Is Clickfunnels A Landing Page? Building A Masterpiece

Is Clickfunnels A Landing page Or Perhaps a HUGE FLOP?

I'm assuming you know a thing or two about landing pages by now, but you might be questioning how they work, and what's their function am I right?

If so, stick around because I'm going to show you EXACTLY what these MONSTEROUS landing pages can do to grow your business as well help someone else's.

Hey My name is Michael, and if this is the first time you've come to Viral Home Based Pursuit let me welcome you in. I run my own full-time home based business and I do use Clickfunnels landing page software to make that happen.

What other way is there to live then with my laptop in front of me as I'm typing to you as you read this, and to touch the lives of many?

Without wasting anymore time, let's get into the reasons why Clickfunnels is a great landing page option and how it can grow you from just a couple $100 to $1,000, $2,000 and even $10,000+(depending on your goals, and results may vary).

NOTE: I wrote a full-in depth Clickfunnels review, so at any time feel free to check it out.

What Is A Landing Page?

I know you know a thing or two about landing pages like I said earlier but some of us are not quite sure what it means and for many who do - they still struggle with the concept.

Basically, a landing page is like a website in the way that when someone lands on yours or someones site, they have formation in front of them except that with a website, you usually get all these tabs, menus and a bunch of distractions causing your reader and audience to hover over the back arrow and exit out.

What a Landing page does so well on its own is that there are limited distractions, and really all your prospect has to do is give you their information in exchange for a freebie of high value. It can be done faster and easier.

Here is a pictured example of one in action:

is clickfunnels a landing page

Let's break down my optin page piece by piece:

  • Simple. There are no distractions other than a Headline, what the end consumer is going to get, and an action. Unlike on a website, you'd see many tabs opened, or on other landing pages that get complicated as heck. Keep it simple as a beginner.
  • Straight To The Point. I told my audience what they most wanted, and lead them to the optin to place their information.
  • Action Based. Put your name and email, BOOM!

Listen, there's more to crafting a good landing page and many other formats, but as a beginner, you NEED to keep it simple. Over the course, I will show you all of the other templates that I have and what you can use for your own specific offers.

Pretty much each landing page has three key components:

  1. A Hook
  2. A Story
  3. An Offer

A "Hook" in this case is the headline - "Get your free system". The Story I placed is the affiliate system they were going to get that can help someone earn $1,000's in passive income. The offer was my system and free training provided.

It can feel a little overwhelming to begin, especially if you've never used a landing page creator but trust me when I say, It takes practice. Out of all the landing pages I've used like Leadpages, Instapage,10 minute funnels, Elementor and many others, Clickfunnels is by far the most superior of them all...

and I'll give you a quick tip before I fully uncover it down below, that Clickfunnels is not only a landing page builder to collect and email!

Going Inside Clickfunnels Landing Page

Are you ready to get behind the scenes exclusive access into my Clickfunnels account?

There's no greater feeling then opening up my laptop, signing into Clickfunnels and knowing that within a click of a button I can import a HIGHLY converting landing page template into my account, or...

Use the tools inside of the Clickfunnels editor to put together an amazing landing page that I know my audience will love.

If I go to my funnels dashboard, this is what you're likely to find:

going inside clickfunnels funnels

Welcome to the funnels dashboard, the home of the UNLIMITED funnels. Well, that's if you are on one of the higher Clickfunnels payment plans which I'll get to here shortly.

From what you can see are my funnels, and on if I clicked on any of them, let's say "The Mentor Box, here is what will come about:

inside my clickfunnels funnels

The doors just opened to where all the magic happens, and where you will be able to take your landing page game to the next level!

From right to left we have:

  • An Optin Page
  • Thank you page
  • Order Form
  • Upsell
  • Next Upsell
  • Another Upsell
  • Downsells
  • Thank You
  • Confirmation
  • Members area

Now, my looks a bit different because I've customized it, but these are the pages you can have with your own clickfunnels account. As a matter of fact I can give you this one and the more standard funnel here:

clickfunnels one funnel away share funnel

This funnel is more of the standard without me having to customize it. What's even better is that you can get this funnel into your account too!

Clickfunnels Share Funnels

Can you believe that someone else can give you a funnel and within a click of a button you can load it into your account?

I know, it sounds a bit hard to believe, but this is the truth...

Hear me out, this is how to do it:

STEP 1: Click On Settings

the clickfunnels settings tab

STEP 2: Scroll down to the share funnel link

clickfunnels share funnel link

Every funnel will have a share funnel link. I can copy this URL and share it with anyone I would like, and with just one click, they can get it into their own account.

How awesome is that?!

It's so cool that I can share that exact funnel you're looking up above with you! Once you click the following link, you will be re-directed to a sign up page where you can start free for 14-days. Also...

You can get on the $19/Month share funnel account. Here's a video on that:

Unique Clickfunnels Landing Pages

Like in the video I showed from a second ago, you have different types of landing pages that you can make inside of Clickfunnels. With the "Add new funnel" method, I can get my own built in a matter of seconds...

create a funnel inside clickfunnels

I have teo options:

  • The Cookbook Builder Process
  • The Classic Funnel Builder

The first one will help me choose step-by-step the type of landing page I will need for a particular goal I have. Like, for retail, B2B, Author, Coaching, etc.

And the more options I choose from, the more I can hone in on the funnel I need. 

On the other hand, the classic funnels builder is much faster, but it might not be clear on the right template that you need. If I pressed on "collect emails up above, I'd get this:

building a click funnel

You'd simply put in the name of your funnel and then click on "Build funnel" on the bottom right. 

If you read to the right it will tell you the funnel steps:

  1. Email Landing Page
  2. Thank You/Download Page

This is the most basic option. Once you press on "build funnel", it will show up on your funnel account. Then you can go through each page separately and select a design.

One thing you need to know is that it's WAY more than just a landing page builder, you get the whole enchilada!...

Clickfunnels can do landing page builders but it also focuses on the post optin and thank you page experience, in Sales funnels.

Best Sales Funnels EVER

Clickfunnels is known as the T-REX of all funnel builders for a reason...

They not only have the best landing page designs and conversion statistics, but also Sales funnels!

Like you saw in the earlier pictures, I had things like:

  • Upsells
  • OTO
  • Downsells

Clickfunnels makes it super simple easy to take your customer through your buying journey without them getting confused. Imagine you're walking into a garden center at home depot.

A lady approaches you and asks you what you need. You want a garden hose, then you'll need a hose holder, then a sprinkler set and so on. As your customer buys one thing from you, then they need another thing, and then what's the next thing they're going to need?

You see the picture here? If you are still yet to understand, watch this video by Clickfunnels Owner Russell Brunson:

One other thing, According to Entreprenur, there's a podcast explaining how Clickfunnels grew from $14,000,000 to $60,000,000 in ARR in just 18 months!

Clickfunnels Pricing

Share Funnel Plan

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • 3 Share funnels only
  • 100 pages limitation 
  • Can't create new pages
  • Only purchased through someone sharing their funnel
  • Affiliate program