November 26

by Michael Granados

Is Dean Holland A Scam And Does he REALLY help everyday people create their dream lives by Building Profitable Online Businesses?

I’ll cut right to the chase - Dean IS Not a scam, but here’s where the alarms sound off...Is he the right one for you?

Everywhere you turn online there’s an online “internet guru” trying to help you make money online, luring you into a deep dark alley like you’re about to enter an underground game of poker where you’d Gamble your luck...And lose. Aren’t you tired of hearing that or experiencing it?

Luckily for you, today your luck changes as I “Michael Granados” a Full-time online affiliate marketer who makes well over 4-figures per month will show you ALL there is to know about Dean Holland, his new book the Iceberg effect, the pros and cons, alternatives, and all the untold mysteries everyone else is not telling you.

But before I get started, I have written reviews of other scammers online like “Chance and Abdul, Wesley Virgin, among more, just so you know I have your back 100% and I have your best interest at heart.

Alright, let’s get this dean holland review party started.

Who Is Dean Holland?

Dean is a serial online digital entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and consultant who has sold over half a million dollars of digital products online and has since shared his unique marketing and sales concepts to thousands of entrepreneurs in dozens of countries all across the world.

He loves nothing more these days than to help beginners, and established entrepreneurs implement better systems and processes that generate more leads, customers, and high paying clients into a business. But how did it all start?

Dean’s Early Beginnings

Dean started like anyone else - with a dream and numerous brick and mortar ventures like running a food cart business that made him loads of money but his earnings were cut when the local public school complained he was selling to the students, slashing down the earnings the school was making…

And even though he lost that group, he still had the everyday passing by workers, but little did he know the worst was to come.

Dean was met by a couple of cops one day at his food cart, rushing him to make food, in a hurry he went making them faster than the speed of lightning…

After he served the officers he noticed something was off. The generator to power the food cart was shut off which he sometimes had to do but this time was different…

The generator was gone! It had been stolen, and this whipped out his food truck business. Fast forward time…

In 2004, Dean Discovered internet marketing and quickly became fascinated by the industry, with an eye for the opportunity he snatched up all the learning he could and began selling digital products online.

Then 2011 came, and Dean had successfully sold over half a MILLION dollars of digital products online and has since then shared his unique concepts and strategies with digital entrepreneurs all across the world.

Here’s his story in a video:

Going Inside Dean Holland

Dean is most publicly popularized by making Millions as an affiliate marketer with the Clickfunnels Sales funnel software owned by Russell Brunson and made the Two Comma club for making over a million dollars.

dean holland two comma club russell brunson

The Iceberg Effect Dean Holland(FREE Book)

I was going to save this for later but I couldn’t hold out on you(and this is probably the reason what you go you in here today)...

Dean created The Iceberg Effect - a must-read book for ANY affiliate marketer that is about how you and I want more, want to do better, and go on to do great things which is okay, but this will show you how to help yourself before you can help others.

If you’re trying to start or grow your existing online affiliate marketing business, I highly recommend you pick this up, and so does Russell Brunson who is only one of the greatest affiliate marketers EVER who forwarded the book

the iceberg effect russell brunson

Brian mentions how you didn’t have a fair chance since the day you started...the affiliate marketing industry has successfully hidden a devastating secret from its unsuspecting victims for years…

A fact so dark that almost all aspiring affiliate marketers fall flat on their face and fail… and yet Most People are COMPLETELY oblivious to it!

Dean says to not be too hard on yourself, Very few people are aware of its existence, but today it stops!

He’s drawing the line in the sand, after privately helping affiliate marketers for 10+ years it’s time to come out publicly and share the REAL problem that’s crushing the hopes of most that try...The problem is called the “Iceberg Effect”.

What Is The Iceberg Effect EXACTLY?

what is the iceberg effect

Here’s what to expect inside:

whats inside the iceberg effect
inside the iceberg effect

Dean Featured In…

dean holland featured in

Dean’s Mission

dean hollands mission

Dean Founded InernetProfits in 2010 as a training, coaching, and education company, to help everyday people start and grow a profitable business online.

And the Interenprofits mission is to help everyday people create their dream lives by building profitable online businesses, along with:

internet profits mission

Internet Profits (Dean Holland Affiliate Program)

internet profits dean holland contact page

At Internet Profits you’ll learn how to:

  • Get more leads
  • Get More Customers
  • Get More Clients
internet profits coaching

Internet Profits Products

internet profits products

On this page, you’re going to get the most complete digital business education and how-to training systems online today.

Here’s what he offers you:

internet profits mission

The thing I like about what Dean has done is been transparent letting you know “Hey, there are upsells”, but that doesn’t mean you need them, okay?

I wanted to put that out there because people get their panties twisted thinking this is some hyped up scam, it’s business.

I won’t go into every product here, but let’s look at the Affiliate Marketers Playbook

Dean Holland Affiliate Marketers Playbook

affiliate marketers playbook dean holland

This is the best-kept secret behind why most affiliate marketers fail online today

Here’s what You’ll find inside:

the affiliate marketers playbook look inside
Dean Holland affiliate marketing is similar to many other Affiliate Mentors/Coaches who bring you in through a Free front end offer like the Iceberg effect or the Affiliate Playbook and then ascend you into higher offers.

Internet Profits Accelerator 

Dean designed a business system called the Internet Profits Accelerator course where you will follow a simple four step process to make loads of commissions:

  • STEP 1: Drive Traffic
  • STEP 2: Capture Prospects
  • STEP 3: Follow-Up
  • STEP 4: Send People To A Private "Free Book" Website

So the idea behind Dean's system and why so many people these days in his course and other places are making so much money is because they're offering a "Free Book" on the front end...

and with STEP 4, you'll be given a uniquely high converting website with daily email follow up series with Your "Affiliate Link". When people click on that unique link attached to you, they will go to the unique website and be offered a book written by Dean, for free.

All your audience needs to do is cover a small shipping and handling fee which is normal and most people will buy. The good thing is you don't have to worry about creating a book...

And you can focus your attention on the promotion of it. You can earn commissions of:

  • $35.25...
  • $74.25...
  • $186.75...
  • $498.50...
  • $998.50...
  • $2,000...
  • $3,000 PER Sale!

Internet Profits Accelerator Reviews

Here's what other people had to say:

internet profits accelerator reviews
internet course

Stay Connected With Dean

dean holland stay connected

You can follow Dean inside his Facebook Group InternetProfits, as well on YouTube. Let’s look at these.

Dean’s Facebook Group:

dean holland facebook group

Dean’s YouTube Channel

dean holland youtube channel

Dean makes really amazing videos on more conceptual topics like growing as a person and in your business.

dean holland videos

Dean’s Media

dean holland media

Dean asks how he can help deliver value to your audience?

  • Got a podcast?
  • Live event?
  • Want Dean to add value to your people?

You can reach out to his team and see how he can make it happen

dean holland help

When you click the “contact us for media inquires” button, you’ll come to this page:

internet profits dean holland contact page

Simply fill in your details and you’ll be good to go.

What Other People Are Saying(Dean Holland Reviews)

dean holland testimonials
ignite review
dean holland reviews

How Much Does Dean Cost?

This answer depends on what type of service you’re wanting Dean for, is it his Free+shipping books, his higher digital courses, coaching, and consulting?

It varies from like $7-$1,000’s for the higher end courses.

You can pick up his Free book "The Iceberg Effect" here if you'd like:

Who Is Dean Holland For?

Dean was made for anyone that wants to start and grow a profitable business online so you can have the security, stability, and complete Freedom for yourself, your loved ones, and those you wish to support. 

Here’s more:

  • People who want the very best training, tools, and support needed to achieve success in your business and life.
  • Current business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling or just want to “fine-tune” their skills to make sure what they are doing is right.
  • Those who have or want to put a sales funnel in place to attract the right customers while repelling the ones you don’t want to work with
  • Aspiring Affiliate Marketers who want to uncover why people keep saying “affiliate marketing is dead” and want to know why, but even more is making between $3,000-$10,000+ Per Month working part-time from home, with no tech skills or expertise, and without personally selling to anyone ever!
  • Moms and dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And so much more!

Who’s Dean Not For?

  • Tire Kickers
  • People who want fast money
  • People who won’t put “any” effort
  • Push-button seekers
  • Complainers

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Digital Entrepreneur who’s sold over half a million dollars of digital products online and shares his techniques and tactics with others so you can have complete confidence and certainty this can work for you which means you’ll make fewer mistakes, save more time, energy, and money
  • Dean offers superior training, consulting, and live events so you can have a healthy and thriving business that gets you more leads, more customers, and more clients which means you won’t have to worry about starting from scratch and figuring out how to create your own get to leverage Deans!
  • Superior Support so you can have a community to bounce off your ideas, help one another out in your journey which means you’ll have more focus, concentration, and energy to put into your actual business rather than feeling lonely about how to do something that can take hours, days, and even weeks.
  • FREE products like “The Iceberg Effect” so you can have learned from Dean at a ground level without having to pay thousands to start which means you’ll get outstanding support and get a feel for who Dean is and what he is about.
  • In great company with the likes of Russell Brunson and more digital entrepreneurs so you can put your business in the right hands which means you don’t have to worry about not making it and failing.


  • There really are none and I’m not saying that to be biased.


Just in case you were curious to know what other digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers there were in this space that I recommend, here they are:

While I do like Dean, I’ve been learning from someone else recently the most and that’s Jeff Lerner, why?

He’s been in the online space since the age of 15 and cleared over $400,000+ worth of debt to amount $40 MILLION+ in the spaces of:

And he teaches how to COPY any of his businesses! If you’d like to check out Jeff and his courses, I made a review called ENTRE Institute here you can check out.

What I Liked Most About Dean

There are so many good things to like about Dean, let me start with a list:

  • Proven Digital entrepreneur who’s tried many ventures in his life to figuring out how to work the internet to make mass amounts of money and impact the lives of many
  • FREE Products like “The Iceberg Effect” so you can get the help you need at a ground level.
  • Works closely with other online veterans like Russell Brunson and made the 2 comma club, is in his mastermind, so you know you’re getting superior help.
  • Dean helps you get more leads, customers, and clients
  • Understands sales processes very well
  • Doesn’t teach you the “traditional” way of affiliate marketing

What I Didn’t Like

  • Again there’s really nothing wrong, I just at the moment follow another mentor closer and that’s just a difference of choice.

Final Verdict: Is Dean Holland A REAL Scammer?

Not at all. Dean is one of the most humble and trustworthy people there is in the online digital entrepreneur make money space, and let me remind you why.

Dean has not only made MILLIONS of dollars from a computer and an internet connection but he also now teaches everyday people like you and me how to build the online business of our dreams…

And how to get the RIGHT quality leads, customers, and clients so you can make more money than you could ever imagine. His teachings, training, and live events are top class so you know you’re going to be in amazing hands no matter what!

If you want to get help from Dean Holland, I recommend you pick up his FREE Book “The Iceberg Effect” here OR you can carry on and learn from my #1 Mentor in Affiliate Marketing down below.

P.S. I recommend reading the iceberg effect.


Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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