October 21

by Michael Granados

Would you like to make money EVERY Single Day and how you can work from home so you can have more time and freedom to do what you want when you want to?

Is Branson Tay A Scam OR can he really help you do all that I just said up above?

I’m going to cut right to the chase, Branson Tay is NOT exactly a scam but he is very misleading! Brandon creates these phony videos to excite people about lame ways of making money that is supposedly easy and you can make good money, but it’s all a gimmick to get you to buy a course. I’ll reveal to you that course in this post and one of his new software's.

Guru 1, Guru 2, Guru 3, how many times do you have to go through videos and blog posts to filter out those who are real from the fake, right? Enough is enough, and If you stick with me(Michael Granados) in this review, I will uncover the shocking truths no one else is sharing with you!

But before I get started, why should you be listening to me? I’ve written and video recorded reviews of other “scammers” and online digital entrepreneurs, ones like Wesley Virgin or Chase And Abdul who are a complete waste of time, to others who you should follow which I will share with you at the bottom(you can skip there if you want) or I’ll just leave you my #1 recommendation here to check out

Alright, let’s get started.

Branson Tay Overview

Person's Name: Branson Tay

Occupation: Affiliate Marketer

Best Product Known For: Legendary Marketer, Morph, and Skipperz

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, want passive income, want to become a digital nomad

branson tay review

Summary: Branson is this digital marketer who runs a business in helping people make money online - in other words he helps people make money with surveys, testing products and more so starting an online business. He is one of the MANY internet marketers who "Cleverley" disguises his YouTube videos he makes in programs to earn money with that really don't work in an attempt to sell you on more expensive courses like Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketers is great don't get me wrong but the way he does it, the way he targets these people who don't really need it is a bit of a problem. Also...

Branson has recently launched a few products, one called Skipperz which is a one click app where you can make "$513 With 100% done-for-you free an autopilot traffic(targeted for beginners) and Morph which creates no face videos that get you "Free" buyer traffic overnight. The products are VERY basic and I would say not worth your time(so I promise not to link you to these products for an affiliate commission).

If you'd rather save yourself time from reading this Branson Tay Scam whole post, then check out my #1 recommended mentor and program right below...

Rating: 50/100

Recommend: No.

Who Is Branson Tay?

is brandon tay a scam

Branson Tay is an Affiliate Marketer who posts videos on how to make money online every single day and how you can work from home so you can have more time and freedom to do what you want. He wants to show you how to break away from your 9-5 and create your dream lifestyle.

Is Branson online legit? Yes for the most part, however, as I said up above in the introduction, he's not for everyone and his material/courses don't live up to the "hype". So legitimacy is there but the way he packages it, not so much.

Now that you know a bit about what he does and promotes, let’s look at what that content exactly is.

Going Inside Branson Tay

Brandon Tay is very smart with his YouTube approach in the “Make Money Online” industry where he has no products of his own but has a course called Legendary Marketer he tries to get you to purchase.

He makes all these “clever” clickbaity 10-minute plus videos where he shows you how to make money:

  • Listening to music
  • Pressing a button to make money
  • User testing
  • New apps that make $1,000+
  • Make $100’s with dropbox
  • And more
brandon tay videos

Brandon does a horrible job of providing value to his audience on the front end(his videos) in an attempt to get you to click a link in the description that then goes to a course called Legendary Marketer.

brandon tay legendary marketer

and the page it may take you too will look something like this:

landing page

I TRULY HATE people like this, I can’t stand them, and here’s why. There are LOADS of these “internet-affiliate marketers” who get into the “make money online” niche with no other purpose than to get you to buy a $5,000+ course that YOU DON’T NEED.

Others include:

  • Big Mark
  • Jay Brown

To name a few.

Yes, eventually you should get mentorship and a course to shortcut your journey, and invest in marketing training like:

But not in the form that Brandon releases it. To the newbie, his videos would seem “attracting”(that’s a strong word to use), because you don’t know anything yet, and then he hits you at the end of the video with something like this…

If you don’t want to make money with[whatever his video was about], and you truly want to make more money than you could ever imagine, have more freedom, and live life on your terms, then check out my #1 recommendation below...Hence Legendary Marketer.

legendary marketer

Have I said how badly I hate people like this? There are so many other people who do it and they do well but it’s just a “bummy” way to do it. Unlike them, I actually worked my way into this niche, and I don’t promote to people in these types of formats.

In fact, I started a health and wellness business in the lower back pain space with my blog way before making this blog to help you stay away from scammers and get the right help you need.

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Branson Tay's Products

Branson in February of 2021 came out with one product and then the next followed about a month thereafter, and I'll show you them now.


Branson created an app based product where you can turn fee traffic into "effortless commissions" making him and his partner generate $250 over and over at the press of a button.

branson tay skipperz

So you can replicate the results of Branson and his partner in just minutes with a set and forget system with built in traffic and no hidden fees.

The way it works is you get products inside the members area and you can promote any with their done-for-you page builder with done-for-you templates...

And then you'd get all this free traffic from Google. They do have a simple web page builder, nothing incredible, my first choice is a software called Clickfunnels to use all that.

The logic is to publish these "landing pages" to Google, BUT one page landing pages don't just rank on Google and not very well at all...

It takes time to build a REAL business, and whether this is just some "starting point" or not, you'll be left feeling frustrated because things will not be working for you. PLUS, I don't believe it's beginner friendly.


Brandon's second product is Morph where this app creates "no face videos" that get you free traffic overnight 

what is morph

How it works in 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Enter any keyword into the Morph web app

STEP 2: Choose from the list of ready to use articles and blog posts

STEP 3: Click the convert button and turn the content into a video

STEP 4: Press "Publish" to blast the videos across 50+ Secret traffic sources.

This is a decent system especially if you're a beginner but still I don't believe it's a long-term replacement for making your own videos.

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branson tay deeplink

Branson Tay came out with his product "Deeplink" where this app will put ANY link of yours in front of 300 Million Buyers overnight with just 1 click.

This is about buying your traffic with a completely new traffic system where you will get people who are capable of buying and are in the buying mood.


Guess who's back at it again with Yet another product? 

Branson came out with another product called "Read4Money" and here's my quick Read4money review...

This is a "Breakthrough" Amazon Loophole that pays us $11 per minute for reading from our phones or computers...Without waiting, no expenses, and no nonsense.

Hmm, you don't say? 

How It Works

The system is designed to simply fire up Read4Money on the device of their choice...

  • Read 1 minute = We make $11.00
  • Read 5 minutes = we make $55.00
  • Read 10 minutes = we make $110.00
  • Read 20 minutes = we make $220.00
  • Read 50 minutes = we make $550.00

So the more you read with Read4Money, the more money you can make. Listen, this isn't as easy as it sounds and it's not just going to happen, it's a set up to get you into other products and to part ways with your hard earned money...

The bottom line is this - I don't recommend it.

Branson Tay Net Worth

There is no definitive net worth for Branson Tay that could be found at the moment.

Branson Tay Reviews

You won't find A lot of reviews about Branson tay in terms of him except for a few people (including myself) but here's one you'll find of "buzz" on Quora:

branson tay reviews

And then you'll see a little about his products, for instance "Morph":

morph reviews

Who’s Branson Tay For?

People who want to be sucked in to “make money fast, and get rich without having to do a thing”, but OH WAIT! If you do, then check out my #1 recommendation...type of people.

Here’s more:

  • Newbies who don’t know a thing about how to make money online and want the EASIEST ways.
  • People who want to press a button and make $1,000’s of dollars overnight
  • Side-hustlers

Brandon Tay’s content attracts a specific type of person and that is someone who wants fast ways to make money with little effort, and weren't looking to start an online business but if they want to, can press the link in the description to buy a $5,000 course.

Pros And Cons

  • Smart marketer with his own angle on attracting an audience that is searching for ways to make money online
  • Has decent thumbnails on his videos
  • Trashy marketing strategies and tactics to prey on people who want to make money online but then recommends an alternative course for thousands of dollars YOU DON’T NEED.
  • Delivers no good value on the front end(his videos) whatsoever.
  • Is yet another member of Legendary Marketer who can only rely on a system without creating their own.

Branson Tay clearly has more cons than pros and I really didn't want to add pros but you have to give him some credit. Let's look at the alternatives next.


Finally, the best part! Here are my favorite and TRUSTWORTHY Recommendations:

Yeah, I had to put me on the end there, not in a cocky way, but because you can actually get REAL value from watching my videos and consuming my content. And If you’ve been following me you’d know I didn’t start off in the “Make money online” space…

And I deliver real value you’d have to pay for in other places. Plus, I reveal how I was able to shortcut my way to a full-time income with a FREE Blueprint you can check out below.

Final Verdict: Is Branson Tay A Scam?

In my eyes, Yes! How can you follow someone who puts out content on these make $100 with dropbox, make $100 singing which usually is not the truth, and then listen to him(and everyone else who does this) tell you about a course that’ll help you start an online business, and go pay thousands of dollars for eventually?

Listen, I’ve been around affiliate marketing for years, I do this full-time, I build genuine and humbled relationships with people and I can tell you from experience there’s no need to start with an expensive course if you want to do affiliate marketing too.

You can watch some YouTube videos and blogs here and there, and eventually get into a course to save you time, but there are far better options of courses and people to follow as I mentioned in the alternative section above. And if this is something you’re interested in, I invite you to check out my #1 recommendation below.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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