June 26

by Michael Granados

Would you like to achieve whole-body health through a balance of nature and science in products that will inspire you, innovate and connect?

What about preserving your youth and maximizing your body’s efficiency in a natural way to achieve a healthier more fulfilling life? That’s what this New U Life review is all about - helping you better understand whether or not you can TRUST this whole-body health supplement company and this crucial part…

Can you join their home business opportunity and make commissions on autopilot (literally)? Listen, this review will be unlike any other on the fact that you’re getting a first-hand experience from me “Michael Granados” and I will unpack the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more that by the time you leave here today you’ll have the RIGHT solution for YOUR needs.

By the way, if you’re wondering “Is New U Life Legit”...they are but that doesn’t mean they are the right opportunity for you so keep hearing me out to learn why. And I’ve also written similar reviews to these Network Marketing/MLM companies like JuuvaBulavita, CTFOMelaleuca Wellness, Amare Global, Nutonic and many more.

Let’s get started!

What Is New U Life?

what is new u life

New U Life is a corporation founded by Alexy Goldstein focused on empowering individuals and your family in your journey to whole-body health. They have released innovative supplement products that are designed to help you achieve a greater sense of vitality by preserving your youth and at the same time maximizing your body’s efficiency in a more natural way to help you achieve a healthier, fulfilling life.

Who Is Alexy Goldstein?

who is alexsy goldstein

Alexy Goldstein is a certified homeopath, herbalist. Respected iridologist and a Nutritional Consultant. He’s created many exclusive formulas including the one-of-a-kind SOMADERM Gel. If you’d like to learn more about Alexy, you can go here.

Now that you know Who Is New U Life, let’s get deeper inside this platform.

Going Inside New U Life

On the home page you’ll likely come across an image that looks like this:

new u life home page

Straight away you’re presented with the great SomaDerm product you heard about earlier under Alexsy. But before I get into the product section, I do at least want to cover what this ingredient is…

What Is Somaderm?

what is somaderm

Sodaerm is a transdermal, somatropin based gel with homeopathic key ingredients - it leverages powerful:

  • Glandular and
  • Natural botanicals

...In a comprehensive one. It’s a one-of-a-kind blend that will support your body’s ability to create HGH endogenously. So all these key ingredients work together to empower your body to utilize its powerful ability to produce your preserving human growth hormone by up to 800%!

If you’d like o know more about SomaDerm, you can click here to see the SomaDerm FAQ’S

New U Life Science

new u life science

I mentioned the word “HGH” earlier and I want to clear up what that is in this section. Studies have shown that around the age of 30 the aging process begins to happen and your body stops the production of a crucial protein known as the human growth hormone or HGH for short.

This well-researched and the documented hormone is produced by your pituitary gland and is considered by many people to be the “Master” hormone. “Yes Sensei”...Joking.

This hormone is the foundational and well-documented piece of your body’s endocrine system. And when your HGH is diminished like going empty on your gas tank, your body begins to break down and you age. As your aging sets in, your body starts to:

  • Gain weight
  • Lose energy
  • Lose stamina
  • Experience slow recovery 
  • Changing moods and
  • Changing sexual function

You can see how important HGH is now, right?

New U Life Products

new u life products

Here’s the line of New U Life Supplement Products:

new u life supplements

  • SomaDerm
  • NeuraVie
  • Fortress

New U Life Transformation Products

  • KetoDay And KetoNight
  • KG4
new u life transformational products

New u life ketogen4

new u life ketogen4

If you're looking for a ketosis supplement that's naturally sweetened and made to be the most complete supplement, look no further than KG4.

New U Life Business Opportunity

new u life business opportunity

You get the chance to become a New U Life independent distributor with their Network Marketing/MLM home business opportunity selling their SonaDerm gel and other health products, here are the components:

  • As you share New U Life with other people, you can earn commissions on both your customer and distributor purchases.
  • You will receive a personalized website
  • You can qualify for exclusive New U Life events
  • Enjoy the lowest price for all the SomaDerm Gel and the other products

Being a New U Life Distributor has its perks but a question people keep having is this…

New U Life Pyramid Scheme?

Let me clear the air and say no, there is no pyramid scheme happening here. By definition, a pyramid scheme is where a company doesn't have any products to sell, but New U Life, fortunately, does, however…

There’s a pyramid “Food Chain” hierarchy process if you will where you will join underneath likely another recruit and that recruit will have people with higher statuses above him/her who make the bulk of the money while you’re down there struggling to try to make any money...that’s just how network marketing/MLM’s are…

They’re great for learning how to network and build relationships but as far as making good money is concerned of course you’ll have to hustle but the majority don’t make it because it’s just unbearable.

New U Life Compensation Plan

new u life compensation plan overview

As a distributor you will get 5 ways to earn:

  1. Retail Commissions - paid weekly
  2. Team Acquisition Bonus - paid weekly
  3. Team commissions - paid weekly
  4. Coaching bonus - paid weekly
  5. Matching bonus - paid weekly
new u life commissions

For more information on the compensation plan structure, you can click here to see.

By the way, here's a video with Chris Cavedon New U Life for the compensation plan:

New U Life Lawsuit

New U Life was on the brink of a lawsuit when a man named Stevo started commenting if Somaderm really contents HGH, and asking how it could be legal without a prescription? And if it didn’t content HGH, then it’s just marketing tactics being used and is misleading.

So fast forward disgruntled ex-Gellers started flocking to a Facebook page for Somaderm to voice their opinions, and then filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau(link), along with:

  • The California Attorney General
  • The FTC
  • FDA and 
  • The FBI

But in these people’s quest to get New U Life shutdown they came across a handful of some lawsuit-happy gellers intent on silencing these detractors. You can read the rest of what happened in this article according to theguaradian.com

New U Life FDA

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, FDA-approved HGH can be legally prescribed for a limited number of conditions like:

  • hormonal deficiency that causes a short stature in children
  • long-term treatment of growth failure which is due to lack of exogenous GH secretion. 
  • and many more you can see here

New U Life Reviews

Here are a few reviews I gathered from Facebook

new u life reviews
new u life reviewed
new u life testimonials

How Much Does New U Life Cost?

That depends on the products but you’re looking at about $140-$170+ and for the home business opportunity, you can join for free, however, you have to use a sponsor’s ID by invite only.

Who Is New U Life For?

New U Life is made for people who aspire to have a whole-body health experience and want to look younger as well as are interested in the Network Marketing/MLM home business opportunity being offered. Here’s more:

  • People who believe in HGH and want to look and feel younger thanks to this clinically proven ingredient.
  • Beginners who’ve never made a dollar online and want to start their entrepreneurship journey with network marketing/MLM
  • Intermediates and experts who’ve either tried other opportunities and failed or want more streams of income
  • Moms and dads
  • Retirees
  • Student
  • And many more

Who’s It Not For?

  • People not interested in HGH
  • People not wanting to waste their time with network marketing/MLM’s
  • You actually want to make great money
  • You don’t want to recruit people to earn peanuts
  • Tire kickers
  • Lazy people

Pros And Cons


  • Super powerful SomaDerm Gel so you can stimulate your natural growth hormone which means you will look many years younger and feel more attractive.
  • Premium Supplement products so you can pack a punch of healing benefits in the best form possible which means you'll really get a whole-body health experience unlike no other
  • A home business opportunity so you can learn how to network and build relationships with people
  • Natural and nutritional-friendly products so you can rest assured you're getting the maximum healing benefits and making your mind and body feel great.


  • Suspicious lawsuit on their hands
  • Hard business opportunity to get into
  • You spend most of your time recruiting people


Finally to my favorite part and for good reasons - There are many New U Life alternatives that are FAR better in terms of a home business opportunity so here’s what I’m going to show you…

First, a network marketing/MLM alternative and then I’ll go into my #1 recommended business model and opportunity where you can promote ANY health product and earn HUGE Commissions on repeat.

For Network Marketing/MLM’s:

  • HB Naturals

I’ve had my fair share of CBD encounters and the latest one was HB Naturals (keyword “was”) and I did well at recruiting thousands of people but guess what?

Hardly any of them stayed the course in buying products, duplicating by bringing more people in, and it just caused a lot of headaches for me and my team. I earned here and there but it was never consistent and huge paydays…

The matter of the fact is that Network Marketing is a bunch of glitz and glamour when you look at the compensation plan but when you’re ACTUALLY in it, it’s really difficult to make great in terms of money. But for networking and bui9lding relationships, it’s a start.

Luckily in between that time I was exploring a different business model called “Affiliate Marketing” and this is where you can promote ANY product you want, you don’t have to hold inventory, you can make big money without having to recruit people, tell your friends and family and feel like you’re just focused on recruiting.

For Affiliate Marketing:

My favorite has to be Healthy Affiliate and as the creator, I have to be a little biased, right? This platform helps take your passion, hobby, or interest in a health-related field and monetize it with a PROVEN step-by-step process that will build you a wildly profitable long-term business.

If you’d like to learn more about the Healthy Affiliate, I wrote a review for it down below.

What I Liked Most About New U Life

Easily I’d have to say the HGH compound inside the products because you actually do get to feel more rejuvenated, many years younger and full of life. It’s like your Brad Pitt in the Case of Benjamin Button…

Your body aches with pain, your looks aren’t where you want them to be but over the course of time you get younger, your joints, muscles and bones feel in better shape and next thing you know you’re cruising through your day without a worry in sight.

What I Liked Least

I’d say the fact that New U Life has had so much attention on it in terms of the Lawsuit and the Network Marketing/MLM business opportunity is not my favorite.

There’s a huge hurdle in network marketing these days and that’s how much you actually make...It turns out to be much harder to profit and you’ll end up thinking to yourself “my effort, and my time do not justify the means”.

Final Thoughts

What was your favorite part about New U Life? Did you have a least favorite part about it?

With so many people looking to get healthier, they’re flocking the internet for the solution and although you can’t go wrong with the SomaDerm and other products, there’s a problem I see with the home business opportunity…

You’ll end up wasting days, weeks, months and even years trying your heart out to make decent money consistently and I don’t want you to turn out like I did one day…

I said I had it! With my hair all over the place, my face un jolty as possible I had to look for a chance. Fortunately there was a better alternative and I found that thankfully through affiliate marketing…

I began promoting health and wellness products for people with back pain and ever since then I haven’t looked back. After many years I finally broke into a new project and created the Healthy Affiliate where I now show people like yourself how to make great profits by sharing other people’s health products the RIGHT way(s)...

And If you’d like to see how to accomplish that, then click the button below to check out my in-depth health affiliate review and pick up your FREE Cheat Sheet and Members course.

Michael Granados

Michael Granados is an expert blogger and a 6+ figure-a-year affiliate marketer. As an expert, He's created a health and wellness brand as well enjoys helping others learn about different marketer tools, systems, and helping people achieve an awesome life personally, physically, and professionally.

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