March 24

by Michael Granados

Hey, You want to learn how to make money reviewing products online the RIGHT way?

Of course, you're not here to see how you can win a million bucks, although that's exactly how it can feel and look like.

What If I showed you a fast and really simply broken down step-by-step procedure on how you can start your first review today, and start making money soon?

I've put together an in-depth guide for you that I'm telling you from my own experiences, and how I've built a well over 4 figure business by mainly just reviewing products online!

Stay with me as I show you how to get started, where to look, and the 3 Secret Gems To Exploding your review posts. But if you're anxious to get the "spill" on how I'm making a living from the comfort of my home doing it, check out my secret weapon here.

 A Giant Among Many Retailers

Wait! Before I show you how to construct your review posts, and the #1 place to learn writing out of this world reviews for products, I need to tell you about where to find your products.

It's tempting, and it might be the easiest way, but asking a friend or a family member about products they know about is more time consuming and you can't get enough hands on data.

Rather, the best place to get started is Inside your computer, it's this Humongous and Life changing thing called the internet. Great, you might have got that part, but for those of us who didn't think we could turn to the internet to find our products to review, you're in for a real awakening.

Have you heard of Amazon? Maybe Ebay? How About Walmart?

UHH DUHH Michael, I haven't been living under a rock. OK OK, Let me get to the point.

Take Amazon for Example. You've probable shopped around there a few or hundred times, but did you notice all the reviews under each product? Take this picture in:

Under just about every amazon product there will be a review section, and I'll tell you more about how you can make money writing reviews this way later on, but for now I want you to get the idea in your head that Amazon and Reviews are a match made in Heaven.

There are an abundance of products on Amazon that you can make a review post out of, and the same can be said for other online or more traditional brick and mortar business like Ebay and Walmart(just a few of many).

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 How To Choose Products To Review

This is the AHA moment I get when I help so many people transition to making a living online, and what they at first failed to see was how choose the RIGHT products to create a review for. 

If you choose a product you were passionate about or had huge interest in does that make it right to review?

Both Yes and No, and here is why.

There's this thing called Popularity. I was Mr.Soccer guy in high school and college, I guess I should know my way around that. But anyhow, what you don't want to do is pick a product that is possibly under-performing or it's not going to show in the search rankings.

Now what are the search rankings? I won't go too in depth, but it's basically where you create your review and it get's ranked in the google or YouTube search engines.

The whole point of promoting your reviews should be too rank for them or else you could find yourself walking down the Running Ads for Clicks Alley lane. 

But as a beginner nor even if you are an expert, is it what I want you doing, for the quick answer being - I want you to save your money.

Now, back to choosing the right products. Remember that Amazon example from a bit ago? We're going to explore Amazon Products a little more from here on out.

STEP 1: Start off On Amazons Home Page, as seen below.

Look to your top left where the three horizontal column lines are next to the Amazon "Try Prime" logo. You'll want to click there, and it'll bring you to a drop down menu that should look like this:

I'm not logged in, so yours might look different if you're signed in but that's not important. What is important are the shop by categories.

Scroll through this list and select at first what you could be interested in making a prodcut review for. For this example, I've hovered over to the Sports and Outdoor Category and selected it. 

And then I slected the exercise and fitness sub-category and I have been directed to this page:

See where it says shop by category? I'm going to select another category to choose from. Yoga was one of the many, so I selected that, and I was redirected to the following page with all the product listings and their respective stars and amount of reviews.

WHOA! Look at the first product listing, and don't tell me you wouldn't be excited to see that.

The first yoga mat has over 4 ratings, over 10,000 reviews, and it gives you the price which is great information that we can use to do more research on.

This obviously is a popular review, and Amazon even shows you that it's the best seller, meaning great news for you...

That people are buying!

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Is it All a Popularity Contest?

Don't get me wrong, selecting a more popular product can mean more higher search volume, but it's not always the most appropriate in some cases.

Let me ask you a question...

Would you rather make $100 or $20? Again, another easy one, and I'm doing it this way so you get the overall picture that I'm going to lay out for you just minutes later.

Forget about creating a review right now, and let's think numbers.

You want to make money online, and you wan't to make sure you're getting the best Return on Investment(ROI) for your time and money. And so you want to earn a higher commission off a product you sell...

Taking the yoga mat for example, if it sells for $12 at a 2% commission rate, you're only going to get about 0.60 cents in return. I know how devastating that sounds so hear me out...

What If instead you went for a product that was over $100 at a commission of about 4%? Not great, but not bad either, you'd make a greater commission. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Hint Hint: Select products with a higher cost. 

Does this always work though?!

Believe me, It would be great to select these high cost products and produce reviews about them online, but how do you know that people will buy?

That's the thing, you just don't. You or I wouldn't know what's going inside the persons mind who just landed on your page or video, but there is a way of psychologically getting an edge.

 Keyword Research, The Holy Grail

Gold Gold Gold! There's this metric online where you can find out EXACTLY what people are typing into search engines, and it will save you time, days, weeks, months, and years of error.

Keyword Research is basically just figuring out what your audience is looking for online. This could be:

  • Informational
  • Comparisons
  • Offers

Your Job as the person writing the review is to always first help people out, and then make money. Your results are based off how well you can provide them with value first, and then going in for the sale.

The whole reason I love making reviews about products is because I don't come off "salesy", and instead I focus on providing my audience with tons of value, and I'm going to make you a value expert when you're doing here today.

You'd be like a deer in the headlights walking in blind to pick a product and just post up a review online and call it a done deal. There are some problems that presents:

  1. How would you know people are actively searching for this product?
  2. What is the volume of people searching monthly?
  3. How many websites/competitors are competing for attention on this same product?

Before I do any product reviews, I want to do my research, and that means using keyword research tools to know just how people are searching and for what they are searching for online. 

Most of the time people search for a product by its name, but what if someone used a synonym of it, or they didn't know much about it and phrased it in a different sentence?

Here's what I would do as a beginner step-by-step:

STEP 1: Head on over to Googles Keyword Planner Tool. For these next couple steps we will be using the google keyword planner to find what products people are looking for online. And I will use the yoga mat from the previous demonstration.

For the sake of time, I'm not going to cover every step by step how to use a keyword tool, but If you want to know more, see how to find SEO words for a website.

So what I've done in the picture above is type in the keyword of my product which is BalanceFrom Go Yoga Review.

Every time you go to make a review online, you should have the word review in your keyword or another alternative like:

  • "your product" Scam
  • What is "your product"
  • "your product" reviews

Along these lines is what you will want to do for each single product you review. Now, going back to the image, I see there is a search volume of 10 average searches per month and it has a high competition - meaning that there are other people competing for this product.

These are relatively low metrics, so I could be hesitant to want to write a review, but you could still rank in google or YouTube(which I will explain more how soon).

The problem is that since it has low search volume, it could take sometime for someone to find your product review, and when they click to see the value you provide them with, they might not even buy.

I've done this in the past where I wrote a review about a low volume product and it didn't get many looks per month even if I was the only one competing for that review post. 

Not to say you can't make it work long term, because you can if you have the right strategy in place.

Google's Keyword Planner is a great way to find words people are searching online, how much someone is bidding for it to show up on googles ad network, but if you're going to make reviews, it's best to get more specific data.

I use more specific Keyword Tools like:

Jaaxy is a great place to start and stay with as it gives you the average monthly searches, the amount of traffic, amount of competing websites for your term and much more.

Longtail pro gives you just about the same, with more words, Domain authority for pages and things of that nature to help you scout your competition and beat their on page SEO scores.

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 Single Reviews Vs "Best Of"

There's this thing that as a digital and internet marketer I must do every time I construct my reviews, If I want to beat my competition and get a massive amounts of sales.

Select to talk about one product vs many at once.

It's good to have a solid breakdown of researching your products with a keyword tool, but it's even better to understand how people like to buy.

There's this thing called a "best of" post where you simply put more than one product in a post or video and where you can sell to more than one person at a time.

Doing best of reviews will help you reach more people searching for different products of the same category online. As for example, take mine as a demonstration:

As you can see, I wrote a review with more than one product in my blog post. This is great because you can target more people looking for a particular infrared light therapy device, and it could be the one on your list!

Utilizing this method will help you not only attract more potential customers, but help improve on your skill set. 

When searching for terms do it like this:

  • Best "your product" review
  • Best "your product" for men and women
  • Best "your product" 2019

These are just some of many, but you get the idea right?

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 Niche Down Your Products

Up till this point, I've shown you the places to get product review ideas, how to select a product, how to use keyword research tools, to using singular and plural products in your reviews, and now it's best to get into the real tender meat of this.

If you don everything else but miss this one very important thing, you could be treading waters.

 It would be nice to target everyone right? You'd think this would be the best way to earn money, but contrary to popular belief it's not, and here's why.

People buy from you because of you, and the stories around your product, not always because they NEED it.

If you can make your audience WANT what you have to offer them, you've provided them more than 99% of the work. And I mean delivering them on:

  • Emotions
  • Story Telling
  • Focusing on Benefits not Features
  • Using your experience & opinions
  • Educating not selling

Then you're going to walk away a rich man, I'm sure of it. So what are you going to do?

Pick an interest, a hobby, or a passion of yours and focus on the products/services around it. I did a great article that shows you how to pick out your niche and more, but for now let me show you more on why choosing a niche is important.

Let's say you choose a topic on Dieting, it would be great to write a review on every dieting product, but people like to see what makes you special then everyone else writing a million reviews about the same product(s). This is called a USP - a Unique Selling Proposition.

Your Unique Selling proposition should be what makes you different than everyone else, and why people will want to purchase from you instead of your competition.

So selecting your niche maybe around something you already know is a good place to start. Taking the dieting example, you might know already about KETO, or you have an interest in it. Go for it if you do, and circulate your product reviews around it.

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 Blogging Vs Video

Great, you have all this useful information, but you don't know quite yet how to share it with the world! What good is that?

Good thing I have that covered right below.

Are you into blogging? what about video?

These are the two biggest ways you can product your product reviews with. Pick one and focus all your attention on it. You could go over to YouTube right after this is done and make a video about a product that you already own.

It's always best to start with a product you own because people like seeing someone who has experience with using the product, It's more relate-able and build more trust.

And this way, you'll be able to build more of a story and emotion around your product.

Now, as a blogger, which Is where I do most of my work from, you can simply write a thorough review post about things like:

  • Pros and cons
  • Features and Benefits
  • Who the product is for and not for
  • How to use it

and much more!

Although video is getting bigger and you can reach more people at a mass scale, a blog post review does just as well. Just understand how to rank on google and you'll be fine.

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 3 Simple Steps To Making Yourself Great   Money Reviewing Products Online

STEP 1: Give your products a home(A website)

The first thing you need will be a website or a blog( as we mentioned a bit about blogging a little bit ago).

This is not just for reviewing and selling your products online but to engage and interact with your future customers and it can act as a "go-to map" in the world. It'll allow you to closely follow people who are interested in your product, for those who are interested in your industry, to build more brand recognition, and to grow an authority online!

And of ofcourse to help over millions of people.You can actually get some fantastic websites completely FREE these days through services like I kid you not...

Literally in 5 minutes from now, you can have a website looking like the one you see here in front of you that I'm writing you from, or one like this:

Got an idea for your website? You can get started with your very first, or the one of many to come with a fast and fully functional tool that's one of its kind. The website that you see above can be created easily and give you full access to Wealthy Affiliate, a community that will train you how review and sell your products too millions of people online.

Start building your website right now using the tool below that will tell you if your free domain name is available. 

<center><iframe src="//" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="600" height="190"></iframe></center>

STEP 2: Getting your product Reviews exposed(Traffic)

Let me tell you...Your products can be the most beautiful and professional looking content with a cherry on top, but without getting people to see it, you stand no chance ever making money from your product reviews.

In other words, without people(getting traffic) you have no sales, no money, and guess what too?


You are in no better position then you are now and that is why the very first thing you should do after you have your website domain is to get yourself training on how to get traffic from the online world.

Hot Alert: Did I mention there are over 2 billion active people looking for products online, and you can get your reviews in front of more than half of them?

To say that is A LOT of people would be an understatement! Just imagine the potential to target to find all these people and get them to your site for little effort than many people make it seem...

Your product reviews can get so much exposure, in fact, that no other service offline or online can offer you do go the distance, I guarantee you. At the end of the day, you website will be your foundation for selling your showing and selling your products, your traffic will be the audience coming to your reviews that will buy.

So where can you get your hand on such a training? If you remember from step 1, this will have granted you access to the Wealthy Affiliate community which is the place you will get your training and where your website will come in with.

If you already have a website for your business and you just want the training on how to perfectly design your reviews and get traffic(again this is 100% Free to get going), you can directly sign up to the website.

Step 3: Keeping your product reviews progressing(getting help when you need it).

Imagine having 1,000's of experts within the online world that you can rely on if you ever have any:

  • questions
  • concerns
  • suggestions

...About promoting your products your products or just selling them, you can do just that. Plus, you'll get more than one way of doing it, with plenty of proven templates, and hot selling niches and products.

Please, close your eyes and picture this. Now open them.

This is not hard to believe, it's a reality, and getting help from a 6 figure online income earner like myself and my mentors Kyle and Carson, you can replicate the same!

This is my profile within Wealthy Affiliate where I help people on a daily basis. At anytime if you ever and I mean ever need a hand with anything, you simply pop on up with your questions or concerns about your entire Biz, and I will reply back to you. 🙂

If you had 24/7/365 days a year fast and reliable support with everything from building your audience, to getting traffic, and converting would that excite you? And there will also be my close mentors, the technical support team, and every affiliate colleague to lend you their two hands and feet(I swear).

 A Full Recap 

Let's rewind and take it from the top to bottom step-by-step:

STEP 1: Visit Amazon(or another retailer)

STEP 2: Select the category and product you want to research

STEP 3: Go over to your Keyword Tool(Google, Jaaxy, Longtail pro, or similar)

STEP 4: Think of Review Vs. Best Of

STEP 5: Niche Down

STEP 6: Get Your Website and drive traffic

That's it! Follow these steps and you'll have baked a well tasted and looking cake, and one you'll be able to do over and over again with ease.

Note: Clearly speaking, if you already have a Niche chosen, then it might be in reverse order a bit where STEP 5 would be STEP 1, and everything would be shuffled down a step. 

But this is it.

 How I Make Money With Reviews

Have I ever told you the story about how and why I decided to make my money online writing product reviews?

Oh yeah that's right...That would be a BIG yes if you've been following my work for some time but if you haven't...

it's with reviews and Advertising. It took me months before I understood how to make money online writing and producing video reviews online, let alone construct them appropriately.

Until I found out how to drive the RIGHT traffic, and generate more leads so I can not only make a one time sell, but time and time again that's when my perception about making REAL money online changed.

It wasn't until I found the right training platform as an affiliate marketer that was able to take my affiliate earnings to the 10th degree, that's fancy for saying very far!

My life really did change, ever since then I began a career in digital marketing as a digital strategist becoming proficient in things like Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click(advertising).

If you'd like to learn how to build out better reviews, and earn a 6 figure business with them, I highly encourage you to click on the review below:

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 5+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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