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by Michael Granados

Would you fancy working from home helping small businesses get funding so they can continue to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch…While you collect high-paying commissions? 

Welcome into this Mom and Pop Business Funding Reviews where I “Michael Granados” a small business owner with multiple businesses and a business loan broker will be pulling back the curtains to show you if this program is “Legit”, the pros and cons, alternatives, and so much more you NEED to know if you want to get paid what you’re worth, work whenever you want, and be your own boss!

But before I get started, Let’s address the Elephant in the room - Is Mom and Pop Business Funding Legit? Kind of, and what I mean by that is this…

You will be introduced to a “proprietary marketing system” to help you leverage getting deals funded, however, the training is supposedly lacking substance and doesn’t train you Exactly and prepare you for what you need to have TODAY.

PLUS, I’ve come across way better programs especially ones where you can join for absolute Free and you’ll get great training and a community of like-minded people, and if you’d like to get on with things and find out what my #1 recommended business loan broker/agent program is, click here to see.

Alright, let’s get into the full review

What Is Mom and Pop Business Funding?

Supposedly, Mom and Pop Business Funding is one of the largest, most trusted brands in the merchant cash advance industry, and home to the #1 retired producer. This program is created by Bret Martin and lends people up to $1,00,000 in alternative business funding through a Merchant Cash Advance. They do not work with the business owner directly, rather they are a source of funding with the country’s largest IS Loan Broker Network.

On top of this, you will be trained as a business loan broker agent referring small business owners to the company that has lenders that will get small business owners funding. And in case you didn’t know what a Merchant Cash Advance is…

This is where a small business can get advanced money very fast, usually same day or within a day or so and the lender's condition is where they can take a percentage of future credit card receivables that the business makes.

MCA’s as they are known, is a very lucrative and attractive way for businesses to get funding fast that they can use for just about anything they’d like.

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By the way, here is the video review version I made for you over on my YouTube channel:

Now that you know what bret martin mom and pop business funding is about, Let’s go deeper inside now.

Going Inside Mom and Pop Business Funding

What exactly are the qualifications for mom and pop business funding?


  • No interest rates - based on factor rates
  • 6 months in business
  • Minimum 3 months bank statements
  • Minimum of 6 deposits in one month
  • You can get 1-2x your monthly revenue

Here’s the 3 step process on getting funded:

STEP 1: Fill Out A One Page Application

You won’t have to worry about filling out a long, complicated, time-consuming application sine Mom and Pop Business Funding has a simple one-page application process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Instead of filling out paperwork for hours, you can finish your application fast.

STEP 2: Get Approved

Even if you’ve been turned down by the banks before, Mom and Pop Business Funding will work with you to help you find alternative funding solutions for your business, regardless of whether or not you have been turned down for any reason, to include less than spotless credit.

STEP 3: Get Your Funds

After you’ve been approved for funding, Mom and Pop Business Funding funds your contract the same day so you can put your money to work immediately. 

Affiliate Training Material

You’re probably asking, “What am I going to learn in the training to become a business loan broker with mom & pop business funding?”

Honestly. You’re going to spend A LOT of time learning how to go to businesses directly in person or even by phone call to get business which just saying that sounds exhausting!

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with getting trained to drive out to specific businesses in your area doing this local marketing approach to get the word out that you are in the business of giving owners money with Merchant Cash Advances and even cold calling…

But it will beat you up over time, trust me. I get burned out just thinking about it, and the thing is with Covid and a lot of people working from home now, you can actually access businesses without leaving your home! How?

You can learn Digital Marketing skills like:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Craigslist ads
  • Google Blogging
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook organic
  • And more!

You’re probably like “it’s easy for you to say and do Michael, you’ve been doing this for some time now”, but look, I started with ZERO experience marketing on the internet!

So If I can do it, you can too. What I recommend is learning how to market effectively and once you learn how to do that, you’ll be able to have a clear advantage of promoting business loans to people without having to leave your home. What’s the catch

There isn’t one, the ONLY thing I ask of you is to learn the skills, build an audience, and promote continuously. If you can do that, you will WIN.

Mom and Pop Business Funding Reviews

mom and pop business funding reviews
mom and pop business funding testimonials
mom and pop business

Now that you've seen those mp business funding reviews, here's from the BBB...

Mom and Pop Business Funding BBB

This is also mom and pop business funding complaints:

mom and pop business funding bbb

How much Does Mom and Pop Business Funding Cost?

Filling out an application is completely free, with no hidden or upfront fees and it will not affect your credit score. But for the “affiliate partnership” part, you will be expected to pay $99. I believe in “paying to play” because you will value your knowledge and take action much more but I do also believe the information you’re getting should be very valuable to do it…

And while parts of the program are fine, I know you can get into this industry for Free and hit the ground running, where? I know of a Free program where you can get up To $120,000 from one single client and more because you can build a team and earn residual passive income…

PLUS: You will get a Bonus! I made a gigantic “how to promote” document that’ll show you all the best strategies and tactics offline and online to build your business much faster, and if you’d like to pick this up, check out my #1 recommended business loan broker program training here:

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Who Is Mom and Pop Business Funding For?

This program is designed for people of all levels, from beginners to more experienced Business Loan Broker/agents who want a step-by-step process in understanding how to take action promoting merchant cash advances to small businesses.

Here’s more:

  • Aspiring home-based business owners who want more control over their own cash flow and want to be their own business while feeling great helping small businesses get the cash they need to build, grow, expand, and even get out of a tight pinch.
  • People who’ve never stepped foot in the financial services industry and want a different challenge
  • You’ve tried other programs in the past and didn’t work out for you
  • Moms and Dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Veterans
  • And Much More

Who Is It Not For?

  • People not wanting to pay
  • You want more superior training material
  • Tire Kickers
  • Lazy People
  • No effort people

Pros and Cons


  • Established business training that's been around for a good amount of time so you can feel better about being a part of it
  • Marketing and sales material so you can confidently move forward and do it much faster without wasting time
  • Support so you don't have to go at it alone


  • Material can be a bit outdated
  • Too focused on merchant cash advances - the industry has grown into more financial products now
  • The owner was involved with Yellowstone who was charging customers even after they paid off their loan


If you’re wondering right now “Is there anything better in the market”, Yes there is (at least to my belief and what I’ve seen), so what is it?

By far my favorite is The up to $2Mil option because you get the best of both worlds - as a small business owner, you can get up to $2,000,000 incredibly fast funding and even up to $25,000 same-day instant approval with And more without interest rates, no collateral, and even no hard credit checks.

What I really Love about it is the ability to get funding at 50% less expensive than a traditional merchant cash advance, and with some of the lowest requirements in the industry, and factoring in the Affiliate partnership side now…

You can get started for absolutely FREE - No catch! I’ve been a partner with This company for some time now promoting their revenue-based funding and it’s incredible because you get a community of people doing the same thing, helping one another out and you can get paid on the fundings themselves and by residual income growing your team…

And if you’d like to learn more about Them, click the following button to see my in-depth review.

P.S. If you click the link above and are trying to become an agent/broker, then scroll down to the very bottom at the footer where it reads "Accounts" and under there click "Become An Agent" to get started.

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What I Liked Most About Mom and Pop Business Funding

I’d say the expertise from Brett, at the very least you have a person who’s proven to make sales in the merchant cash advance industry in a legitimate way, although he had a partnership with Yellowstone who got into problems with the FTC.

However, you get to hear from someone who knows his way around the industry, but since the market is always changing, especially today, you have to learn more than promoting Merchant Cash Advances to really make a way.

What I Liked Least

I’d have to say the training material, it’s not as up to date and it’s very old school with telemarketing and local marketing. With so many people staying home now, we want to learn more digital marketing methods and you don’t get all that material…

And also his involvement with Yellowstone where that company was withdrawing money from people's accounts after the cash advance was paid off.

(Best Alternative: If you'd like to see how to clone my business loan broker/agent business and consumer services agency and build a HIGHLY profitable business, see below):

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about Mom and Pop Business Funding? 

Listen, there are no shortages of Merchant Cash Advance programs and training “telling” you how if you join you’ll make your first $1,000 by following a few methods…

But you have to be very careful who you get funding from and who you learn from too, why? There are many MCA companies being exposed from the FTC for angel investing frauds, and then the training to promote MCA’s can be outdated and just old strategy and tactics based…

That may still work but there has to be better than just going to a local business and seeing if they need funding. So If you’d rather get a way where you can get up to $2,000,000 incredibly fast funding and offer this type of funding to small businesses through a combination of traditional and NEW digital marketing ways…

Then click the following button to check out my #1 recommended program right now.

P.S. If you click the button above expecting to sign up as an agent/broker, scroll down to the very bottom at the footer under "Accounts" see where it says "Become an agent" and get started there, or you can see here to sign up as an agent with the direct link.

And if for the funding and it's revenue-based funding without collateral, you can click on the "business capital" navigation tab at the top to get started.

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