June 10

by Michael Granados

How would like to get on a road where you can make $1,000 PER Day much faster online?

Welcome to this Merlin Holmes Review where I “Michael Granados” will be pulling back the curtains and showing you ALL there is to know about this “Internet Marketing Guru” and if you can COPY and Paste his business and start making profits...Immediately. But first…

Let me cut to the chase and answer the question on your mind Is this some Merlin Holmes Scam? Merlin Homes IS Not A Scam, However, there was very little information about this guy on the web and that raises the question - should you invest your time (and money) with his program and mentoring?

That’s the real question I’m going to be answering for you today in this review, so hang with me until the end of this review Unless you don’t care about your hard-earned money and Really making substantial amounts of money online.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Who Is Merlin Holmes Internet Marketer?

who is merlin holmes

Merlin Holmes is an accomplished $150MM Affiliate Marketer with over 15 years in the internet marketing industry spanning multiple markets. At last, he’s released one of his products called “1k a day fast track” where you can jump behind his program and systems to promote Affiliate products through Clickbank by creating Polls/Surveys.

With the $150,000,000 in online sales in his career, Merlin has the whole experience and expertise to bring top converting offers to the table. He now has the team to support his massive growth.

Now let’s go deeper inside.

Going Inside Merlin Holmes

In a bit I’ll reveal Merlin’s 1K a day fast track program but let me start by showing you his LinkedIn profile:

merlin holmes linkedin

After doing some thorough digging, I found out Merlin Holmes has a company called Rockstar Marketing Inc, BUT there is no sign of a website, some type of funnel, and even social media presence to be honest with you. Why?

My many years of online experience is telling me a few things, one of those being that he’s trying to protect his “REAL” identity in a good or bad way, or it could just be that he’s just trying to protect some other thing.

I’m not jumping to the conclusion that this man is a scammer because he’s obviously made money with his systems, but is it really in the Millions? You can’t quite be certain with very limited information, right? I guess he just wants you to believe him and his testimonials.

After I found Merlin’s LinkedIn profile with a simple Google search, I took the next logical step and that was to look up his Rockstar Marketing Inc information…

And after multiple attempts to find the right website, I came across this:

rockstar marketing inc

Is This Merlin Holmes site?

Who knows, he has very limited information, and for that one reason alone I can’t trust him enough to give him my hard-earned money EVEN though you might see testimonials. Reviews and all these other things people are saying about him.

How about Merlin Holmes's social media profile(s)?

Merlin Holmes Social Media

You know that buzzer sound when you get a wrong answer? I’m hearing that buzzing in my ears right now and that’s because once again little to no information.

Geez, this guy’s very stealthy. 

Merlin Holmes Net Worth

Strike three buddy, there’s no Net worth to show for!

Anyways, let’s move into Merlin's 1k a day fast track program

Merlin Holmes 1k a day Fast Track

The Merlin Holmes 1k day fast track program/system is for students young and old to learn exactly how to build a massive email list of their own using incredibly simple poll pages. And supposedly it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen before and makes sense to even the most newbie beginners.

Throughout Merlin’s system, you’ll be walked step-by-step through creating your own polls using his proven templates, setting up your own email system, and beginning to generate traffic using 2nd tier sources which are the 1.8th the cost of Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

So you get a 6-week course inside.

6-Week Training Course Modules

Week 1:9 Lessons

You’ll get your welcome video in this week with a sneak peek of what’s to come and the proper instructions to find yourself around the members' area. Thereafter, he goes right into setting up your Clickbank account, getting your affiliate links, and earning your first commissions.

Week 2: 9 Lessons

In week 2 of 1k day fast track merlin holmes, Merlin will share with you his most powerful list of building techniques including:

  • How to use and set up yes or not answer polls and
  • Creating your first sales funnel with landing pages

Merlin shows you over the shoulder so you can literally copy what he’s doing.

Week 3: 9 Lessons

Now that you have your funnel, you will create your first profitable email campaign. Merlin will give you tried and battle-tested email templates you can use to more easily convert your email subscribers into buyers!

Week 4: 5 Lessons

You’ll be shown how to research and find the best ClickBank offers as well other affiliate networks, along with expert tips and tricks to get an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Week 5: 4 Lessons

This week is ALL about mastering traffic so you can get your offer(s) in front of people looking for your product.

Getting traffic is a big part of affiliate marketing and the internet game...The more you have, the higher your chances (odds) get of getting more people to buy from you.

Week 6: 5 Lessons

At this point, you’ve likely made your first commission, and you could be on your way to becoming a full-time affiliate marketer…

And in week 6 Merlin will take things up a notch and show you how to find more affiliate products to promote as well as how to create this long-term business plan to grow and scale your business so you can take your earnings to the next level.

Merlin Holmes Reviews

Here's a review according to Trustpilot:

1k a day fast track trustpilot

Merlin Holmes Cost (How Much Does 1k A Day Fast Track Cost?)

Merlin Holmes currently charges for his program 1k a day fast track which will cost you one payment of $997. In my opinion, that’s a very high-priced course especially for any beginner but hey, it’s not cheap to give away your knowledge and proven strategies/results, so take it as it is.

I'll give you the option to pickup the 1k a day fast track course here or you can keep reading on and see the alternatives below.

Who Is Merlin Holmes For?

Merlin Holmes is for people of all levels who want to focus on sending traffic (people) to a two page website which is just a Poll and then a thank you page and be able to focus a majority of your time on email marketing.

Here’s more:

  • Beginners who don’t want to start from scratch and would rather COPY a proven Multi-millionaire’s processes on capturing attention through Polls and focusing on proven email marketing templates.
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve tried to do affiliate marketing but have either failed or are looking to expand their strategies and want to learn more ways to make money.
  • People with an ad budget where you can spend over $100’s per week.
  • Moms and dads
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • And many more!

Who’s Merlin Not For?

  • People with no ad budget
  • People who don’t want to focus on polls
  • People who don’t want to follow someone with unknown profiles online
  • Tire kickers
  • Fast money seekers
  • Lazy people

Pros And Cons


  • PROVEN Affiliate Marketer with well over 15 years of internet marketing experience so you can with 100% confidence follow someone who practices what they preach and has the right game plan which means you’ll get results faster and be able to grow and scale your business.
  • Unique affiliate marketing course so you can quickly get leads who will buy from you with Polls which means you won’t spend your time on producing organic free content that takes time to rank and be seen.
  • Promote Clickbank affiliate products so you don’t have to worry about getting high paying commissions which means you’ll always have a new product to promote if you’d like and that gives you more flexibility to work with
  • Build your email list so you can share your offers with your audience which means you’ll always have people buying from you like new customers, and repeat buyers as well!


  • Not much data and information about Merlin on the web
  • You need an ad budget for making this work
  • You will be constantly changing your strategy to attract new leads


Good thing there are (Better) Alternatives of mentors to take your chance on and one’s that can help you pocked daily commissions with, so here are my recommendations I know of AND have tested for myself for first the “Mentors”, and then I’ll show you the “Programs”...

For Mentors:

For Programs:

If you’re looking for a more “Done-for-you” type of system where you can earn commissions in three different niches - Weight Loss, Personal Development, Home Business, then Devon Brown’s 12 Minute Affiliate is a great way to go…

ENTRE Institute is great for learning how to build a home business in Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing Agency, and Course Creation from a 2X 8-Figure Inc 5,000 owner in Jeff Lerner.

Legendary Marketer is made by David Sharpe who’s amassed to making over 8-figures and has been featured on Forbes...He focuses on helping you build a high ticket affiliate marketing business as well as other programs included.

Wealthy Affiliate is great for learning how to do affiliate marketing with a blog website. You’ll get great training to build a niche authority website.

Healthy Affiliate is made by yours truly, and I help people design a health affiliate marketing business in ANY niche they desire, and it encompasses starting from scratch to done for you systems with free and paid traffic strategies.

What I Liked Most About Merlin Holmes

Hmm, I’d have to say I really enjoyed learning how he has a unique angle of affiliate marketing where you would show people polls and attract them to fill them out so they can become a lead or you’d send them right to the affiliate page…

And although there are methods similar to this with quizzes, Merlin has broken it down in ways others can’t replicate it.

What I Liked Least

There’s hardly any personal or business information you can find on the guy! This is a bit alarming because like I said earlier it could mean he’s trying to hide something or he’s just covering his butt if something goes south…

People will not have information on him. I mean, if his systems work, they work, but I wouldn’t want to pay for a program if I can’t even get decent information on someone, right?

Final Thoughts

What was one thing you liked most about Merlin? Did you have the least favorite part?

Merlin Holmes has over 15 years in the internet marketing industry as an affiliate marketer who’s made well over $150,000,000 in online sales for himself and now he’s opened to the public how he does it with his program 1k a day fast track but is it worth your time?

It can be if you’re into spending money on ads to send people to a two-page website and then using email marketing to close sales, and you can start the 1k a day fast track system here but if you’re someone who doesn’t have the ad budget or desire to spend all your time tweaking and testing, recycling ads to create new ones (like myself), then I don’t recommend you get into it, instead…

You can check out my #1 recommended training program to help you pocket daily commissions of up to $480 time and time again and be able to select from 3 Niches so you can make the highest amount of commissions. If that sounds like you, then click the button below right now.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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