September 12

by Michael Granados

Is Pat Flynn A Scam OR does he REALLY turn dreams into achievers?

I’m going to cut right to it, Pat Flynn IS NOT a scam! According to Forbes, Pat Flynn is a “passive income whiz” who listen to this...has earned $3 MILLION dollars in the last 6+ years by creating authoritative and helpful websites in areas as disparate as passing a green building exam, becoming a security guard, and establishing a growing AND successful food truck business.

Wild right? Here’s what’s even more amazing...Pat Flynn is most known for being the mastermind behind the and podcast which brings me to my next point…

Pat has reached a MILLION downloads(A MILLION!) and has shared his tips on things like how to make passive income.


I’m going to challenge you to stick with me until the end of this review as I uncover the hidden truths and secrets about Pat Flynn others will not share with you and It starts now!

Who Is Pat Flynn?

First and most importantly, Pat is a Father and a husband, then what follows is what you might know him by most…

An Entrepreneur and protector of Baby Yoda. UHH, Maybe not that second part? If you don’t believe me, check it out:

pat flynn home page

Pat’s origin story in a short minute

On June 17th , 2008 Pat was laid off from his dream job as an architect, amd although he didn’t know it at the time, it was the best thing that could ever happen to him, listen why.

Pat’s painful layoff opened up his eyes to the amazing world of entrepreneurship, and since then he’s gone on to build several successful online businesses, while impacting MILLIONS of people all around the world, and here’s the best part…

He gets to spend more time with his family too. I know what you’re thinking, But did Pat go to Business school or at least get a degree in it?

Nope. Pat didn’t go to business school and he’ll say it himself that he’s not an expert copywriter or some genius out of this world marketer, however, he IS a person who knows that building a team, or systems, to lean into that service and even more. What are his goals?

I’ll tell you what they are not first - They’re not to buy some fancy island, to drive a lambo or live in a 10 bedroom home on the hills of Hollywood but they are these…

To inspire everyone around him through the actions he takes(practices what he preaches), the lessons that he learns and the happiness Pat can share with others.

Going Inside Pat Flynn

Are you ready to see Pat’s 3 Guiding Principles?

Pat’s 3 best guiding principles are as follow:

  1. “The Best and worst things in life are usually the things that happen unplanned
  2. Whether success or failure. I want the satisfaction of knowing my results are my own
  3. The right path is the one you make yourself that leads to your version of happiness

Pat’s Areas of interest

Over Pat’s many years online he’s developed many interest and they include:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Parenting
  • Family updated
  • Education

Pat’s Books 

pat flynn books start

Pat’s written books that inspire YOU to dream and offer strategies for you to achieve, and they are:

  • Superfans
  • Will It Fly?
  • Let Go

A quick breakdown of each book shown above:

  • Superfans is a book that shows you how to easily stand out, grow your tribe, and build a successful business.
  • Will it fly is a a book that shows you how to test your next business ideas you don’t waste your time and money.
  • Let go is a book on Pat’s Memoir aout overcoming adversity through a commitment and pursuing your own path.

All these books are available on amazon.

Pat’s Courses

pat flynn courses home page

Would you like to cut out the confusion, trim your learning time, and get faster results?

In this part you can click through to see ALL of Pat’s courses, and once you do you’ll see this page:

pat flynn courses

Featured Course:

pat flynn featured courses

Pat has a featured course on podcasting called Power-Up Podcasting where he shows you how to create, launch and market your own podcast that grows your income and impact online.

This course will show you the step-by-step setup, and how to get found, too(even on launch day) 

How Much Is Power-Up Podcasting?

Power-Up-Podcasting goes for a one-time payment of $799 or three easy installments of $299, and if you want to learn more you can click on the learn more button that takes you to this page:

pat flynn power up podcasting course

Here you can watch a video of Pat explaining to you what his course is all about and how to get the edge. 

What You’ll learn in his course:

  • The How and Why of Podcasting
  • Mastering The Technical Stuff
  • Setting Up Your Website, Show notes, and more.
  • How To Launch Your Podcast with an unforgettable bang
power up podcasting learning
power up podcast info

Who’s Pat’s Course For?

Power-Up-Podcasting is designed for people looking to build their brand and better connect with their audience through podcasting. 

What Other People Are Saying About Pat’s Podcasting Course:

power up podcasting reviews

Pat’s Best Courses

pat flynn best courses

  • Smart From Scratch
  • 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing
  • Amp’d Up Podcasting
  • Power-Up Podcasting
  • Build Your Own Brand

All courses except the last two above are free, and I’ll show you right now how to take advantage of them.

For Build Your Own Brand:

pat flynn build your own brand

As shown above, this is a FREE 5-day challenge to help you build a brand and website you can be proud of.

What to expect from the challenge:

This course is one module per day. Each module will have 3-4 videos to help you through the day’s objective , and here’s what you’ll learn to do by the time you’re done:

  • Day One: Brand Camp. 
  • Day Two: Backend Essentials.
  • Day Three: Frontend Essentials.
  • Day Four: Social Media. 
  • Day Five: Setting Up For Success.
byob course

Who This Course Is For:

Let me ask you something, have you ever wanted to build a website but were held back because you didn’t know how to get started?

If so, then the BYOB Challenge Is For You!

Course Curriculum:

byob course curriculum


superfans companion course pat flynn

This course is an add-on bonus to Pat’s book, Superfans. You can think of it as Fun, helpful read-along that allows Pat to serve YOU even better.

(goals: show behind hte scenes of each course)

Pat Speaking

pat speaking

Want to watch Pat in action?

On this page you can watch a video:

pat flynn speaking in action

Would you like to Hire Pat to speak?

You see, Pat understands that finding a quality speaker is difficult, that’s why he strives to make it easy for you, and if you want to hire Pat, you first have to submit a form:

book pat for an event

Pat’s Keynote Topics

  • How To Convert Your Casual Audience Into Superfans
pat flynn keynote topics

  • Will It Fly? How To Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time And Money
pat flynn will it fly

  • Create, Promote And Monetize A Successful Podcast The Grows Your Influence And Income
pat flynn create promote and monetize a successful podcast

  • How To Future-Proof Your Brand
pat flynn how to future proof your brand

See Pat Speaking In…

pat flynn speaking gigs

Pat Advisorship

pat flynn advisorship

As you can see from the image above, Pat has been an advisor to different tech companies and startups and has helped several businesses gain more traction as a result. Here are those companies:

  1. ConvertKit
teachable pat flynn

  1. SquadCast

Do you have a startup or are looking for an advisor? Pat can help you on that too, all you need to do is submit a form:

pat startup

Pat's Blog

You can find Pat speaking on every subject like:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Parenting
  • Family Updates
  • Education
pat flynn blog

Pat also made the Smart Passive Income Blog to help you build your online dream business. 

pat smart passive income blog

Here’s SPI’s(Smart Passive Income’s) mission statement:

Smart Passive Income

“ To Elevate Entrepreneurs To Within Reach Of Their Dreams”

The vision Pat Flynn wants to take you to with the Smart Passive Income Blog is a trusted learning and development ecosystem that serves a worldwide community of online entrepreneurs  All entrepreneurs are bonded by a common cause -  to build purpose-driven and profitable businesses they can be proud of.

SPI’s Core Values

  1. Work With Purupose 
  2. Own Your Outcome
  3. Share Without Ego
  4. Embrae The Process
  5. Take Care
  6. Choose Health

SPI’S Trusted Sponsers

smart passive income trusted sponsors

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Pat On YouTube

pat on youtube

You can catch Pat uploading NEW videos to his YouTube channel weekly about everything, he even does Casual Q and A’s on Sundays like the video below:

Pat has over 261K subscribers and is growing every single day.

pat flynn youtube channel

Pat’s Latest Videos

pat flynn's latest videos

How Much Does Pat Flynn Cost?

That answer depends on which courses are you wanting to purchase?

As I showed earlier, his courses range from free - $999+, and it depends on what you want to learn and what are you goals are.

Who Is Pat Flyn For?

There are a TON of people who will benefit from listening to AND following Pat Flynn, like those who want to get away from their 9-5 life and create a great stream of passive income online. Other are:

  • People who are tired of working for their boss and hate going to work every single day and want a change and know that the internet is a great way to generate an income with a home based business through passive income
  • For aspiring Marketers who want to learn how to promote products better and build a solid online business with stories and understanding “selling without selling”.
  • For entrepreneurs who want to expand their skills in different areas online like Podcasting, video, blogging and more.
  • Physical brick and mortar businesses who need help moving forward with their business but feel stuck and need Pat’s help.
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Ecommerce
  • And so much more!

Pat Flynn Pros And Cons


  • A PROVEN Entrepreneur who openly shares his flaws, failure, successes so you can have faster success without making the mistakes he has which means you’ll make an impact and sales faster and with an easier time.
  • A Family man who has core values so you can feel confident you’re getting not just the business side(professional life) but Pat as a human being like you and I which means you can connect with him easier and you’ll have an easier time creating your own content.
  • Pat’s a successful passive income seeker with a proven track record of helping some of the biggest companies like Teachable, and Convertkit to name a few, so you can have confidence you can model and do the same thing which means you don’t have to worry about repliating success.
  • Very interactive entrepreneur who you can find going out of his way to REALLY help his audience with his content through podcasts, videos, blogs, and more which means if you just have general questions you need help with, you can always get them.


  • There really are no cons and I’m not saying that to be biased but Pat’s an amazing Entrepreneur with the qualities of a leader and proven record.

Pat Alternatives

Just in case you wanted to check out other like-minded entrepreneur as an alternative to Pat, I put together a list here

What I Liked Most About Pat

Of all the things I liked most about Pat Fly, the ONE thing I’d have to say I liked most was his character. Why?

Pat has a very charismatic approach to his work where he is very clear on what he stands for, how to help you grow, and how openly he is about his projects and what he can do for you to grow in person and professionally.

I have yet to meet someone with such a positive and warming vibe who truly believes in your success.

Final Verdict: Is Pat Flynn A Real Scam?

Most definitely not. Pat is a TRUE and REAL person who practices what he preaches with all that he does like…

Earning passive income, growing an existing business, and sharing your knowledge with the people you’ve been called to serve. You’ve seen it today…

Pat is a remarkable person who has YOUR best interest at heart and will go out of his way to help you, whether that means with his FREE or paid content you’ll always have the upper hand.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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