May 25

by Michael Granados

How would you like to have a Certified, Proven and GUARANTEED Home Business Job to make $379/Day from home?

Welcome to this Mega Rapid Profit Package Review where I “Michael Granados” will pull back the curtains and show you the FIRST-HAND experience unlike any other on what this system is and if truly this is an easy way to make extra money working part-time from the comfort of your own home. I’m going to get right to the truth…

Is Rapid Profit Package Legit? NOPE! This is yet another “Home Business” opportunity scam with fancy sales messaging telling you how a mom named April Matthews used to work hard paycheck to paycheck to pay the bills and then had this “Epiphany” to land her Dream Job, which there’s nothing wrong with her story, it’s just very shady when you see what I revealed.

But before I get into the meat and potatoes, if you’d rather get on with it and check out my #1 recommended home business opportunity where you can earn high commissions in less time and you don’t have to own your own product, inventory or be this “techy” person, click here to see.

Alright, let’s get started.

Rapid Profit Package Overview

Product Name: Rapid Profit Package

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Home Business Job, Affiliate Marketing

Price: $37

Best for: 9-5 employees, people who want to own their own business, Beginners, Experts, People who want a passive income Affiliate Business.

rapid profit package april

Summary: Rapid Profit Package is this home-based business "job" where you get paid for posting links given to you by companies like Netflix, The Home Depot, Amazon, etc on websites and getting paid commissions for it.

This is better known as Affiliate Marketing where you get paid by sending people over to a company and getting paid when people purchase a product/service. Supposedly there's a huge potential where people are making up to $379+ per day from home. But this system is cheap and it's a scam...

You have to pay to get in and get very basic training that then will eventually upsell you to join higher paying programs. I would avoid it at all costs.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What Is Rapid Profit Package?

what is rapid profit package

Rapid Profit Package is supposed to be this certified program created by Who the heck knows (we’ll talk about that soon) made for what’s called “Link Posting” which is where you post links on websites for companies like Netflix, Amazon, The Home Depot and more and get paid whenever someone clicks it and buys the product/service. This is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a Legitimate online businesses opportunity (and My #1 way of making money online) where you can pair up with a Company like for example Amazon and they give you what’s called an “Affiliate Link” which is a link tagged to a product/service and you can promote it to an audience of people and whenever they click, they’ll be taken to Amazon and have the chance to buy the product. If and when they do, you’ll get paid a commission percentage.

There’s nothing more to it, the Owner of the product handles the customer, and your job is to JUST get them to them, pretty cool right?

But back to the main thing, Rapid Profit Package comes with a catch...Although you can sign up with companies and post free affiliate links, there’s a fee to join. Think about it…

Why would you have to fork over your hard-earned money just to start a “job?” I’ll get into critiquing the sales page in a bit but why should you have to pay for a “job” online let alone you don’t have the full details presented like with a demo as to how this system works?

PLUS, it’s not a “job”, it’s a home business opportunity, which I hate how the program is showcased, and that’s a HUGE red flag. But don’t just take my word for it, let me show you how it EXACTLY works…

Going Inside Rapid Profit Package

Here’s what you’ll see on the rapid profit page you’ve likely come across:

rapid profit package home page

Listen, right when I landed on this page and I saw the whole “CNN, Fox News featured on stuff, without scrolling at all my “SCAM” senses started to tingle because I’ve seen this all too much…

These “Greedy Gurus” present their opportunity as a way to make you think they’re credible by showing you where they’ve been featured on, and even have this whole “Congratulations” section that 9 times out of 10 is just a selling point to make you think you’re worth doing this.

When you do scroll down you’ll see this message:

rapid profit package home business

Who the heck names a job a “Home-Based Business Job?” I’ll tell you what this means...The creators (which I’ll get to who they are in a moment) are trying to attract a market of people who want a work-from-home job but would be happy to have a home business too…

And while that can make sense if you’re running like a Digital Marketing Agency, it doesn’t really apply to “posting links” as an affiliate marketer.

This is unethical marketing and is only misleading you and others to believe affiliate marketing is a “job” as opposed to what it really is...An Affiliate Marketing BUSINESS!

Take a look at this video presentation:

rapid profit package video

What catches your attention before you even watch the video? The “UPDATE” part, right? Here’s what’s alarming about it...You get a marketing tactic known as social marketing urgency which gets you to believe that if so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity, it must be popular and will work.

And how you should secure a position before they all fill up...Which is NOT true. They are using false urgency. Here’s what’s funnier (well not funny)...

You get a sales message presentation from a woman named April Matthews, who used to be this:

  • Hard-working
  • Underappreciated

Working women like many Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, working to pay the bills. She got divorced blah blah blah...She had a chilling day that changed her life (her Epiphany) how she was crying for hours not wanting to have a job and began thinking about what she wanting in a job:

rapid profit package want in a job

Long-story-short, she found her dream job which was “link posting” as I’ve revealed to you the meaning behind it. Within 3 months she quit her other job, had an easy to work from home job where she now works 1-4 hours a day, making her DOUBLE than what she was earning before.

Anyways, I’m sick of writing about that so the whole rest of the sales message is about getting you to believe how companies are desperate for people like you to independently post these links from home, it’s getting you into these 3 stages:

  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

What’s crazy is their illustration of how much money you can make with their sample calculator:

rapid profit package calculator

You will be able to select different amounts and see how much you can make. It’s not fair how they start you with a high quantity amount in each category…

You also have to see how much you can make for lower amounts. They’re using this is a way to bait beginners in.

How It Works (In 3 Simple Steps)

STEP 1: You log in to your personal account and you can copy the unique linking codes this system will automatically give you.

rapid profit package step 1

STEP 2: You’ll enter the section of your personal account where you’re then given quick and easy access to all the links and special promotions.

rapid profit package step 2

STEP 3: You will fill out a few details and submit to create your site

rapid profit package step 3

Supposedly with Rapid Profit Package you can fill out one link for 1 to 2 minutes and you made $44.10, and you can do this over and over again. If you process 2 links for $88.20 a day...5 links for $220.50 a day...10 links for $441 a day or more.

Here are personal accounts people have made:

rapid profit package earnings

What Comes Inside The Rapid Profit Package System...

rapid profit package inside

PLUS you get:

  • A Free One-on-One Consultation With An Internet Wealth Expert
rapid profit package consult

Red Flags

Red Flag #1: No Known Creator

You’re not shown who’s the creator of this rapidprofitpackage program at ALL and that’s highly likely because the owner wants to remain anonymous for a scam they’re running. Many programs I’ve reviewed like (names) hide the person of the system so they’re not held liable and nothing can trace back to them if people are not satisfied with their training.

However, when I clicked the “green” get started button on the sales page to take me to the checkout page I was a bit shocked/surprised to see the person in the video message:

rapid profit package jeff lerner

This is a man known as Jeff Lerner who is the owner of the ENTRE Institute Digital Education platform which is a legitimate training institution by the way, but who’s had a history of creating programs similar to this where he gets you to buy into a system and then you end up buying higher levels to get higher access to training and resources…

Then your goal would be to promote the course to other people to get paid. Systems like that really aren’t around anymore because the FTC shut them down when companies like MOBE and Empire Network were doing it BUT…

You can expect there to upsell and things you don’t need at all - that applies to all levels of affiliate marketers. Also, the checkout page keeps referencing a guy named “Brian”, but is that the creator?

Is he the owner? WHO KNOWS. And the voice of the video presentation on the sales page is by a guy named Jordan who’s been a partner with Jeff for some time as well as the creator of Dropfunnels.

Honestly, NONE of these people really have an understanding of how to “TANGIBLY” grow an affiliate marketing business outside of promoting people a home business opportunity and selling people the dream...It’s quite sad….With maybe the exception of Jordan who has Dropfunnels now.

Red Flag #2: False Spots Available

Many companies like to have a certain amount of spots available section for urgency so you get to act now, but the truth is, if you look back in a day, a week, heck a month from now, you’ll likely see the same “115 positions available”

rapid profit package 115

There are cases where they do go away, but not for this. It’s very similar to other systems I’ve reviewed like Cowboy Wealth, Commission Plan X System, and others.

Red Flag #3: Work From Home Business Job

Who puts the words home business job together for an Affiliate Marketing BUSINESS? Only these people. Truth is, Affiliate Marketing is not necessarily labeled a “Job”, rather it’s a business model…

To build a home business. While it is a type of job, it’s not how this sales page labels it. So that’s a big red flag.

Red Flag #4: False Testimonials

The people you see in the videos and written reviews are likely paid through Fiverr Gigs so they can produce false testimonials. You have to be very careful here.

Rapid Profit Package Reviews

rapid profit package reviews
rapid profit package testimonials

Rapid Profit Package bbb

I couldn't find any Better Business Bureau (BBB) information on Rapid Profit Package, and it looks like at least for the moment there isn't any. Is this a bad sign?

Not really, but it doesn't exactly mean it's good news. A lot of the times it's just set up as a different business identity and it usually means it's a "quick fix" program that then will go away in the future.

How Much Does Rapid Profit Package Cost?

This system is originally $197 but you can get it for a limited time only amount of $37. Plus you get bonuses, one of those is the ENTRE Blueprint and the Awesome Life Challenge.

Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, you are backed up by a 100% iron-clad guarantee where you can give them a call within 60 days and you’ll get refunded 100% of your money back.

rapid profit package cost

PLUS, if you try to exit the checkout page, you can get it for just $17.

rapid profit package discount

Rapid Profit Package Application?

There's no "application" to join, rather you have a form where you will fill out four steps:

  • STEP 1: Contact Information
  • STEP 2: Address Information
  • STEP 3: Payment Information
  • STEP 4: Order Summary
rapid profit package application

Who’s Rapid Profit Package For

NO ONE. But let’s just entertain the fact, here’s who it will be for:

  • Beginner affiliate marketers can easily be sucked into a system that is very basic and shows you very little affiliate marketing.
  • Complete Newbies who have no idea how to make money online
  • People who want a home business job...Which you know by now it’s a business NOT a job!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Everyone!
  • People who want to save their time and money
  • People who don’t want to be scammed
  • People who want REAL help

Pros And Cons


  • Smart messaging with sharing a story from a lady who succeeded and smart video messaging.
  • Does well in provoking interest, desire and action.


  • EVERYTHING. The system is just preying on beginners and people who haven't started making money online.
  • No display of the owner
  • False messaging
  • No good use of testimonials
  • False Urgency


My favorite section! There are definitely GREATER and BETTER alternatives out there that’ll give you real and legitimate training, here’s a list I have for you that I’ve tried and know are proven to work:

My favorite is Legendary Marketer because it’s a high ticket affiliate marketing program created by an 8-Figure CEO and Forbes Leader in Dave Sharpe.

Many affiliate programs focus on General affiliate marketing so they can help in any niche, but this one focuses on High ticket affiliate marketing which is where you can promote a few products and make $1,000's PER sale in less time!

And it helps when you’re learning from someone who’s MADE it in the space. Listen, I started in this industry as my first Affiliate Business in the health space...

AND I still run it to this day, so you’ll get first-hand experience in a niche outside the same dumb old “Make Money Online” niche every beginner and eventually person ends up in…

Promoting people “the dream” of running an online business even before they themselves are living the “Laptop Lifestyle”...Like HOW do you live with yourself!

But If you didn’t have an interest in this space, then the other courses I listed are a great alternative.

What I Liked Most About Rapid Profit Package

Nothing. Okay, I’ll play nice - I Liked was “entertained” by the sales video how it conveys emotion and gets you and me to believe there’s something out there we can plug into and become financially better at.

But that’s all, seriously.

What I Liked Least

EVERYTHING. I’d be here for minutes but I’ll sum it up by saying I didn’t like the whole “Home Business Job” in affiliate marketing vibe, the very basic training to no owner presence and more.

Final Thoughts

Rapid Profit Package is yet another home business job type business opportunity that really has no True identity as in you don’t know who the owner is, you get false urgency to claim your spot and buy now, to no “juice” showing me inside the product before I buy.

I hate these “Greedy Gurus” who only prey on beginners and people wanting to start a home business opportunity and only sell them the dream...This is a VERY dangerous part of affiliate marketing - It’s the “Make Money Online” Affiliates promoting home business Opportunities…

As opposed to promoting other products and services. It’s sad but that’s the reality. Luckily there are better alternatives out there as I shared with you earlier, and If you’d like to see my #1 Recommended FREE Alternative for building a REAL High Ticket affiliate marketing business, then click the button below to find out how.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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