February 19

by Michael Granados

Did you know a Quality membership website can bring you a secure monthly income, repeat customers, and more freedom to do what it is you want when you want to?

Would you like to see 10+ of the BEST Memberpress Example Sites to Literally Blow Up your business overnight and to show you how?

Yep, it’s true... That’s why harnessing the power of a Membership plugin through a WordPress website is much faster and easier than having to learn how to code and screw it up a few or a hundred times, and handing it off to a coder - Forget about the costs!

This is why I “Michael Granados” created this post so you can look at these real-world “Mind-blowing” memberpress example websites before you decide to commit and take the plunge...It’s going to feel kind of like going to a mall and window shopping…

You’re walking from store to store and then BAM! You fixate your eyes on an image of your favorite hero on a canvas and you know you have to walk in now and get it!

Alright, let’s get started.

What Is Memberpress?

what is memberpress

In a nutshell, memberpress is a WordPress membership site plugin that makes it Super easy for you to charge your users and website visitors for access to private member-only content as well digital products such as software, and e-books. 

With Memberpress you get the ability to confidently create, manage, and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products with the click of a few buttons.

Cool thing is you can grant and revoke access to things like:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Tags 
  • Feeds
  • Communities
  • Digital files…

Based on what products your users have purchased or subscribed to. Pretty neat stuff, right? And Listen to this statistic according to MemberPress…

“By 2022, 53% of all software revenue will all be generated from subscription models”

MemberPress // Membership Plugin

10+ Memberpress Website Examples

#1 Scott Allan Turner

scott alan turner

Scott Allan Turner is a successful and Certified Financial Planner who shows people how to reach their own personal, financial, and business goals.

Scott has a product called Best Money Academy where he shows everyday average people the Netflix of Personal finance for kids ages 3-19

scott alan turner teenz money

#2 IdeaPod


Ideapod’s mission is to provide media and education that helps people to think critically, question standard conventions, and become more creative. They want to truly help people take control back from the institutions and actors that take their power away.

You’ll find:

  • Articles
  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops…

That inspires people to get to know their true selves in a more profound way while enhancing their personal power. They’ve published well over 1,000 articles and have a monthly readership of almost one MILLION people. And their masterclasses have been attended by well over 10,000 people!

So let’s break down a workshop to show you how Membrepess is being used:

ideapod workshop

If you scroll down a bit you’ll see the “Out Of The Box” workshop as shown in the image above. Click to learn more and you’ll see this page:

out of the box

Scroll down a little and you’ll see an “I’m Ready” button, click that and you’ll come to the checkout page:

ideapod order form

Now, this is the secure order form used by Memberpress. You can see the form to the left and some testimonials to the right for social proof:

idea order

Very simple, yet powerful.

#3 Social Security Works

social security works

With Social Security Works they’re on a mission to protect and improve at the same time the economic security of disadvantaged and at-risk populations as well:

  • Safeguard their economic security of those who are dependent, now or in the future, on social security…
  • Maintain up to standard Social Security as a vehicle of social justice

If we go to their “Member” page you’ll see this image:

social security works member

You can join as a member to sustain the fight to expand Social Security and Medicare and becoming a member means:

  • You get exclusive messages from Social Security Champions…
  • Input to NEW Strategies and Tactics…
  • Early Release opportunity for books through Strong Arm Press, SSW’s new publishing imprint…
  • You get to participate in and support Social Security Works’ electoral program

To the right is the order form made with Memberpress:

social security works order form

Cool thing about this order form is you can use it as a donation form where you can input different amounts and decide to make it monthly or only donate once, plus did you see the payment types?

  • PayPal or
  • Pay with a Credit or debit card

#4 Skyes Work At Home

skyes work at home

The way Skyes Work At Home uses Memberpress is a little different in the fact that they used a Memberpress theme rather than creating a members area login/sign up or some type of an order form…

And it was tricky to find at first but thanks to the “Inspect” feature, I was able to figure it out. Before I show you how they used their theme, let me tell you what Skyes is specifically about first…

They are Work-at-home agent solutions for European Customer Service needs. What they do is explain the benefits and advantages of outsourcing customer service and technical support needs to an experienced work-at-home provider, skilled in the recruitment, training, and deployment of home-based agents across Europe.

You can create cool layouts with memberpress to showcase your features and benefits like Sky has done here:


Also, the ability Memberpress gives you is to create resource/course pages open or closed to the public and Skyes has created an “open” resource area to download brochures:

skyes brochures

#5 Simply Safe Dividends

simply safe dividends

Simple Safe Dividends was created by Brian Bollinger to change the one-sided flow of wealth in financial services by empowering everyday investors to take control of their financial futures. Brian provides research rooted in the facts and offers a balanced look at an investment opportunity,

Simple Safe Dividends is similar To Skyes from #4 on the list on the fact that the theme is a Memberpress one where they’ve used a blog scroll page:

simply blog scroll

But the difference between Skyes and Simple Safe Dividends is that Simple has a Free 14-day trial page and a members login area used with Memberpress:

simply safe dividends free trial



Want to grow a Medical news website with no problem?

JUCM which is short for The Journal Of Urgent Care Medicine and they support the evolution of urgent care medicine by creating content that addresses both the clinical practice of urgent care medicine and the practice management challenges of keeping pace with an ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

Here’s how they use the Memberpress plugin...At the top of the navigation menu you’ll see two different menus:

  • Subscribe/Get Access
  • Login

Starting with Subscribe/Get Access, here’s what you’ll see:

jucm subscribe

They’ve set up Free and Paid Subscription options where you can get access to:

  • Archives
  • Newsletters
  • Pdf digital and physical subscriptions
  • And more!

And If I go to subscribe to like the Free version here’s what you’ll see:

jucm free

This is an in-depth form to fill out. The same thing goes for the paid version.

Now, for the Sign in:

jucm login

It’s a simple login form like you’d see anywhere else. 

So if you have a medical news site or any other kind of news site and want to add subscriptions as well member login forms, this is the perfect example.

#7 Bootcamps For Bassists

bootcamp for bassists

Bootcamps for Bassists is exactly what the name implies - A Bootcamp for people to become better Bassists.

The site with the Bootcamp part brings you to this page:

bootcamp members

This memberpress login form is just two parts:

  • Username
  • Password

Scott has a lot of different entrance points like his Free 14-day trial and other products but the one thing he’s using Memberpress for is the members' login area like I showed you above. Rock On!

#8 SalesForce Ben

sales force ben home page

The site SalesForceBen is one of the most popular Salesforce blogs in the world - standing proud as the independent voice of the Salesforce Ecosystem.

This site was made by an experienced Salesforce admin in Ben who wanted to share his trials and tribulations as a newbie Salesforce admin.

But how does he use Memberpress is the questions?

He uses the Sign Up/Login Page:

sales force ben login

Plus, the Themes is built with Memberpress and you can see more evidence of that inside the “Get Certified” page:

get certified

Here Ben shares his most popular ways to get certified with Salesforce, and they go into things like:

  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • News 
  • Webinars
  • And more!
sales force ben certifications

#9 Vicious Syndicate

vicious syndicate home page

Founded in the Fall of 2014, Vicious Syndicate has been the staple in the Heathstone competitive community as event organizers of Tuesday Night Hype which is a weekly Blizzard sanctioned Hearthstone Cup. Since that time, they have moved to focus on data analysis.

They’re using a Memberpress theme as well they have a members area that looks like this:

vicious syndicate login

And they also have a membership page where they've added the Memberpress form here:

vicious syndicate order

#10 Income School

income school

Do you want to take your passion, hobby, or interest and turn it into a money-making cash flow machine?

I’m very familiar with this world as Income School helps people start a niche blog website on ANY topic imaginable and be able to rank their blog on the first page of Google so you can get people to your products/services and make money!

Income Schools theme is made with the Memberpress Plugin as well is the Login area:

Plus, if you want their Project 24 course, Memberpress powers that too:

income school order

This format is similar to what we saw with JUCM on our list at #6, where you see the pricing at the top and then a form to fill out with payment details like PayPal, credit, or debit, as well stripe.

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#11 Swiss Ridge

swiss ridge kennels

Swiss Ridge is a Kennel to the most lovable Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Golden Moutain Doodles, And SwissRidge Doodles in North America

At the top of the navigation, you’ll see a “Members Login” text, and if you click there you’ll see this page:

swiss ridge members

Like some of the other member login areas we’ve seen on our list today, SwissRidge uses one too with Memberpress.

For more MemberPress examples see here.

Why Mmeberpress?

Memberpress gives you the flexibility and versatility with all the features neccessary from a full-feature WordPress Membership plugin, and here's more:

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Advanced Access Rules
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Seamless payment gateway integration
  • And Much more!

3 MemberPress Site Statics

To give you some context, people and businesses are using Learning management Systems(LMS) such as Memberpress to build online educational sites with features that support learning, and here’s the market for LMS platforms by the numbers:

  • The LMS market is expected to grow up to $28.1 BILLION by 2025 according to globalnewswire.
  • North America accounts for the largest market size using LMS platforms.
  • Of Fortune 500 companies, 41.7% use educational technology to train employees during formal training periods according to eLearning industry.

Memberpress Alternatives

You have some close alternatives and they are:

I believe in MemberPress as one of the best, and you can’t go wrong with them when they give you so many capabilities to power your business to another world.


Can I Use Memberpress To Create And Sell Online Courses?

Of Course! The Memberpess Courses add-on feature is built right in and is included as part of MemberPress which means there is no separate download required. And the 100% visual builder is super simple for you to use. You can learn more here.

Can I Use MemberPress with any WordPress theme?

Just about. MemberPress works with numerous email marketing software and you can see them here.

What Payment Gateways does MemberPress work with?

You can integrate MemberPress with:

  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Express Check Out
  • Authorize.net
  • Stripe

If you’d like to have more questions answered, click here to see the MemberPress FAQ's page

Final Thoughts 

Which was your favorite MemberPress Example and or the one that resonated with you the most?

As you can see there are so many MemberPress examples that rock but most importantly PROVE you can also do the same so you can accelerate your business's results and reach your goals in less time.

There are no shortages of what you can do with MemberPress, from the member login areas to the built-in checkout forms, themes, and so much more, you’ll be able to fully customize your brand and give your audience and customers the experience they truly desire and need at all times.

If you’re ready to get started with MemberPress, click the button below…

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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