, to escape the 9-5 rate race, and how to own your very own business that’ll make you passive income!

But before I get started I have a confession to make. I’ve written many reviews on these “so called internet gurus” and I’ve found some scammers like Wesley Virgin, Chance and Abdul, among many others but this one will spark even more of your interest because Chad Is REAL like you had hoped for.

Alright, let’s get started!

Who Is Chad Nicely?


Chad Nicely is this old school digital marketing entrepreneur who’s done well over 8-figures online from the comfort of his own home and owns some really life changing software’s one of his most recent and wildly popular ones called Lead Conversion system(Which I wrote a review for here),

Chad is also an international speaker, a product launch expert who’s well established   in the Las Vegas area. 

Chad’ Early Days

Chad began his online career in 1998 when the internet first came out - During the AOL day


Since then he has coached thousands of students all across the world and continues to launch innovative solutions that allow his students to live a life created by their own design, hence more freedom.

Chad created an all inclusive software that helps influencers, thought-leaders and business experts market their programs and services with the software called Eversuite(which I’ll go into in the next section).

Aside from Owning software’s, Chad has also operated and owned several local businesses as well, this includes restaurants, coffee shops, and gift shops and turned them into a huge presence online as well.

So when it comes to the core messaging, avatar and how to advertise your business for maximum leads and sales Chad Nicely has your answer.

Going Inside Chad Nicely

Here are the three ways Chad Nicely can help you scale your business:

  1. Red Carpet Launcheon. This is a private closed door event that is opened for influencers, authors, speakers, marketers, thought leaders in or around the visiting Vegas area. This takes place in Chad’s Private home. And here is the site: 
    1. https://redcarpetluncheon.com
chad nicely red carpet

Above is the image once you go the website, and if you scroll down a bit you’ll see why this event is amazing:

red carpet benefits
red carpet benefits 2

  • Amazing Ambiance
  • Quality Connections
  • Hors D’Oeuvres
  • Bartender on Staff
  • Personal Masseuse
  • Professional Musicians
  1. Diamond Level Mastermind. This is Chad’s private Mastermind that he host’s for his local clients in the area. He created the goals and objectives to help your advertise and market your business more effectively. This is especially very valuable for you if you are looking to increase your influencer brand. 
    1. http://diamondlevelmastermind.com
chad nicely diamond level mastermind

This is what you can expect to get from the Diamond Level Mastermind:

diamond level mastermind expectations
diamond level mastermind expectations 2
  • Quarterly Sessions
  • Full Software Suite
  • Weekly Coaching
  • EverMentor Events
  • Key Relationships
  • Total Clarity
  1. The Eversuite Platform. If you are interested in building trust and establishing rapport with your customer and clients, and eventually turn them into high paying clients, then look no further than EverSuite. Chad personally created EverSuite to run his own marketing empire, and makes it available to you as well!
    1. https://chadnicely.net/eversuite
chad nicely eversuite

The products in the Eversuite as you can see from the image above are:

  • Lead Conversion System(link)
  • Everlesson
  • VideoGeyser
  • Easylinks
  • Calentri

Lead Conversion System Pro

One of my favorite systems Chad created was the Lead System Pro where you can tap into a system that allows you to capture, qualify, and convert your leads in your agency.

This system is setup to take your leads and prospects and convert them over to paying customers. It’ll replace 12 different tools and platforms in your business and is one of the most innovative online solutions ever created.

Here’s a demo:

I also made a review about the NEW Lead Conversion Squared system Chad Created you can check out here.

Lead Automated Agency

Would you like to generate more clients than you ever could in your entire Life Without having to create websites, cold-call people, be “tech savvy”, have any prior knowledge?

Chad created the Lead App automated agency to follow the Lead Conversion System Pro platform which gives you a fully-branded digital business so it can result in more leads and more sales.

Every business owner could use digital business cards, and as you’re naturally sharing it with other people and they’re interested, they can get signed up with their own card, and they become your client.

Here it is:

Chad’s Business Card

chad nicely business card

Did you know Chad has a Personal Business Card in the form of a digital one?

Yep, it’s true, and sounds pretty cool, right? Out with the old and in with the new, Digital business cards are the future especially in these unprecedented times with Corona Virus…

You’ll feel much better and have better access to someone with a virtual card, and that’s what Chad has presented for you, here’s more:

chad nicely business card 1

At socialcards.net/chadnicely you’ll see the image above where there are a few fields to notice:

  • Persons name(Chad Nicely)
  • Who They Are(Founder of Eversuite)
  • Picture
  • Get your own card
  • Call Me Now
  • Message 
  • Login Site
  • Facebook profile
  • LinkedIn Profile

Chad used his Lead App to create this card and you have access to the same. Just imagine this…

You have a future client come out to you in public and you have an interaction with them, you get to know who they are and what they are having problems with in their business. You lay out a plan for how you can help them,  their jaws drop in complete excitement because they found you!

At the end of your conversation “Jim” says “do you have a business card?” Without thinking about it you say “well of course I do”, you pull out your phone, go to your unique business card URL and show them. BAM!

They are floored! They get your information and now they have your digital business card then can reference for ANY help they need, whether that’s a:

  • Phone call
  • Visit to your website
  • Chat
  • Social profiles
  • And so much more

“Jim” knows who you are and what you’re about in a simple, clean and very attractive way so you can not only get the RIGHT quality of leads but you can close them into sales much faster and more effectively.

You look more professional, you feel stronger and more confident as a business person and you become unstoppable. That’s literally what it feels like to have this card, and I have one too.

Now, let’s look at what happens when I click on each of the links Chad has provided us with on his business card, starting with “get your own card”.


Here you can signup for FREE and with your Free account you’ll get access to:

  • Total Customization
  • More Features
  • Instant Connections
  • Grab Your Link

You can follow a long by creating your free SocioCard account here.

STEP 1: Welcome...Let’s get started

socicard getting started

Watch the video first and you can see it here:

STEP 2: Once you’re done, you can exit out and see your dashboard:

sociocard dashboard
  • Step 1: Create your profile
  • Step 2: My Links
  • Step 3: Button 1
  • Step 4: Button 2

For the sake of time I went ahead and went through all these steps and created my account. Once you’re done, you’ll get a link to access your card here:

soci card url

Click there and you’ll come to this page:

Socicard complete
soci card links

Now, this one is a bit differently laid out than Chad’s up above, but this was a quick set up, so you can go through it and create your own.

7 Minute Course Creators

7 minute course creators

One of the latest products Chad and his partners Chris Jenkins, Steve Rosenbaum created is called 7 Minute Course Creators...

Where you'll get a 3-day workshop to discover the Paint-By-Numbers Formula to launch simple little UGLY Mini Courses That you can Launch, Sell or Giveaway For Massive Profits!

What Other People Are Saying(Chad Nicely Reviews)

chad nicely reviews

Working With Chad(3 Simple Steps)

If you would like to work with Chad 1-on-1, here's how to in 3 simple steps(also mentioned at chadnicely.com)

STEP 1:Complete the application

STEP 2: Schedule A Call

STEP 3:Onboarding process

working with chad nicely

Are you a good fit?

chad nicely good fit

Chad Nicely Net Worth

I couldn't find a definitive answer to what Chad Nicely's net worth is but I would say in the Millions for sure.

How Much Does Chad Nicely Cost?

This answer depends on what product/services you want Chad for, his products vary from FREE like the digital agency card free start, to $1,000’s+ with his Red Carpet Luncheon platform.

Like Chad's Lead Pro app is worth I believe $62 right now and it gives you your own digital branded business card.

 So it all depends on what you’re interested in.

Who Is Chad Nicely For?

Chad was designed for people who want to have more freedom and start their own home-based business where you can work from anywhere at anytime, not being tied down to a 9-5 J-O-B, and want to do it through the Agency Model.

Here’s more:

  • For Aspiring Agency business seekers who want a fully lead and sales automated pipeline where you can get your clients to easily purchase your product/services
  • Influencers who want and need to fix their marketing
  • For marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to effectively advertise and market their business better than ever before.
  • People interested in building a relationship and rapport with their leads and customers and eventually turn them into high paying clients.
  • Beginners with no online experience and want to start an agency that’ll make them predicable money every single month and have a long-term business you can depend on.

Pros And Cons

  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur Veteran Chad Nicely who’s been online since 1998 when the internet first came out so you can have confidence and certainty you’re following a mentor who knows what they’re doing which means you will follow through more easily and build the business of your dreams faster.
  • Multiple ways Chad can help you grow and scale your business with platforms like Red Carpet Luncheon, Diamond Level Mastermind, The Eversuite Platform and so much more which means you’ll never get bored and run out of ways to get the most amount of help from Chad because of this
  • Thousands of reviews from his students and clients so you can feel more comfortable and at easy trusting Chad which means you will become another success story!
  • There really are no cons and I’m not saying this to be honest. Chad is not an “internet guru” who promises you one thing and shows you another, he’s as real as it gets and is enthusiastic to help you grow and scale your business...NO MATTER WHAT!

The pros greatly outweigh the cons for good reason...Chad is a very charismatic person who you will learn a TON from and be able to grow and scale your business with.


Wouldn’t it be wrong or selfish of me If I kept the alternatives to myself?

Don’t worry, I have a list of Chad Nicely Alternatives that you may want to look at too:

My favorite person right now is Jeff Lerner because like Chad, he focuses on Digital Agency too but has other proven models like:

He created ENTRE Institute so you can get free of your 9-5 job, live life on your terms, and wake up every day doing something you love to do.

What I Liked Most About Chad Nicely

Where do I begin? Let me start by saying that Chad is a very charismatic human being, you can tell right away from the tone of his voice…

He draws you in to his world and is very concerned with helping you grow and scale your business at any cost. He talks to you like he’s known you for Years(seriously) and understands your pains/problems and frustrations you’re going through so he can find the RIGHT solution for you.

Final Verdict: Is Chad Nicely A REAL Scam?

Definitely not. Chad is the REAL deal when it comes to making Money for himself but also helping huis students follow and model all that he does so you can make as much money, have more time freedom, and be able to choose the lifestyle you want!

With chad you’re getting the ability to fully customize the way you want your life to look with his easy to follow and implement platforms and it puts you in the driver seat to have an automated pipeline of leads and sales without having to stress out about making a website, funnels, emails, being techy, and so much more.

As a visionary and incredibly helpful digital Entrepreneur, you will never feel left alone or having to figure out how to make money all on your own, and that’s what I like a lot from Chad.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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