March 4

by Michael Granados

Would you like A Perpetual Income 365 Free Download AND get a paycheck after paycheck month after month so you don’t have to worry about money anymore?

I'll cut right to the chase(and I “Michael Granados” have to break it to you) - There is no such thing as a free download but are you going to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to make consistent income month after month because it’s not for free?

Obviously not, right? Listen, I know it’s not “sexy” to tell you how when you pay for a program you appreciate it more and you pay attention, but it’s the truth with Perpetual Income and everything else online…

And if you don’t want to pass up the chance to generate sales on autopilot and predictable recurring income through membership sites Perpetual income 365 may be the right fit(Click here to see) but let me show you why you have to be careful about this system and why it’s FISHY!

But if you want to get on with it and see my Ultimately #1 Recommend perpetual income 365 alternative, click here to see how you can COPY A Millionaire

PLUS, I’ll be giving you my highly Exclusive bonuses at the end of that post above you can't get elsewhere so if you want to tune in for that, stick around.

What Is Perpetual Income?

what is perpetual 365 income

Perpetual Income is like this Netflix algorithm-based software that allows you to generate sales on autopilot and recurring income through membership sites, but it’s really an affiliate marketing system where you add some affiliate links from Clickbank, set up your email autoresponder, and promote products.

But it’s questionable because the sole purpose is really to promote the system itself. You’ll likely spend most of your time recruiting other people into the system. 

Going Inside Perpetual Income

One thing that’s interesting inside the system is you get step-by-step guides on showing you how to create your ClickBank account along with:

  • Adding your click bank ID
  • Get your autoresponder email account with GetResponse
  • Creating “Money Pages” which is just a lead capture system like builderall or Clickfunnles

And you only get two pages set up but if you want more, you have to buy the upsells. So how do you get people or traffic?

You end up spending money on Solo Ad traffic with places like:

  • Udemi
  • Trafficforme
  • TrafficCrusher

So you better have enough for an ad budget of like $100 per week or every other two weeks as a complete beginner. 

Your "Perpetual Income" is you buying solo ad traffic, that's really all Perpetual means here.

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Get out of the “free downloaded courses” space for a moment here and let me show you the close alternatives to perpetual income that I recommend:

12-minute affiliate is not a push button, and you get to choose from three different niches to promote Clickbank, warrior plus, JvZoo products with done for you landing pages as well you can pay for your solo ad traffic, but it’s set up better and more honest.

Other than that, if you want to do Affiliate Marketing the right way without this push-button dependent “done for your business solutions”, then I recommend you check out my #1 alternative where you can COPY A Millionaire:

What I Liked

This is a decent system for affiliate marketing with step-by-step guides to set up your links, systems, money pages, and so forth and you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What I Didn’t Like

False testimonials, people are hired from Fiverr and a fake-looking Facebook group. This product is really shad all together and you’ll be reliant on this system all the time, what happens when and if it shuts down?

You have to pack your bags and go to the next one because you won’t have the SKILLS to build a Real affiliate marketing business.

A Done for you system will leave you vulnerable, PERIOD.

Final Thoughts And Next Level Steps

As you can see there is no such thing as a free perpetual income 365 download and you wouldn’t want to download it anyways for a few reasons…

You wouldn't really appreciate it and pay enough attention as well you’ll end up buying into a shady done for you affiliate marketing system that leaves you dependent on them rather than learning the skills to do this right.

If you’d like to know the best way to do affiliate marketing that is NOT push-button friendly, then click the button below to see my #1 recommended alternative where you can COPY A millionaire

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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