February 19

by Michael Granados

Wouldn’t you like to see the most Truthful and Unbiased thelocalboss.co reviews?

What about Launching a Highly profitable Lead Generation business in Just 90 days?

Whether you’re about to launch your first business to escape your 9-5 J-O-B or a seasoned veteran looking to get your business boosted off the stratosphere, you’ll want to listen in because your life may never be the same…

But here’s how I’ve seen this game played out - Most people want to start and grow an online Digital Agency business but very few ever make their first $100, and $10,000, why? A lack of proper training, a “Guru” out to get your hard-earned money, eventually leaving you dusting through the road like a tumbleweed…

Good news is that will change today as I “Michael Granados” will show you the Ultimate truths about Adam Davies and his Lead Generation training, the pros and cons, how much is the local boss program, alternatives, and so much more you MUST know if you want to fulfill on your dreams of having more financial freedom, your time back, and to be able to finally live life on your own terms!

Are you ready to dive in?

The Local Boss Overview

Person's Name: Adam Davies

Occupation: Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Agency owner

Type Of Business: Lead Generation/Digital Agency

Best Product Known For: Local Boss

Best for: Beginners, 9-5 employees, people who want to run a digital agency business.

whos adam davies

Summary: The Local Boss is a lead generation business where you're working closely with local business owners to get them more people(customers) through their doors by running Facebook ads and collecting leads first so that the business can then follow up with them and close the deal.

While I do think it's brilliant if you're looking for a way to help bring in quality leads into businesses, I do think it's too centered around Facebook ads, so in a way limits you from learning everything else in Digital agency/Lead generation. That's why I recommend you see my #1 recommended lead generation Digital agency business training by clicking here(free video) OR if you want to start an online business in two of the other BEST online business models one of which is more "passive" than "active" income, click on the button below to see.

Rating: 90/100

Recommended: Yes

What Is The Local Boss Program?

Local Boss is an online training company that helps online marketers grow a highly profitable lead generation business which if you don’t know what Lead Generation is...it’s where you help small and large businesses/entrepreneurs get more people(future customers) into their business and you get paid for bringing them new leads/customers.

Listen to this, there are an estimated 115 MILLION small businesses in the world, and almost all of them need help when it comes to generating new customers and that’s why Adam Davies believes Lead Generation is the #1 skill you can learn that enables you to solve this huge problem for businesses in desperately need of your help.

The Local Boss training program contains tried and tested systems that Anyone can follow enabling the students and you to learn real-world skills that actually work in helping businesses to get more potential customers through their door.

And now we’ll go deeper inside of the training and more...

Going Inside Local Boss

On The Local Boss home page you’ll see this:

what's local boss

Before I show you the training, here’s a quick look at who Adam Davies is…

Who Is Adam Davies?

Adam Davies specializes in helping people break free from their normal life and get into the “perfect” online business with lead generation and he’s grown several 6-7 Figure businesses and even got one of them ranked in the Inc 5,000 List of fastest-growing companies…

His greatest accomplishment was when he discovered the “perfect business model” that helps online marketers have a lucrative income and a great lifestyle working from anywhere in the world…

And witnessing a huge number of internet marketers struggling to scale their businesses, Adam decided in 2018 to create a step-by-step online program to help them break free. He named the program “Local Boss”.

whos adam davies

2 Steps To Kill Your 9-5

Adam made a webinar like video for you that’ll look like this:

the local boss video

He uncovers how you can kill your 9 to 5 job in just 2 simple steps:

STEP 1: Provide a Scalable Monthly Local Service Hungry Local Businesses

local boss 2 steps

This is where you’ll find a niche where local businesses are desperate for leads on a particular service they offer and are willing to pay money for them ex:

 Dentists = Teeth Whitening.

Then here’s what you do:

  • Use Proven offers for every business you work within that particular vertical(like what works in Los Angeles will also work in London)
  • COPY and paste the proven Facebook Ad campaigns for each client you sign up to get instant results = Happy Clients.

Adam doesn’t use complicated funnels and landing pages like Clickfunnels software, Groovefunnels, or anything like that, he simply uses the Lead form built inside of Facebook’s Ad Campaign Types.

Here’s an example:

local boss step 1

Here are the amount of leads Adam made for this example where he paid $49 for a lead:

local boss leads

Here's another example for a CoolSculpting client:

local boss example

And here’s the Facebook ad costs of running this type of business leads:

local boss facebook

So using the businesses money for an upfront $49/Lead and you have four different clients who have a different cost per result, you end up making an overall profit.

STEP 2: Use A Predictable “Machine” To Attract High Paying Local Clients

local boss step 2

Adam makes sure this machine involves:

  • No Cold Calling
  • No Complicated funnels
  • No ad spend
  • Be able to operate from anywhere in the world
  • And only spend time on businesses who ASK for help

Here’s how he did it:

local boss cold email marketing

Yep, by cold email marketing. Cold email was responsible for Adam getting 10 clients in 10 weeks. You can systemize this to send out 100’s of emails every day to businesses who ONLY need the help…

This way you’re not having to spend all your time on Gmail, Outlook or wherever doing it manually. Here’s an example of cold email outreach:

local boss cold email

So this is how the system works:

local boss system
local boss payment

The Profit Model: Free Book

local boss free book

Adam his this “intro” book you can pick up where he will show you how to start and grow a hugely profitable online lead generation business in 90 days or less.

And here’s what’s inside the book:

the profit model book
  • Why this lead generation business model is better and different than anything you’ve seen
  • How you can get started immediately without any prior experience
  • How to land $5,000 per month clients without having to meet them face to face
  • How to help businesses get more customers while working from home or anywhere in the world

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How Much Does Local Boss Cost?

Local Boss doesn't give you a cost upfront, they first require you to schedule a 1-1 with their team, and I've tried looking everywhere online and haven't come to definitive conclusion but...

I've taken programs like these in the past and they usually like $4,000 and then you'd need the budget for ads, some emailing tools, and more which drives up the cost.

Who’s Local Boss For?

Local boss was created for people who want to kill their 9-5 job or boost their existing lead generation agency business.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners with little no experience who want to make 6-figures per year working from anywhere in the world.
  • Go-getters who don’t let life get in the way of living an awesome life and want to finally be paid what you’re worth.
  • Aspiring side hustlers, part-time and full-time seekers who want to become a digital nomad and want to wake up to a worthy cause every day.
  • Marketers and digital agency owners who are looking for more reliable ways to get clients and deliver them results without the overhead and complexity involved.
  • Serial Entrepreneurs who are looking for another side income and are looking for the next thing to sink their teeth into.
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • And many more!

Who's It Not For?

  • Lazy people
  • Fast money seekers
  • Tire Kickers
  • People who want to just press a few buttons
  • People who don’t want “another job”

Pros And Cons


  • Tried and tested systems that anyone can follow to learn real-world skills that will pay you for many years to come which means you’ll never struggle to find meaningful clients willing to pay you and you’ll always know how to deliver.
  • Proven Digital Agency Entrepreneur in Adam Davies who’s built several 6-7 figures businesses and even got one of them ranked in the Inc 5,000 so you can have confidence and certainty what you’re learning is real and will help you reach your income goals.
  • Done-for-you scripts and cold email templates so you don’t have to start from scratch figuring out what to send which means you’ll get a head start and free up time in your day to do other activities you love like your hobbies.
  • Niche selections so you can choose the right industry to service which means you won’t struggle to earn.


  • Focused heavily just on Facebook ads. I’d like the course to be more well-rounded.
  • Getting on phone calls
  • Facebook can shut your ad account at any time.


There are definitely other options and even “Better” alternatives so I’ll first share with you my personal favorite Lead Generation agency business program and then I’ll go over another business model you might be interested in…

For Digital Agency:

My favorite by far is the “Agency Millionaire Accelerator” course by a 2X-8 Figure CEO in Jeff Lerner(create of ENTRE Institute) who’s PROVEN to go from over $400,000 in debt to making well over $40 Million online in not just one but 3 different business models:

  • Agency
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Course Creation

What I Like About the Agency Millionaire Accelerator course is it doesn’t Only focus on Facebook ads like most of what Local Boss focuses on, it also does the following:


  • Starting off right - The Winning Mindset
  • Getting Results
  • Growth And Scale

I like that you can also learn how to apply SEO techniques so you can rank websites on Google and find other ways to grow your business without just relying on Facebook ads which can be detrimental because the ad costs are going even higher and the chances of getting your account banned will leave you out on the sidelines.


Now if you’re interested in making money more “passively” where it’s not so much of a “job” or active income, then I recommend the #1 business model online which is affiliate marketing…

This is where you can promote other people's products and services in exchange for a commission, without ever having to own your own product, fulfill on customer support, or hold any inventory…

Heck, you don’t even have to worry about cold emailing, or running ads! My recommendations are:

Once again, I can’t say enough about how great ENTRE Institute is, but they have expert training from 7-10+ figure owners who literally help you shortcut your journey to getting faster results...

And the 6-step ENTRE Blueprint will help you with that.

What I Liked Most About Local Boss

I’d have to say my favorite thing about Local Boss are the done-for-you scripts and material because you don’t have to start from scratch trying to figure out “what”, “who”, and “how” to communicate your message to future clients and current clients so you can get more business.

You will be given cold emailing scripts and the reactions in return are usually respectful and great. This way you can feel confident in your ability to attract new business.

What I Liked Least

Let’s see...I’d have to say the course is heavily reliant on Facebook ads and it’s really simple. For one, Facebook can shut your account down if anything goes wrong, you’re relying on just paid ads to attract customers, and I feel like it’s best for you to learn a well-rounded amount of skills in digital agency…

And then you can specialize if need be.

Final Thoughts And Next Level Steps

What did you think about this localboss.com review? There’s A LOT to take in, right? 

The Local Boss co can be a great lead generation course on the fact that you get done-for-you material and a proven two-step process as I showed you earlier in getting clients and then delivering for them with Facebook ads…

And all that is well since you’ll learn the skill of running ads but there’s also limitation I see and they are that you are not getting a well-rounded enough digital agency education, you are relying on ads as your only skill, you have to do all these things on the phone with your clients...and I just wouldn’t want to put myself through that if there are other and better ways.

If you’d like to see my #1 recommended alternative and mentor for growing a widely profitable digital agency business, then click the button below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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