December 24

by Michael Granados

Is Sean Bagheri A Scam AND is he Really one of the top Clickbank Affiliates who’s made Over 8-Figures?

I’ll cut right to the chase, Sean Bagheri IS Not a scam...But does that mean he’s the right “guru” for you?

If you haven’t noticed, there are LOADS of “Make Money Online” opportunities, and with that comes the fake and legit gurus trying to show you how to make money if you buy their course(s) but that’s the problem…

You fall into a deep web of lies, scams, overpriced courses, and it makes you feel lost, confused, and freaking frustrated because you’ve just wasted your time and energy on some “regurgitated” crap you can find anywhere for free online…

But that ends today as I “Michael Granados” a full-time 4-figure+ affiliate marketer will show you the ins and outs of what nobody else shares with you about Sean Bagheri and his programs, the pros and cons, the alternative mentors and programs, as well as much more so by the time you're done you’ll know the right call to make.

But before I get started, I’ve also written reviews of online gurus who ARE scammers like Wesley Virgin, Chance and Abdul among many more, so I know I can add more value to you.

Alright, let’s get started!

Who Is Sean Bagheri?

who is sean bagheri

Sean Bagheri is an internet entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Aversity Inc who does daily videos on internet marketing, stock market, business, and affiliate marketing.

He is the founder of multiple eight-figure online companies(Including Adversity Inc) and is one of the top Clickbank Affiliate's today which is a marketplace of products you can promote for a commission. Sean has grown his businesses using simple marketing strategies that you can take advantage of learning inside of Adversity.

Going Inside Adversity

what is aversity

The headline pops out right away where it reads:

“Leverage The Online Business Strategy That Is Making Newbies Up To $3,000 A DAY On Autopilot”

Sean Bagheri // Aversity

Sounds very catchy and in this video, Sean shares with you underneath, he shows you one of his affiliate accounts that have made over $41,000 in a month selling products he’s never seen or touched. So Sean went ahead and showed you how he did it…

And says this is the Ultimate video training course in Affiliate Marketing, combined with prenasalized Mentorship from Sean, and here’s what’s inside:

whats inside aversity

  • The Basics and Examples. You’ll learn what affiliate marketing is and why it’s the greatest type of business in the world. You’ll see real-life examples of successful affiliate businesses and click by click details of their business.
  • Build It From Scratch. You’ll learn the step by step process of building a successful affiliate marketing business without investing too much money. It’s easy to understand and implement for you, made for the new affiliates and people with less experience.
  • Learn The Most Profitable Ones. Sean says there are LOADS of ways to teach affiliate marketing but that not all of them will generate you results, so his Home Business Bootcamp will focus on the ones that make you money and profits.
  • It’s The Fastest Way To Success. Building a business is not easy, it requires your time and effort but Sean’s Home Business Bootcamp Training is all about speed! Everything you will learn inside, from the tools, training, and coaching programs are ALL designed to help you achieve success as fast as possible

Home Business Bootcamp Class Curriculum

home business bootcamp curriculm

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the Home Business Bootcamp:

Module 1: Home Business Basics

In this first module, you’ll learn some of the basics of this profitable home business before you get into the details of building it.

Module 2: Getting Started.

In module 2, you’re going to get into the affiliate marketing world by putting together some of the basics of your future online business such as:

  • Your affiliate accounts
  • Finding affiliate products to promote and
  • Ways to maximize your revenue for every product you promote.

Module 3: Building Your Sales Funnel

This module gets interesting! You’ll learn about Sean's 6-figure strategy and how he’s making over $3,000 a day in this business and then you’ll get the tools you need to build out your very first sales funnel.

Module 4: Driving Traffic To Your Funnel

After you build out your funnels, it’s time to drive traffic and earn money and that’s what module 4 is all about, you’ll learn:

  • Sean's Most profitable traffic and sales source
  • Ways to optimize your funnels to earn more commissions!

Module 5: Improving Your Funnel And Updates

After driving your traffic to your sales funnels and generating some sales, it’s time to take everything one step further by improving your business for maximum results. In this module you’ll learn everything there is to know about optimization and ways to improve your business for maximum results.

Module 6: Building A Video Presell Funnel

In this final module, Sean will share another strategy that will go with your existing business and will surely help you get the most out of every lead and customer. This is a click by click training that is the key to your future six-figure online business.

More About Aversity...

aversity done for you business

  • You’ll get a Done For You Online Business, First of its Kind. This is a step-by-step training program where you’ll get access to done for you content to setup a profitable online business in less than a couple of hours. Your:
    • Pages
    • Emails
    • Videos
    • Offers
    • Websites
    • And everything in between
  • Aversity Silver Masterclass
aversity silver

  • Inner Circle Masterclass To Learn From 7-8 figure earners
inner circle masterclass sean bagheri

  • The Gold Masterclass, The World’s most popular Affiliate Marketing Course
gold masterclass sean bagheri

  • Platinum Masterclass, To Take Everything To The Next Level
aversity platinum masterclass

  • Aversity One, Joining The Elites Of The Online Business World…
aversity one

Other Training Courses

aversity training courses

You also can learn a specific skill online in areas like:

  • Clickbank Mastery
  • Niche Blogging Success
  • Home Business Bootcamp
  • YouTuber Traffic Masters
  • Top Level Affiliate
  • Solo Ads Mastery
  • Never Losing Crypto FORMULA
  • 5 Page Profit Sites
  • 3 Step Online Business
  • Online Business Kickstarter
  • 4 Hours To Success
  • Online Business Bootcamp
  • High Ticket Bootcamp
aversity courses

What Other People Are Saying…

aversity reviews
aversity reviewed

How Much Does Sean Bagheri(And His Programs) Cost?

That answer depends on what level of service you’d like, for example, he has his Gold Masterclass that’ll help you earn up to $3,00 a day using his proven Revolutionary A to Z Online Business system for $297.

aversity cost

Who’s Sean Bagheri For?

Sean was made for people who are beginners and people frustrated that they’re not getting results in their affiliate marketing business and want to follow a proven mentor and formula to get the results you desire.

Here’s more:

  • 9-5 employees who’d like to have a part-time or full-time affiliate marketing business that’ll make money for them every single day while they’re on or off their computer/phone. 
  • Aspiring Affiliate Marketers who ACTUALLY want to learn the skills and not keep taking opportunity after opportunity so that you can finally make money without having to feel lost and confused.
  • People who want step-by-step and click by click training to build a highly successful six-figure/mo online business 
  • You want the systems and tools you need to build a successful online business
  • People who want an All-In-One solution so you never have to spend money on other courses and products that are overpriced and or just don’t work.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And many more!

Who’s Sean Bagheri Not For?

  • Tire kickers
  • Time wasters
  • Push-button seekers
  • People who will put no effort into
  • Fast money seekers
  • Lazy people

Pros And Cons


  • Proven Digital Entrepreneur who clearly shares his message to the world of beginners who want to make money online with affiliate marketing so you can have confidence and certainty with his program which means you’ll take more action as a result of it.
  • You can leverage a million-dollar business so you don’t have to worry about starting from complete scratch which means you’ll get an unfair advantage and likely make more than your competitors
  • You get to learn from a top Clickbank affiliate’s so you can get guidance on how to make money with that platform which means you’ll have more fun and enjoyment.
  • Learn to drive traffic and get sales so you’ll never run out of high-quality leads which means you’ll heave a healthy fully thriving business long-term.
  • You’ll be shown how to build a brand and become the industry leader so you can crush your competition which means you’ll be loved by many, even your closest family members.


  • Very pricy course($3,497.00) without being able to get some kind of a test drive before you buy. There are other training courses that are expensive too but this is one of the highest, and as a newbie, you may not want to pay that.


I truly do believe in Sean but over my many years of experience, I’ve come to know just about ALL the “gurus” in the affiliate marketing space, and what it boils down to me(and it should for you too) is “How” they teach and “What” strategy they show you…

And I’ll show you, my favorite mentors, first and then the programs that follow, okay?

For Mentors:

Jeff Lerner is my favorite on the fact that he’s been around for much longer, is a 2X 8-figure CEO, with many years of affiliate marketing experience, and you actually get to COPY either of his businesses in the top 3 business models online which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Agency
  • Course Creator

Click here to learn more about Jeff Lerner.

For Programs:

I really enjoyed going with ENTRE Institute which is Jeff Lerner’s program, why?

You have everything you need to learn like:

  • Psychology
  • Mindset
  • Economics
  • Personal Development
  • Productivity
  • Making Money
  • And so much more!

Unlike other affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs, Jeff’s teaching style prepares you from the beginning to have the right mindset so you can make money with your online business long-term and not the other way around OR when others don’t show you this.

What I Liked Most About Sean Bagheri

There’s so much to like, so I’d rather give you a list, is that alright?

  • Well-know internet marketer 
  • One of the biggest affiliates of networks like Clickbank and JVZOO
  • He has a million-dollar system in Aversity
  • Sean has a done-for-you system you can leverage
  • Over the last 5+ years, he’s made over 5 Million dollars

What I Didn’t Like

  • There’s not much to add here other than the fact that I didn’t want to depend on just the Clickbank and JVZOO products which can be crap at times, yet so many of the “Old” affiliate marketers rely on these types of products and create systems around them.

Final Verdict: Is Sean Bagheri A REAL Scam?

No. Sean is a very genuine and humble person who happens to also make a Killing online with affiliate marketing, being known as one of the best affiliates with networks like Clickbank and JvZoo, and listen to this…

There was once a time when you could easily cash in one of these types of affiliate networks but nowadays there is SO MUCH competition online, even writing an article to rank online isn’t enough. You have to leverage systems and rely on training (Yes, expensive courses most of the time) to push you in the right direction OR…

You can continue trying to figure it out for yourself and before it’s too late, you’ve curved off the beaten path. If you’d like to follow a proven system, you can check out Sean Bagheri and his Aversity system here OR you can check out my #1 recommendation instead by clicking the button below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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